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  1. Omar - I know the software update you're talking about. You just put it onto a USB drive (no more than 32gb in size) - you have to go into Setup in the car and find update - insert the USB drive when asked and make sure you have nothing else plugged in.
  2. Omar - how did you download it? The file needs to go on a Micro SD card which is located under the heating controls. I would buy another Micro SD card, copy the existing one to it and then put the KWI file on the new one. If you can get the file to me or point me to the download I'll play until it works (I'm a software developer by trade so kind of know my stuff when it comes to IT). Once I get it working I'll give you the details to do it yourself :-) Cheers.
  3. I think the price for these map updates is ludicrous - you can buy a decent TomTom and get free map updates for the same price! I don't use the car's satnav, I use CoPilot on my Windows Phone, traffic is much better, routing is better, display is better etc etc. Why don't they just let you download it?
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