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  1. Well that’s progress it’s fired up....and from what you have said it’s was running ok until you switched it off..... so not a stall. From your comment & video post I’m assuming you believe doing this hard rest / capacitor drain / has allowed it to start. Electrical not mechanical. If it’s done it once....I guess it suggests it will do it again & you desperately need that code reader for next steps. Unless anyone else can chip in with an idea???????
  2. No. 10, 22, 23, 24 got to be worth a look.
  3. Is there anything ignition related in Type B fuse box? apologies....I’m at work & haven’t got hand book in front of me.
  4. If you have a light on the start button, fingers crossed you will be able to pull a stored code.
  5. Have you tried disconnecting the car battery for 10 mins see if you get a reset. have you got a Code reader?
  6. Isildur hows it going? winning? if you found a fix let us know phil
  7. To make sure we are in the same place. You can open the car keyless. The start button is illuminated. Without pressing the clutch down, you press the starter button once you get a red light & no dash illumination, press it a second time you get illumination and dial sweep. if you press the clutch in at this point you do not get a green light on the starter button. And it won't start.... or try to turnover......just dead. You are 100% about the fobs, the fob batteries and you have the correct car battery with the correct crank value. Up to this point you have been using the car regularly and it's been behaving normally.
  8. Agreed....try fob + another fob battery. Have a look at the micro switch under the clutch pedal?....operating......tension in the switch etc. Big ask...but another car battery. i had an issue with very lazy central locking.....changed fob batteries.....had perfect charging & cold strat readings from my old ( original battery )..... had the electrics all checked out..... eventually changed the car battery and has been fine ever since. If you have all the right lights appearing and clutch pedal switch is is ok..... I would still bet on battery rather than an immobiliser issue etc.
  9. So is “ pressing break pedal very very hard “ a typo? Sorry edit .... in not clutch
  10. So is “ pressing break pedal very very hard “ a typo?
  11. Will this apply to side lights also? Ive replaced these with LED......nothing coloured or crazy bright......just brighter than oem.
  12. 👍
  13. Don't want to be a party pooper....make sure that fly wheel / clutch is ok. looks tidy otherwise....
  14. +1 ..... same experience with AG. Second fitting they sent one of their “technical” people..... I can confirm with recent freezing weather that the screen fillaments for defrosting wiper blades on my replacement do not work in this generic non Lexus screen.....I’ve tested the power supply & that’s ok. It cost me a new wiper blade to find out. Phil