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  1. For Ride Quality the ES but for driving position the NX - sitting higher gives a better alround view which I personally prefer. Good adjustments on both to get comfortable ES had powered seat and steering wheel positioning for start up and when turning off which was nice NX rides well, but not as good as the ES or GS, but less danger of damage to wheels or transmitted shocks from those bigger pot holes on the roads.
  2. Lexus Coventry have an ES in the showroom, was able to go out for a test drive in it - very nice and smooth and quiet ride - a lot of sound deadening has been added, under the bonnet it can be seen on suspnsion towers. Usual excellent quality interior. Loved the Head up Display (not had one before!). Personal option is that it’s an improvement compared to the GS300h that I previously had, and that was also a very quiet relaxing car to drive
  3. Had 380gw unit fitted at Lexus Coventry a few days ago. Don’t like wires mounts etc hanging down from the windscreen so an ideal solution for me. lnitilly called in to have a look how big the units were; they had a couple in stock so was able to look at the unit and put it on windscreeen to see what it was like. Offered to fit it for me there and then, which I agreed too, so an hour later car returned with dash cam fitted (and car cleaned!) I was on my way. Got some discount as well, as I have a service plan (and LOC membership) as this is a Toyota / Lexus part number. Mine is fitted in the same position (to the left of drivers mirror) as previous photo, there is a spare mount in the kit as well, and after calling Nextbase they said no problem with spare mounts just ring them and they will send them out. Asked them about parking mode, this done is by detecting any physical movement of the vehicle I was told. Must be sensitive as I had about 6 files recorded whilst parked at work one day on reviewing the videos could not see anything so possibly wind movement setting it off. Can change sensitivity in the App. All in very pleased so far
  4. I have 235/45/18 Michelin Crossclimates on my GS300h Executive - good, quiet tyres and performed well in recent snow / ice on the side roads, I do 10 miles country roads then motorway very early mornings and they have certainly negated any worries about getting stuck.
  5. Yes, it was the Silver one at Listers with black interior, think they were keen to order a replacement demo car to help with their new car sales for end of month figures. New List Prices on GS were also increased in October as well. Definitely enjoying it, favourite new feature is adaptive cruise control, great on motorway !
  6. Just changed from 15 plate IS300h Executive for a 65 plate GS300h Executive for a very good price from main dealer - ex demonstrator. On the facelift models there is stacks of extra kit considering it is the entry level GS:- Adaptive cruise control, Lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition, Lexus premium Navigation system as standard, reversing camera, 10-way electrically adjustable, heated leather seats (memory function on drivers seat) Auto high beam space saver spare wheel instead of repair kit ...etc. About 4 - 5 mpg down on my regular 25 mile commute compared to the IS on 17" wheels, but the GS has been fitted with 18" wheels. My insurance company also gave me a refund , on annual premium so cheaper to insure as well (at least for me!) Only minus point - rear seats do not fold down. No regrets so far loving the extra comfort and features, good luck on your search!
  7. RE Reversing camera,

    From the little information I have I believe the camera (and possibly an interface module) originated from here not sure if the guy that fitted it worked for  them or was  an independent, but he did get in touch with them when he thought he needed new parts..


    All the best


  8. Yes certainly in my case normal warranty conditions apply as it was supplied to me on a new vehicle, I think it is treated as a fitted accessory. What would happen if you had it fitted to a vehicle not originally supplied by them you would need to check with them, I would think if they arranged and supervised it being fitted you should be OK - give them a ring
  9. I had the camera included in the price of the car on the order form, Lexus Coventry arranged the fitting for me, It did have a problem after a few months when the camera signal was lost, they arranged for the contractor to return and gave me a loan car for a day while it was sorted out; when I got it back the distance lines on the display had also been enabled (fixed lines , not like the guide lines that turn with the steering wheel on OEM camera) which is a useful addition
  10. ,Cost £300 fitted, I think Lexus Coventry just passed on the third parties charges, as it was not using genuine parts or being fitted by their technicians, just provided the guy with somewhere on their premises to fit it. At the time of purchase the only way to get a reversing camera was to add or get a car with the Premium navigation package adding a lot more to vehicle cost. I believe they do run a signal cable from boot lid to the screen, I think the camera has to be NTSC type as well and tap into reversing light circuit as well. Fitting takes a few hours to complete I have seen similar ones on ebay since, which come as a kit with cables etc included, you can also buy one built in to a replacement number plate light for certain Lexus / Toyota models from counties outside the UK. The OEM camera on IS300h look identical to those fitted by Toyota (wife has a yaris hybrid with a factory fitted one) so that could be another option- need someone with access to the parts list for Lexus / Toyota to confirm this. Hope this helps
  11. I had one fitted to my Executive 300h when I purchased it new from Lexus Coventry. It is not an OEM camera and was fitted by a third party who also supplied the hardware, it is wired directly into the screen and comes on when reverse is selected. Not as elegant as the Factory fit option but does the job nicely.