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  1. Warmer Weather.

    What mode were you using? Eco, normal or a mix?
  2. Service Plan Deals?

    As far as I'm aware it covers all 3 services due for a new car. So I shouldnt have to pay anything when I drop the car off? thanks
  3. Warmer Weather.

    Haven't even done 1000 miles in mine yet but yesterday while it was hot I went petrol station put £20 in and all of a sudden was hitting 60+ mpg???? Admittedly i did start using normal mode rather than eco. I find eco i have to put my foot down more as there's just no power. Highest i got was 67mpg. Was mainly town driving with abit of dual carriageways. I also have found that ev kicks in sometimes when doing nearly 40mph. Very impressed as the car hasn't even been "run it" yet
  4. Warmer Weather.

    Whats your average speed to get that mpg? Mines only 27mph and i'm averaging just under 55mpg and thats driving in eco all the time. thanks
  5. Hi, Just wondering if and what deals you lot have been able to negotiate? My local dealership have offered me a price of £661.50 for the 3 year plan. I fancy having it but could I push it abit more? I know theres no harm in asking so i will be contacting them with a preferred monthly payment that suits my budget, but what have others managed to get it for. Obviously this is for my ct200h. thanks
  6. 4 Days Into New Ownership

    Yes the noise is tire noise rather than wind or road noise.
  7. 4 Days Into New Ownership

    Mines not loud it's just louder than expected that's all. Coming from a a little 800cc turbo twin air engine I was expecting pure silence I think..... As for the temp gauge. I've found it. Right in front of me haha. Just dropped below 55mpg with an average speed of 27mph. Extremely happy so far!
  8. So I picked my ct200h advance up saturday morning. Took it for a good run on the sunday to the coast. averaging 55.8mpg at the moment which I'm more than happy with. Its a great car and perfect for me, but................ The road noise is alittle louder than i would have thought. No big deal just assumed it would be quieter. Also may seem a stupid question but does the car measure the outside temp? Cant find it anywhere????? Cant be bothered to search through the huge manual to see. Other than that its a great car and a perfect upgrade from my fiat 500 twinair+ cheers
  9. Oh good. I did think the lexus insurance man was trying to scare me. The difference is cost is just to high really and one of my named drivers isn't allowed on the policy if I go through lexus. Thanks for info. Cheers
  10. Hi, This is abit of a insurance and warranty question so I hope I explain it well enough for people to understand. I pick up my MY14 CT on saturday from the dealer. I have just been given the reg so thought I would ring my insurance company to change over the car when my free 3 days cover from Lexus runs out. The price quoted to swap over wasn't to bad at all but my only sticking point is that they cant guarantee that genuine parts will be used in the invent of a claim as Lexus is not on there list of approved garages. So from what I understand if I stay with them and claim my brand new car wont have a warranty as it will be void use non genuine parts are used????? Obviously Lexus have gave me a price to move insurance to them but it is alot more expensive but make a big deal of only lexus parts will be used as It will just go to my nearest dealer. I'm unsure what to do now???? Can my current cheaper insurance company really make the repairers use non genuine parts and by doing so void my warranty????? I don't want to be ion a situation where I have a brand new car and no warranty. Any help????? thanks
  11. Quick Hello

    Yeah I cant wait to get it. Went to Lexus Leicester to get a white one but after a test drive in the blue I was sold and I actually haven't seen any of these in this colour on the road........ yet ;)
  12. Quick Hello

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hello :) I pick up my MY14 ct200h advance this saturday and I cant wait. Another little one on the way means I need a bigger car so the fiat 500 twinair has to go. I would imagine I'll be peppering these forums with questions about the ct200h. Cant wait to get involved cheers TJ