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  1. To be honest I just fell in love with it and as I'd retired............. Hopefully when (!!!) I come to sell I'll be rewarded !
  2. Unfortunately no. All four are active. As one person said, one pipe per cylinder! it does handle s lot better than standard though.
  3. Three photos uploaded. Keith
  4. Yes, it came with the full TRD body modifications. There's a front view on my page and I'll post some other shots.
  5. I have an is300h report with rear spoiler and quad exhaust. A fab look from the rear but very much personal preference. Keith.
  6. Tank Range

    I'm getting around 460miles before I refill, an average of around 42 mpg, 46/47 from the on board system. Interesting app to use for recording data is Road Trip.
  7. Over1200 miles I've averaged 43mpg. No long open distances hopefully that will be next month so it'll be interesting to see the outcome. 60mpg will appear as will 99.9mpg - leaving the petrol station in eco mode!
  8. Another New Member

    Many thanks for the welcome. Yes the dealer knows which buttons to push, he knows his customers, ~ anyway who could resist such a beast! I can not imagine another, to me this is Top Dog and then some! May need some assistance re internet access and sms with an i phone ~ there seems to be conflicting advice, but I'll continue to trawl this excellent source of information. Keith
  9. Another New Member

    Good morning! I'm Keith a new member on my on my fifth Lexus and highly satisfied. Previous models have been a CT , IS250s and a 300h f sport that I said it would take years to prize me out I was so pleased with it. Didn't last! My local Lexus dealer phoned and explained that they had an IS300h fsport that I may be interested in fitted with TRD parts ~ with the exception of the larger wheels. I just couldn't resist! I've had it five weeks and love it! I'm sure I'll be back searching for knowledge about the beast. Keith
  10. Lexi26

    Photos of TRD
  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums Keith26 :)

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