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  1. Hi Fahad yes to both re the plan and warrenty... i had lots done under mine with no quibbles and it more than paid for itself.. I did brakes pads and discs rear at 116k and the front recently at about 160K.. but i dont know if they were the originals but i think they were. , mine was a company car with 116k on it when purchased 3 years ago now. hope that helps 😄
  2. Hi Joro I was very interested to see how many miles are on your CT.. As we all know there are many very high mile Prius out there as many are used as Ubers and cabs. I too have a high mileage CT and was wondering what sort of things have gone wrong or hopefully not within its history!? Has it ever had new pistons do you know due to excessive use of oil? How old is the car to have achieved that sort of interstellar miles!? It fascinates me and I'm a big fan of cars that really can go on forever... I am on 168K now. Thanks
  3. heatshield i happened to me.. easy fix
  4. Hi Shirley Sorry to hear about your experience with your CT and the dealer. I don't think the issue with the oil consumption and piston rings is common no. i believe there was some issues with the Prius (which is the car the CT is based on) in the states, So maybe just a few slipped thro the net and ours were one of them, generally the CT is extremely reliable. Lexus has just come First in recent consumer surveys for reliability etc. As for the dealer you went to and that huge repair bill.. my advice would be that you maybe should have considered getting a quote from a good reliable independent garage before having the car fixed by them. If I had not purchased the dealer warranty that covered me for the new pistons and repair, then I would have just driven the car away after the diagnosis of the problem. Lexus told me the repair cost was around £4k if I was to pay for it myself.. which is just crazy! I could have a bought another car for that ! I was happy to keeping topping up the oil until I could have had the car fixed or, just part exchanged it and moved it on. Now the car is fine and at 168K miles covered and no use of or burning of oil. I hope your car is also running well now. Pete
  5. Hi Mark Emjay82 I agree that due to amazing reliability of the CT I wouldn't think it would have a lasting effect on the car. You could use the patchy servicing as a bargaining tool as previously mentioned. I do around the same sort of mileage as you mentioned of around 18-20K a year for my work in mine. I'm always banging on on here about how reliable they are and I have covered 168K now. I bought with 116K about 3 years ago, Now mine did have the full history as it had been a company car, although sometimes they weren't done exactly on time. For peace of mind I then booked a full 100k service at Lexus Chester after I buying it and asked them to give it the once over and to let me know if there were any issues and there was just some wear and tear stuff. Hope this helps. 😁
  6. Hi Les How does one get the gold membership? I have a service plan with Chester Lexus and they haven't mentioned gold membership before. If it can save a few quid would be great. cheers.
  7. Hi Michal and welcome to the forum 😄 My CT has done 165K now and I bought it with just over 100K so don't be worried about buying high mileage. Look for full Lexus service history if you do buy a high miler as I did. My car has had the usual wear and tear issues that comes with mileage, but it has not gone wrong in 3 years of owner ship. As John has mentioned in his response the battery is not a concern as they are covered by the warranty from Lexus from date of registration , you may struggle to find one for £7000 unless it is private sale and not from a dealer but you might drop lucky as they have been around since now since 2011. I wouldn't buy a Cat S or N either or any other written off then fixed vehicle I would strongly recommend you test drive a CT as they are different to your Golf and can take some getting used to with the CVT gearbox and so on but I love it ! Hope that helps you. Pete
  8. Martin you will love it and i'm a bit jel as it sounds a lovely motor you have bought. I have had Fords, Volvo, Saab and a Mazda over the years and before my CT a diesel Lexus IS220 which wasn't great( see the forums!) but I will stick with Lexus from here on in! My partner has got a 19 year old 2001 IS200 (petrol) still going strong !
  9. Hi Malc yes there are.. I used a place near Blackpool years ago so I am sure there will be local alloy refurbisher near to Rich for what he needs
  10. Hi Rich Have you checked out breakers yards or dismantlers for replacement alloys? Car Transplants in Nantwich are good.. £850 is a lot of money!
  11. Hi John Yes I do about 18-20K a year for work and the car was a company car before I purchased about 3 years ago now. As for what to buy next.. well I can't change for a while longer yet which will mean this CT will go over 200K and then lord knows what sort of value will be left in it. It might be passed to a family member and they can just keep it till it goes no more.. I would have another CT or perhaps a IS 300H and if I could afford it a UX would be really nice having driven one as a courtesy car.. we will see ! cheers Pete
  12. My CT passed its MOT yesterday with no advisories. Just on 165K now, I had to tell you all how chuffed I am.
  13. I just purchased Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance as they came out well in all the ratings for fuel, noise and grip. They worked out at £216 fitted for the 2. I went to my local garage, but Asda tyres online were probably the cheapest when I searched and So far so good
  14. Hi All Good to see Karl is on 180K as I am on 165K now. I have had brakes and discs at the front although I think there was more on the discs from what he said, but had them replaced anyways. My Local garage guy did those for about £165 fitted. Lexus wanted about £270. The infamous heat shield has had a bigger nut put in to stop the rattling too. I had the U or J Bolt on the steering fixed as it was knocking at around 130K and recently the pistons replaced under warranty as I do have some oil consumption. About a couple of litre in between services it was needing and I could have lived with it, but Lexus agreed to do the fix as I had the warranty in place. Chester Lexus did the work and it is running really well and everything works and I'm getting the 50+ to a gallon , more in summer in we all know. The car is incredibly reliable and I would recommend to anyone to buy a high miler. I do 18k a year for work so I cover all types of roads and so on. So to Bhatsunil.. I would keep your CT as like me. you do a lot of miles and the car is clearly capable of it.
  15. I fully agree and Tom is excellent there.. I always give him great feedback on the survey afterwards.