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  1. I wonder if my little CT will do 280K ??….🤔 i'm on 150K now..
  2. Hi Steve wow 22 mpg.. I would weep.. lol. I bet that LS is a lovely drive thou, I have driven Gs300 which was really nice
  3. Hi Mark I use the eco mode when on the motorway but not when your going up hill so I use the modes depending on conditions. Today I did a motorway trip of 280 miles in total and got 63mpg on average with a mix of 50 miles an hour sections etc. Most of the time I get around 55 and of course you get abit more in the summer months due the warmer battery so your 55 isn't bad
  4. Hi Nick There is lots of info on this site that will help to answer your questions. I think at 60k it will need new spark plugs as part of that service. As what to look for I had an issue with wear in a joint in the steering that caused a knocking sound but that was at 120k or there about, so if the car your looking at has only done 55k then that's nothing to worry about yet. Last week I had to have the heat shield that is above the exhaust system reattached at the front end with a bigger bolt because the shield corrodes and its was rattling on the exhaust.. the dealer at Chester did that for free and only took minutes.....however my 2013 model has done 149K now. I'm not sure about values as prices differ as you know depending on whether the F-sport is at a dealer or carsupermarket. I think Honest John, Parkers and Autotrader all do a car valuations on their websites which may help. I am sure other members will help with advice on here.
  5. Hi to Colin and Mikey B Thanks for the responses. Very interesting Mikey that you were in the same position as me then.. using oil as we get to 150K upwards as I am now.. But I can live with it if I just to top up bit in between services because everything is great about the car.. out today and getting 60+ to a gallon.. I will be keeping it for a lot longer yet with a close watch on the level ! Also very interesting that Lexus did a mod on the piston and rings in 2015.. haven't read or heard about that before, which says to me they are aware in some cases that some cars start to use oil after 100k by the look of it. I took bought mine with 115K on. All knowledge is good! cheers guys
  6. Hi Everyone I ma glad to see my original post is still creating such interest and comments! As I have mentioned I'm on 149K now and the car is running really well, great economy & of course has been very reliable. I will be keeping a close eye on the oil. It has just been changed so I will have a look at 1000mile intervals and see if its using. I do wonder if the drop in the level before the service was due to a lot of motorway use last month with 2 trips to Scotland and more beside as I use for work., did about 1600K that month. I will be watching it closely ! Cheers.
  7. Hi doog442 I must admit no I didn't check the oil after the previous oil change so who knows? I defiantly checked it this time!... and yes I think its using abit now.. just something to live with until I can afford to change the car
  8. Hi m4rkw Thanks for the response. I have only had it for 2 years and before me it was a company car so has a full Lexus history with various dealers. Since I bought it I have only had Chester Lexus service it as part of my service plan... so therefore it should always have had the 0/20 oil used. I do a right mix of driving as I use the car for my job so sometimes a lot of long motorway runs and then other weeks more local. I had it serviced last month and Lexus said it may well be burning some oil now due to the high miles.. on 149K now and to keep a check on it every 1000miles and look at the level. It was full to the brim when it came back as one would expect. so I'm going to keep a watch on it going forward. So I will see how it gets on..
  9. Well Done Basil I think I'm a little envious as your CT sounds really nice! But you won't regret it as I love mine and its 6 years old this year with big mileage yet drives really well.. and exceptionally reliable.. Have fun !
  10. I have to add my story to this thread. Fuller all the other guys are saying be think carefully and read the advice. I owned a 56plate 220d SE.. done 80K, full history etc, what a lovely car, had the Levenson stereo, full grey leather and the reverse camera and really comfortable. Weird gearbox but I loved the car. As I do long motorway runs for work, I thought it would have been ok however as the mileage increases I did start to have the problems with it that everyone mentions. So yes I had a new EGR fitted, I had Lexus do the DPF clean because it went into limp mode, as my local garage couldn't fix so that was about £350. I was so conscious of the issues I was using BP ultimate all the time and I even had the fuel filter changed by Lexus .. anything to try to keep it all clean but then its started to become really Smokey, blue-black smoke when under acceleration so not just it doing its DPF regen.. so it was then I decided it had to go. I part ex it and bought the CT about 2 years ago and I check Mot and Tax online it has never been tax or had a Mot since so I can only presume its scrapped now. Mine was a older one being on a 56plate and I read that some modification had been done on the newer ones so therefore may not be as problematic. just hope this helps when making your decision to buy!
  11. Hi Paul/Storm thanks and yes that's what I would expect.. no oil used between the 10k. I had a Mondeo for 12 years and that didn't use oil ! and that was a 2L TDCi ! Its in for a service next week and I will be keeping a close eye on it.. I almost hope they find a leak to account for it and not what I suspect which is its burning it.
  12. Hi Guys To all of you for responding- thanks.. The service is done by Lexus as I have the service plan in place. I just spoke to Lexus and they said due to the mileage now at near 150k its probably using a bit.. Texas.. as you mentioned, I will check the manual to see if its normal to use some as I'm very close to an oil change and in February I did a lot of motorway miles for work.. at least 1600mile! I haven't seen any evidence of Blue Smoke if it is burning oil..unlike the Is220D I had before! So I have booked in for the service which is due in about 800miles. Lexus agreed to do it even though its abit early. But I think I will have to invest in some oil to keep an eye on the level going forward and do a top up if needed. I wonder if this is normal on the Prius to use oil ? All the taxi drivers use them now with apparently big mileages on..that's why I'm not concerned about my mileage as such.
  13. Hi Guys thanks for the replies and advice. It does concern me. I will keep you posted on how it goes
  14. Hi just need some advice. Checked my oil and its quite low at the bottom of the dip stick. I'm about 1000miles off the next service at 148k. Should the oil drop so much in between services? I have done a lot of long motorway journeys recently but that shouldn't matter. It has just passed the Mot last week and there is no oil leaks. My question is, is this kinda normal for hybrids? or should I be worrying? Thanks
  15. In need of some advise..Does a CT200H use oil in between services? I am a 1000mile off the next service and I checked the oil today and its just at the bottom of the should be nearer the top of the guide marks, so i'm abit worried its using or burning. Its done 147K now. Its just passed the Mot and there is oil no leaks. Thanks