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  1. I hope Lexus also changes the day running lights to make it an idividual
  2. Suprised Lexus still haven't learnt lessons from the 05 GS and IS. One main reason why I stepped away
  3. Happy Birthday PQuist!

  4. from what I can remember on my 05 GS 300, Power = Opens the trottle for quick acceleration Snow = useless button. Doesn't add any value when most needed Not sure of the Sport mode but I guess it makes the engine sound agressive
  5. Can't Lexus be creative? Why the same day running light on IS, GS, LS, RX and NX? Look at the Germans!
  6. Not many of these professional garages around these days
  7. Guess your 300 is on an 05 plate. There is so much patching that can be done which only solves the problem on a temp basis. Does it happen all the time or olny on warm days? I was given the poor excuse as the materials flexing
  8. forget the daylight running lamps and dab radio. Hop into the beast and enjoy
  9. Forgot to mention: - Lexus customer service is A+ compared to those arrogant Merc dealers. Servicing on the Diesel is pricey. Have you considered the E350 CGI (Petrol)
  10. I owned a 2005 GS 300SE for 6 years before going for the E350 CDI BlueEfficiency Sport which is now coming to 4 years of ownership. Lexus Plus: Refinement, toys and reliability Quiet as a mouse engine Quick acceleration Minus: Changed both wing mirrors after 4 years (Expensive) Changed one of the headlamp unit due to condensation Had to change the xenon bulb after 3 and half years Heavy on fuel Poor build quality. Merc Plus Rock solid build quality 4 years of ownership and touch wood nothing broken Lights are much brighter and better at night to use considering I live in the sticks Better residual value Minus: No reverse Camera Parking sensors are very slow to react Suspension is stiff (maybe sport version) Sat Nav is fiddly and can be distructive Overall, I prefer the Merc but it really depends on what you want. I haven't tried the latest GS but I guess they will be nice to drive
  11. Should Lexus have kept the twin tail pipes on the current GS models? I think twin pipes looks sportier and nicer. What do you think?
  12. The dealer is duty bound to rectify the problems. As discussed, you should pursue this
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