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  1. Yes thanks Steve, that looks like the offending article with the little solenoid valve beside it. That identifies it but the question now is what exactly does the vacuum switching system do?
  2. Does anyone have a good LPG tank or know of any breakers that might have one? I also want a set of mudflaps. Thanks
  3. Hi folks, I recently changed a pipe manifold for the auto box oil cooling and unwittingly had accidentally disconnected a small rubber pipe on a solenoid valve attached to a cylindrical component on the bottom of the engine at the front on the nearside ( as per the pics ). This led to a ticking noise when the engine was running. I have now put the pipe back on and all is ok but I am curious as to what the component is. Any ideas please?
  4. Anyone know what the small solenoid valve is at the bottom front of the engine just behind the front X member, slightly to right of centre. It has 2 6mm plastic pipes to it. I have just changed the pipe attached to the X member that’s near to it, which is a manifold for the auto box cooling. The solenoid is chattering and maybe because I have the underslung covers off I can hear it, which normally perhaps I wouldn’t. I don’t think it’s anything to do with what I have done changing the manifold or that I have damaged it in the process. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance.
  5. Have replaced the pipe, it cost £97 but grateful it was still available for a 17 year old car. Thanks for all the help, Paul.
  6. Steve, yes that’s the one, brill. Will try and order it if still available. Thanks Paul
  7. Thanks guys. Pic of panel to remove, I am assuming the servos are behind it???
  8. Thanks herbie, I did wonder if I might have to make one. Thanks Steve, I think it’s the one in the bottom left hand corner which has 2 brackets attached and in the general shape of a U but the picture doesn’t show it fully.
  9. Hi, Has anyone had to replace the above which is a U shaped combination pipe attached to the centre of the front X member as mine has perforated with corrosion so leaking auto fluid. Thanks a lot for any info.
  10. Hi, I am looking for the heater control servos and need to remove the above ( I think ). Any ideas after removing the 2 small panels underneath at the side of the footwells? Also any guidance on location, repair or replacement of the flap control servo would be very welcome. Thanks
  11. What threads for nuts and bolts etc. are used by Japanese cars? Is it the same as Euro S. I. standard or a mixture? I also saw people complaining about the poor reversing lights, putting the rear fog lights on helps a bit. Thanks.
  12. Hi Loafer, I'm old enough to remember the early Superman films with Lex Luther, hence the play on words, with mi-spelling to boot. Regards Loofa
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