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  1. Hi all, I'm needing to replace the rear member bracket and support bars on both sides of my car. I was wondering if anyone has done this and could give me any info on how bad it was. This is the part that bolts to the front of the rear subframe and the support bars bolt to that and bolt to the underbody. I have the chance of some 2nd hand parts but it's from a 220d and I need to double check if they are the same and if the rear member has or hasn't got a Bush in the centre.
  2. Ahh , ok - so the vk20 's are the longer interval plugs. That will probably be why it showed on their system as the correct ones as they would be oem
  3. Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know tho which are better / or suitable - the ik20 or the vk20 plugs ?
  4. Hi folks, I'm in middle of getting my service kit for my 02 plate is200 se, and I was wondering what the best plugs to get ? I checked a few threads and was going for the denso iridiums ik20 but I phoned up (cheapest price I found on net) to check was the correct plugs and when she checked she told me the preferred plug for my car was the vk20 's. ?? Anyone one any more info on this - going by the price on their site for ik20 then the price for vk20 are way more expensive. !
  5. Thanks for the info , I'm glad to hear it should be a straight swap. Don't know what I'd read before about being a shorter impact bar - maybe was another bumper to the tte one. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Hi folks , just looking for some advice - I've managed to gets self a genuine TTE front bumper for my is200. Before I send it for a front end respray I wanted to check if there is any issues I should expect when fitting the TTE bumper from the current standard one ? I thought I might have read somewhere something about the impact bar being smaller for the TTE bumper compared to the standard bumper ? Any info would be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the pm mate, just back from holiday and spoke with Ricky tonite (really helpfull guy)
  8. Yeah that would be great - thanks. I've tried a few on eBay and parts finders etc but haven't been quick enough. ( there's actually one 5mins from me in a breakers , same colour as well but front bumper is already gone. 😞. Would have been perfect. )
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. I wasn't aware it was integrated - thanks for the heads up on that one. I know they are quite hard to come by but I'm sure I'll get one if I just bide my time. Thanks again mate for the info.
  10. Detroit tiger

    Tte Parts

    Hi all , I've recently just bought my first is200 and am looking for a front TTE bumper, a sport grill and the lower skirt on rear bumper. If anyone has any of these bits at a realistic price (would consider even if slightly damaged ) then please give me a shout. Thanks. 😉