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  1. . Thanks for the confirmation Mark. It ties in with this recent reply from Sanef: 'The tag must be visible from above in the centre-top of the windscreen so that it can be detected by the barrier gantry at the toll plaza. I would recommend positioning your tag towards the bottom edge of the mottled/shaded area near the rearview mirror on the drivers' side of the windscreen.'
  2. Thanks for the clarification Stevet. And thanks to katabrontes too.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. The response from the tech guys reads slightly contradictory to me - they say just below the top of the screen but in a clear glass area, but that puts it in the rain sensor area behind the mirror. So the black spotted area is ok?
  4. I plan to get a Sanef Liber-t tag for a trip to France. Sanef website tells you to mount the tag behind the rear view mirror. Sanef website states this: Some vehicles are known to have equipment in the mottled area such as rain sensors or automatic emergency braking sensors. E.g. Volvo XC60 / 90, some Mercedes. The mottled / shaded area behind the rear view mirror will be free of any heat reflective metallic coating that is sometimes applied to the glass in the factory to reflect the sun and keep the car cool on a hot day. The tag must go in the mottled area as it is free of any heat reflective coating, so the signal to it is not blocked by the metallic coating on the glass. In situations like this we have had it reported back to us by customers who have such vehicles that fixing the tag on the middle of the plastic casing of the equipment that is occupying the mottled/shaded area has been successful. However our recommendation is that you contact your vehicle manufacture and ask them to key in your registration number and check if you have a heat reflective windscreen fitted, if you do then you should ask the dealer where in the screen your toll road tags should be positioned so it can be read if no mottled area has been provided for toll road tags. My question is - will I have an issue with a RX450?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to confirm. I now just need to rehearse my French..................
  6. Ignore my last post - I went outside and checked the lights against the garage door - it is indeed a flat beam. I shouldv'e done that in the first place!
  7. Thank you for the reply. But my model is the 450 with LED lights - is the answer the same (please excuse my ignorance!)?
  8. I am to France soon in my RX450SE-L. I've seen some old posts relating to RX300s, but am I right in thinking that I do not have to do anything other than turn of the AFS? Or is there an adjustment lever for the LED lights?
  9. Sorry sheldrake, that's not going to happen! You can have my wife though if you want? Low mileage, one careful owner, looks like new, perfect runner......On a separate note; I'm intrigued by your nickname - that used to used as an old code word. Deliberate?
  10. I picked up my first Lexus (RX450L) a couple of weeks ago from Swindon Lexus. It's 3 yrs old with a paltry 11k on the clock. If I'd put '14 plates on it you would accept that it was brand new. Here's the issue; I can't suppress the feeling of smugness and utter contentment behind the wheel. Journey times have lengthened because I don't want to arrive and then have to alight from the vehicle. I struggle to break speed limits and I have developed a habit of giving way to people and pedestrians (not that they can hear me coming). My wife is gravely concerned that the husband she knew has been replaced by this weird but pleasant and chilled individual. Can anyone help??