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  1. Hello John, what a nice looking and totally unobtrusive conversation you have. Where was it carried out? Had mine done at Leyland LPG, which isn't in Leyland, bizarrely. I too have the filler cap in the middle, makes life easier when filling up whilst towing. How much gas do you manager to fit in the tank? I've never got more than fifty litres in my eighty litre tank.
  2. lexus in the uk no longer stock or supply the genuine Lexus roof bars for the mark 1 - I know this as I enquired with their head office. You can occasionally get the Lee ones on eBay, and very lovely they are too, but make sure you have the channel nuts to go into the roof channel, otherwise your bars will be useless! you have a better chance of getting some from eBay USA as more rx300 over there seem to have had roof bars, and as and when the yanks wrap their cars up or scrap them the roof bars get sold on eBay. if you aren't too concerned with aesthetics there are some aftermarket ones on eBay for about sixty quid.
  3. What do you think Piers are you going to give this stuff a go? I suspect the underneath of your rx looks like mine - dreadful, thus causing you to broach the subject. I was considering a professional outfit using Dinitrol, I like the sound of the firm in Spalding (rust master, or blaster, or buster...) but it's too far for me, but there is a place in Yorkshire called jr classics who have a good reputation. A dear do though, probably half a grand, give or take a hundred pounds... For I were to try this ACF-50 stuff what sort of preparation must I undertake? Scrabbling about underneath the car with a wire brush? I would appreciate some advice from anybody who has tried it already. I would be an.e to use it on my motorcycle as well, but I'm worried about it leaving greasy residue - does it?
  4. I had my 100000 mile service done at DJ autos - they did the service, the timing belt, the water pump and the plugs. I have no idea about the extras you would need doing on a hybrid as I know nothing of such new fangled things, but it would t do you any harm to enquirer at DJ - very good garage.
  5. Chris, no, I haven't had one fitted yet - they were able to repair my puncture. I checked online that Nexen did my tyre size before I went to the tyre place, can't remember he website but it had all the decibel info.
  6. My local tyre firm stock Nexen tyres - Korean, they are, the tyres, the not the people at the local tyre firm. They told me that Nexen are the only tyre they will stock and fit at are not one of the bribing brands. Apparently, they are very old and quite affordable £84 approximately fitted for my rx300.
  7. Well? Is it all sorted and is your car okay?
  8. Fair enough then, glad they were done though, I bought my car last year with no service history whatsoever so who knows when they were last changed?
  9. I am aware of my spelling mistakes, blame Apple corporation for that. Chris of Dorset, thank you for noticing the engine bag's loveleyness and the conversation was carried out by Leyland LPG for about two grand.
  10. Surely lexus/toyota just put their name on somebody else's collant? Probably save a few pennies if we could find out which brand they piggyback? i should have mentioned that the lexus chap, when quoting his excellent price for the 100k service, said that the plugs didn't need doing. When I asked dj autos for a quote they said, without prompting, that the plugs are definitely on the schedule for 100k service. Mthermes mechanic said its a pain in the arse to get to them but they do need doing. Porkie-pies from lexus, It would seem, or was there service manager just mistaken?
  11. By the way I didn't realise I was posting a picture of an engine in the thread, I thought I was changing my profile picture. However, the photo goes to show that the garage I'm reccomending are happy to service cars with lpg conversions.
  12. Just got my 03 RX back from its 100,000 mile service today, felt lovely to get back into it. I knew it needed doing soon but my hand was forced when the water pump sprung a leak on the motorway, fortunately I had some water to put in the radiator and was able to get the car safely home and then to my local garage who carried out the service, replacing the water pump as part of it. We get a lot of people on the forum asking about potential mileage for these cars, well when I was talking to the mechanic he wasn't remotely peturbed by my rx's 102000 miles, he said they are good cars and will last if the fluids are replaced when they should be. I had been quoted a little over £1000 by a local lexus dealership for the 100k service, and been assured that it was a very good price. My local garage did the job for considerably less than that and I have every confidence in them - I have used them for some time now. If you are in the Manchester area the garage is DJ Autos in Oldham, check out their website for address, etc.
  13. Fifty quid plus whatever it costs for Postage - I can send some photographs if you wish...
  14. Hello Carl D from Lancashire, my RX is a year older than yours and the underneath is horrible. I have been told not to worry by my garage but if I had enough disposable income, which i don't, I would have a couple of days in the historic town of spalding whilst the people at rustmaster/buster, whatever they are called, 'dealt' with my car. Spalding, because the firm there uses Dinatrol, and everybody else uses waxoil. Having read up on both products I would place my trust in dinatrol, but I think it has to be applied properly and professionally, and me scrabbling round underneath my car with a grubby old paint brush getting rust flakes in my eyes doesn't meet either of those criteria.