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  1. What threads for nuts and bolts etc. are used by Japanese cars? Is it the same as Euro S. I. standard or a mixture? I also saw people complaining about the poor reversing lights, putting the rear fog lights on helps a bit. Thanks.
  2. Hi Loafer, I'm old enough to remember the early Superman films with Lex Luther, hence the play on words, with mi-spelling to boot. Regards Loofa
  3. Thanks guys for the info. The car is 04 series 2, I need to update the profile. It would seem to be the belt and I do also have good spare alternator off a low mileage car, just in case. Does the belt drive just the alternator or A/C PAS too? Can you buy the Lexus workshop manuals? I will buy a new Toyota belt to ensure quality. Does anyone else have an LPG car as I would like to chat about that also, my system has a Tartarini one. Thanks again, Paul.
  4. Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for all the useful info on the site. I have an intermittent squealing coming from the engine when starting. It doesn’t seem to be temperature or damp related and occasionally squeals a couple of miles into a journey but never beyond that. The car is an 04 RX300 with 100k on the clock. The cam belt and auxiliary belts were changed at 80k. The battery is in good shape. I’ve tried starting with all electrical extras turned off, so just starting the engine only and it still does, but intermittently as previously said, so not consistent. Are the alternator and a/c pulleys fixed or clutched and are there any tensioners? My car is LPG and the system parts block off easy access to the alternator and belts. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums Lex Loofa :)

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