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  1. Hi Doog, Been on hols so couldn't comment but Great choice done a few thousand in mine now and just cant stop smiling, if you cruise at 60 in eco you can get a staggering 50mpg but then why would you buy the 200T and have it in ECO? LOL, enjoy :)
  2. SatNav map updates

    Hi I am confused:) on the customer portal the nav update is free or have I missed something? ....which I probably have? :)
  3. IS200 Exhaust for sale

    £ 20 scrap value going this weekend last offers :)
  4. F-Sport arrived..

    Congrats Enjoy :)
  5. FREE IS250 Roof Rack

    Hi, Scruffy but will clean up like new and fully functional Lexus OEM IS250 roof rack, FREE to a good home, I cannot deliver and live near Poole Dorset :)
  6. IS200 Exhaust for sale, £60 back and mid sections good condition see pictures. Buyer to collect only live near Poole in Dorset
  7. Thought I would share this piccy fro Goodwood festival of Speed
  8. I've had my 200t for a week now and had a 500 mile round trip to Blackburn so I had a play with the three driving modes to see what the consumption was like. Here are the results ECO mode Driving inside lane M6 at 60 mph (sorry that's not normal but was early so driving slow) but I got around 50mpg! at 70-80 that dropped to 42/44 after Reset Normal mode Just driving normally 70-80 getting about 37/38mpg varied as I was in traffic Sport mode well its fun but consumption does get hit 26 mpg ish
  9. Hiya, Sorry me again, on my IS250 I replaced most of the bulbs with LED's which really improved the quality of light especially the mirror and doors. Does anyone have a full bulb list or knows where I can get a kit for the 200t or can I assume that they must be the same as the IS300? Col
  10. Sixth Lexus

    @capese21 thanks that's where I was looking both better than grey :)
  11. Sixth Lexus

    I don't disagree but there is a carbon fibre look alike which I think may look better, especially as the interior has carbon fibre look alike Col
  12. Sixth Lexus

    Thanks guys, is it easy to take off and what is underneath i.e. clips or is it just stuck on
  13. Sixth Lexus

    Hi Well it arrived :) and I love it! but would have like to replace the grey bumper protector sometime? so anyone know where I can get a bumper protector that's not grey? Carbon fibre or metal would be nice? tried searching for one but looks like they don't exists :( Col
  14. Hi Guys, Great forum and comment, Well I was going to go away from Lexus having had in order. An IS200, IS300, IS250, IS250 Sport, then an IS250F Sport, because I didn't really like the drive of the hybrid, then I drove the 200T WOW! that changed my mind. I have only had two test drives but it is much more powerful than the 250 and handles far better, seem Lexus have the Centre of Gravity spot on? Anyway loved it so much... Yes you guessed it Lexus number 6 arrives on Friday IS200T FSport in White :) will let you know how I get on Col
  15. Hi, Sorry cant help you with the oil thing but if you want yo can stop your doors automatically locking, Its explained in your manual in section 1-2 around page 48 (but thats the manual for the auto so may not be exactly the same) the option for the auto are you can turn it off Change it so it locks them when you take it out of park and Unlocks when put into park or all doors are unlocked when the drivers door is opened within 10 secs of turning engine off Col