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  1. Happy Birthday swdacosta!

  2. Hi there I am a proud owner of a GS300SE Mark II, which has been a pleasure to drive. I am now think of trading it in for the New GS300SE. Can anybody tell me what they think of the new version? You views and comments will be appricated as i am looking to make a purchase soon. Reagards SID
  3. Thanks for that! I have been locking my car without the key forb and the alarm for some reason went off.
  4. Yes I am having the same problem with my MKII GS300SE. The alarm goes off, but no flashing indicators and no horn, just the siren. Tried switching of by pressing the unlock button on the key forb and it still goes off. Started the car and drove off, alarm still sounding. Finally pressed the lock and unlock, it stopped for a while and it then came back on. I have now disconnected the battery and will phone my lexus dealer on Monday. If i find anything, i will post here!!! Does locking the car using the key in the door diable the alarm???? SID!
  5. I thought I would share an experience that I have had with my Lexus GS300 (1999) Alarm system. Lately my Alarm has been going off for no apparent reason. It has been booked in to my local Lexus dealer to be checked. However last night it decided to go off at 11pm and the remote was unable to turn it off. I had no alternative other than to disconnect the battery as it was late and was upsetting the neighbours. PLEASE NOTE: When you disonnect battery DO NOT completely close the bonnet. I did and also locked the door with key and soon realised that I would not able to open it again as it needs the battery. Fortunately one of the rear doors was still open and I was able to open the car manually. My dealer informed me that if this was the case they would have gain acces from the boot to the cabin area through the centre armrest if backseat, but min is completely sealed, or break the front grille to gain acces to bonnet. When i connect the battery I inserted the key in to the ignition and entered my secuirity pin and then when to start. The engine turned but would not fire. Through the help of the AA, they managed to find some info on their knowledge base which said to insert key and leave it in the START position for a minimum of 6 minutes, I guess it needs to reporgram. After that the car started. I hope this will be of interest to any GS300 owners. I have still got my car booked in to have the Alarm checked over. Reagards Sid Da Costa
  6. Just to let you know that my car spent a whole day in the garage, to have the door lock replaced. At the end of the day i phoned to find out the status, and it turns out that the door lock is not the problem after all. The car has to go back later this week for further tests. Any ideas or recommendations Sid!
  7. All the door lock seem to work an function, which has really baffled me. The cost does include labour though. Sid
  8. I have a Lexus GS300 se 1999. It has developed a fault in which when you unlock using the remote handset, 16 bleeps are heard from or aroung the engine compartment. I have checked all doors and sunroof hatch and the problem still persists. I have taken the car to my local lexus dealer, and they have said that one of the door locks needs to be replaced at a cost of £140 + VAT. Has anybody come across this problem before? Do you think it is the door lock and if so is this a reasonable price to have ir repaired. Look forward to a response! Kind regards Sid