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  1. I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried one of these mirroring devices. It looks like one needs to control it with the phone not the mouse thingy built into the car which I imagine is fiddly.
  2. Yes, Keith, you may be right although from the reports I read there seems to be a knack to it involving a kick under the bumper and back. I've made an enquiry with one of the Alibaba suppliers but it looks like the $40 might be the price per kit if I were to order 500,000 kits a month. Any interest Forum members - we may be able to put in a bid for two minutes worth? No Rayaans, not sexist, possibly rude, but not sexist. I'm happily at one with my female side but all man despite that. I get no joy out of getting dirty unlike "you blokes" but I'm happy as a sandboy taking an engine to bits just as I am taking an attractive woman out for a drive in a car, the ivory upholstery of which is not smeared by grubby fingerprints. But each to his own.
  3. In the recent wet weather I've noticed how quickly the rear of my GS gets dirty. I'm surprised that Norfolk need to have road sweepers there is so much dirt accumulated on the back of the car. A particular irritation is that the boot release switch outside on the boot of my model gets very grubby and transfers the muck onto my finger when I operate it - especially when I use the same finger to adjust my white bow tie . I'm well aware that I could use the button inside the car or the button on the key fob (which sometimes does the job by itself when I don't want it to) but I've got used to the keyless opening and ignition and I'm getting terribly lazy in my old age and I'd much rather just leave the key in my pocket. And yes I ought to clean the car more often but the button can get filthy after just one journey. I've noticed that some marques are now being made with a foot activated boot opener (just make a kicking motion under the bumper) and this would seem to be just the job. I've had a look on the internet and they do appear to be available from China through Alibaba but I thought I'd ask you guys and gals before I risk investing the equivalent of about $40 plus P&P - if I can in fact order a single kit. It appears that they are available with their own proximity key fob which I wouldn't need. I'd appreciate any observations or advice from forum members. Barry
  4. Hi guys, I'll add my two-penneth as I started this thread. In the event I paid my £80 for the navigation update (half price) and got a decent cup of coffee and a nice clean car back too. It is something of a relief now to travel down the A11 and find that the sat-nav has me securely placed on a road an not in the middle of a field but I know it is only a matter of time before I'll need to buy a further update (at full price this time) or find some other navigation system. I additionally bought from e-bay an inexpensive Bakeey NonSlip 360° Rotation Dashboard Car Mobile Phone Mount Holder GPS PDA to hold my mobile phone which, as holders for mobile phones in cars go, does a very good job. holding the phone in an excellent position for viewing above the cowl to the screen but it isn't that convenient to control and I haven't got a power supply to it. The mobile I own has good battery life and charges rapidly so the latter hasn't been a problem so far. I also note that Beat Sonic now appear to make a screen mirror (ID IF-04EP) for many Mk 4 GS models. Videos are available on the internet and I think I found a UK supplier while surfing on this topic (but I can't quickly locate it now). It was expensive but as I noted above so is buying navigation updates every year or so. I'd welcome a review from anyone who has purchased this item so that I can further consider this option when I feel the present built in navigation maps are beyond their useful life.
  5. Ah, thank you again Edwardo, in that case it seems worthwhile to give the BlueDUN month's free trial app a try. If I get any success I'll post it here.
  6. Thank you Eduado, When you say type anything into Google may I assume you mean on one's mobile phone not using the Lexus remote touch? I'm not sure whether to try it because if I have to use the phone for entry I'm inclined to use it for navigation too. I've found a nice little clip that holds the phone just above the instrument cowl, but I don't intend to do data entry while I'm moving! Having said that I remember that it is possible to instruct Google by voice, although I don't seem to be able to do so effectively while driving. I suspect it is background noise (Yes, even in a Lexus hybrid!) - if only I could use the car's voice control to work the phone! I couldn't agree with Ten Ninety more. Have a screen for controlling aspects of the car (although direct control through a switch or a knob would be better) and another screen for all the things a modern smart phone can do - navigation, texts etc. controlled by voice. When I suggest two screens they could be the same physical screen toggling between the two uses or the same screen split to accommodate them both at once
  7. Hmm. My OnePlus3 (Android) phone and 2012 GS450h Premier work fine together and unlike Capase 21 I just get messages shown and, if I want, read out. I don't really understand about the BlueDUN app. How exactly does one request that it looks for shops etc? Buy using the remote touch or voice command? Sounds clever if it in some way communicates the answers to the navigation. I'm pretty certain i can enable shops to be shown on the navigation without a mobile phone connected if I fiddle in the menu settings but it won't just give Tesco.
  8. Well done John. An excellent job and thank you for sharing with us.
  9. Thank you for this Farqui and Ambrose John for the original post. What a sneaky idea.
  10. Sorry I'm clearly getting a mite slow. This is obviously a photo of some TPNS sensors in a cast box with one of the sensors fitted into the side of the box but I can't find what it refers to or why the sensor is fitted into the side of the box. I'd welcome a hint Ambrose John.
  11. The Premier also has Sport S and Sport S+ modes like the FSport.
  12. I have a red 2013 GS450h and I list below the reasons not to buy one:- Enjoy the car.
  13. I have a Premier and it does have a lot of toys, most of which I don't use. You may wish to consider Pre-collision braking which comes with adaptive cruise control which I don't have but which could be handy. I don't know if later years have a head up display. The FSport which matches my 2013 onwards model has rear steering which is supposed to be good and variable ratio steering which I fancy but it also has black headlining - great if you're a Goth - and aluminium rather than wood trim inside which appears to dent very easily. It also has 20" wheels which look great but you'll need to be very careful parking near kerbs. I believe also that to provide the "more aggressive frontal aspect" there aren't any fog lights but if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will soon correct me. I like my 450h very much it is very quick but also very smooth. Enjoy your purchase.
  14. I find the sat nav clunky and expensive to update but it uses a nice big screen and a very pleasant and reassuring voice offering me directions. Frankly Google Maps on my Android phone knocks it into a cocked hat on that all I have to do is to say "Navigate me to ..............." and I'm provided with a choice of a few routes and a Start button. Oh why can't Lexus let us mirror our phones on the screen and use the "mouse" to control the phone?