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  1. or try these, its not a huge job as long as you know what you are doing
  2. My Lexus is long gone, have one of these now for over 2 years :p Dont pay 2,300 to anyone to fix that, I did mine myself - you need a new display and replace that with the broken one, job done. its about 3 /4 hours work not sure. I am in Southampton and have some free time over the next 2 weeks if you want me to help, just order a new display
  3. just seen the OP got a 220d, good luck with it! nice colour
  4. if you like being 'connected' to the car a Lexus is not for you, I sold my is250 for just that reason - now in a SpecB Legacy which is far more driver orientated. Regarding the 220d, I would steer well clear the is250 is a billion times better if you want a Lexus.
  5. or use ms one drive as you have done, or samsung cloud, google drive, synology NAS account... many options but ones where you actually own the cloud space, not some third party.
  6. leave the Autowatch Ghost application running in the background with Bluetooth enabled and you can drive conveniently and securely. interesting, what happense if your iphone runs dead and BT is lost? not having an Android app a bit silly.
  7. well, i broke mine in a haste so all my own fault. There really should be a <!> sticker on that saying read user manual for replacement instructions. You are not meant to force that flap out of the way which is what most people do that leads to the servo arm breaking.
  8. i had an almighty job fixing that broken servo arm, ***** almighty. If Lexus broke that i would be shocked.
  9. brutal, ridiculous things. Its why i sent them back, plus way too much lighting at the back with brakes on.
  10. They just dont suit a Lexus, like someone said make the rear end a bit too busy with all the lights. Its a no from me, your car looks fine without em.
  11. I was going to fit them reflectors on my old 250, returned them to the seller in the end. A sure way to destroy the Lexus IMO.
  12. 140 miles each way, no thanks. Driving in the UK for me is nothing short of a painful nightmare. Appaling roads, terrible drivers, road works, speed cameras....
  13. dont parking in f***ing luton again for ***** sake, and the police, well they are a waste of time. if you are doing 5 over the limit they are all over you but for vandalism and such they basically wash their hands. hope you get it fixed up.
  14. N.Ireland is terrible for 2nd hand car selection, most punters from there go to England for a car purchase, or even to the South where bargains can be had for large cc petrols.