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  1. Lexus ls 460

    Thanks. Will give it a go.
  2. Lexus ls 460

    Does anybody know how to adjust ride height of front n/s wheel. Thanks.
  3. Dave Barran

    Thanks for that Steve. Had already seen the aa page and car is currently back at the dealer. Fingers crossed.
  4. Dave Barran

    Thanks. Yes, it is on air suspension. Tyres are all OK. Unfortunately no warranty. Only had it a week and a half. Have been in touch with the trader and they are going to have it back Monday to investigate. Hope it's only the sensor.
  5. Dave Barran

    I recently bought a 2007 ls460 sel with 61000 miles on and noticed this morning that the rear passenger side is sitting about an inch lower than the driver side. Any ideas. Thanks.