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  1. I had mine changed at service interval 60k and they were still text book colour and condition. The guy that did it for me joked that I should put them back in and not worry about them. I’d already spent the money on new denso plugs and his time taking them out so obviously changed them as planned. I’m bang on 120k this week and going to let them roll for a bit longer...... tempted to take one out and have a peek though.
  2. Just a quick question from the pics... Is that wire cradle standard on an original exhaust set up?
  3. Thanks all I’m just waiting on some more info before deciding which way to jump.
  4. @scudney thanks....I have seen pre fab’d for around £450-500 ish....I’m a bit reluctant on both price and not knowing what “noise” it makes. ( just want quiet 😉) If any one has bought one I’d be interested in feedback. Appreciate the fact I have no idea either what the mild steel one sounds either! But hopefully not as prone to resonating like SS can. @Texas thanks.... I did about a dozen or so pages on a total forum search “exhaust” could not find anything specific on fitting.... some clamp / gaskets etc. May be delve a little further before pushing the button. I saw @Shackattack asked a similar question but did not see the thread confirmed or denied. I’ll try a DM.
  5. So it’s finally given up, drivers side has sheared on silencer box joint and on inspection it’s got a couple of pin holes blowing further up the pipe. Ive spoken and visited a couple of stainless providers today and decided against going the full hog on a stainless replacement (around £700ish) I nearly decided to change the old beast last year but I do have a bit of a soft spot for her as in 75000 miles over 7 years she has cost me 1x rear brake caliper above normal servicing. The exhaust is all original and frustratingly the two rear silencer boxes are still totally sound. Anyway I’ve decide to go for the mild steel replacement available on eBay for under £200. Ill probably be done with this IS within the next five years so should last me that long. Any one else bought one of these? Any issues I should be aware of? Phil
  6. I had this effect with the lights flashing / fading and seemingly having a mind of its own. I was also suffering with lazy central locking.....again randomly deciding when to operate correctly. I had my battery checked including charging voltage and everything was ok..... but as it was the original battery (10 years plus ) I had it changed and everything returned to normal.
  7. If you have already taken some photos then could be interesting for comments on how significant insurer thinks it is. Dont go crawling around underneath if not. If you do decide to get another quote for repair make sure they know it’s out of your pocket and not the insurers. You may find there’s a reasonable ....possibly affordable difference 😉 And if possible get it looked at ASAP as the body shops will be racked and stacked if we have any significant icy weather.
  8. This is such a shame and I think many people on here (including myself) would be in the same boat where our cars are worth more to us than a right off value. Is it structurally damaged? Or just the fact that market value is now so low vrs repair? What right off code is the insurance quoting? Would it be viable to buy back / do a deal with insurance company and organise the repair yourself? The stuff repairers can do nowadays is pretty remarkable....... and the parts are out there if you went used for some parts to keep the cost down. Just a thought.. I’ll leave the LS question for those guys...... they’re the experts.
  9. I recently serviced my front calipers and changed the pins and rubber boots with a set I bought twelve months ago from rock auto. ive double checked I had the correct set for my year...... but still had to file the metal cuffs slightly to make them sit and seal correctly. I tried everything before to get them in...but no way.
  10. Good to hear you’re sorted. if you need anything from the manual I’m sure one of us can dig it out.
  11. My is250 55 plate manual is £325pa. Just to mix it up a bit 🧐
  12. Maybe your IS thinks it’s American...😂 Sorry....not helpful but I could not resist.
  13. If you’re not a page by page manual reader..... Button in the glove box could be a head scratcher 🧐
  14. 112,000 and still going very nicely thank you 🙏🏼 Won’t get to second spark plug change this year, I’ll drop the oil again before the winter months and a new cabin filter...... Apart from that 🤞.....