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  1. Lots of useful info in this discussion following my first post. I've posted a photo of my 13-reg 300h, for which I paid £12250, which I judged a fair price. It's a Luxury version (whatever that may imply, and clearly from earlier posts the spec can vary widely) - but it has reversing camera and cruise control, although not adaptive (which I mistrust anyway.) Leather heated seats, etc etc. The only thing I miss from my LS430 is the driver's seat position memory (an odd item to exclude from a luxury spec, but there you are.) I'm managing regularly to achieve better than 50 mpg by careful driving technique - select cruise early, no blipping the throttle, careful braking, etc. I reckon I'm set for the next 5 years, by which (optimistically) the car will have paid for itself and at 82 I'll be in a rest home.
  2. Absolutely not. I amazed myself by the speed of my adjustment to the loss of my 430, and when looking forward rather than back I'd already decided to find another Lexus (do most Lexus drivers stay with the marque?). I considered the CT300 but the spec wasn't right for me - I needed a saloon big enough to cope with long journeys without stress as well as saving money in local running around. The Swindon Lexus dealers gave me a test drive in the latest IS300h and it made my mouth water. So here I am - paying only 10 quid a year to the Chancellor, and I already know that by careful driving I can achieve 50+ mpg - thus literally halving my fuel bill. Barring major mishaps the car will pay for itself in 5 years. The ride is great, and though I miss some of the tweaks in my 430 - the steering wheel retracting to make egress easier, the self-closing doors - on the whole I'm content with my new experience. AFB
  3. Having been a member of the LS430 club for five years and having had to say farewell to that car I've now bought an IS 300h, reg no ND13 ZHR. I'm the third owner and the car has done 72720 miles. I shall rejoice in the £10 a year road tax and a fuel bill less than half of the 430 bill. I do no more than 9000 miles a year these days but I intend them to be enjoyable in driving terms. I'd be glad to learn what other users think of the 300h and what - if any - problems might arise. AFB
  4. Thanks to everyone for these replies. I'd also like your general views on for example driver and passenger comfort, the rear sets, etc. Is this a car for long distance comfortable driving from Wiltshire to Scotland or the South of France? My 430 was just that, of course, and although I'm now looking for lower cost of ownership I still want to feel 'at home' in the car. A
  5. I've had to bid farewell to my lovely 16-year old LS430 after 5 years of brilliant and enjoyable motoring (failed MOT on rear suspension and not worth paying to fix.) I want hybrid and I want to stick with Lexus. My budget is close to £12k. I'm now looking at an offer of an IS 300 2.5 Luxury E-CVT from a private seller, 73000 on the clock, at £12250. Would someone please educate me as to the E-CVT bit, and where this particular car stands in the IS option range. I equally happy to buy a pre-owned car from a dealer, but this one seems OK to my mind. Anthony B
  6. I don't know about coilovers, and I think would not have accepted the idea even if I had. At my age (77) and in my - our - position I need to reduce cost of ownership. I can no longer quietly overlook the fact that I was spending £2000 a year on fuel and £320-odd on tax. Also the fact is that maintenance, tyres and spares have been costing ~£2000 annually. I no longer have the energy to do any work on the car myself. So I can be thankful to have enjoyed 5 years of brilliant motoring - averaging 24.5 miles per gallon over 40,000 miles - and must now move on. No regrets either way.
  7. I much doubt it - he's a mechanic at our local garage who seemingly belongs to a network of spares and repairs people, and he intends to progressively rob the old car until it's towed away.
  8. I've just said goodbye to my 430 after five great motoring years. She failed her MoT on rear suspension problems and was just not worth saving. I sold her for spares/repairs to a local guy for £250. 130,000 on the clock, which is not much, but as so often happens the main mechanics could go on for ever - what lets you down in the end in the other stuff. I'm seriously thinking of getting a CT200h,, and am getting good advice from the CT club forum, so it's goodbye from me on this one. AFB
  9. Thanks for both these helpful replies, and the useful screen shots. In fact I had thought to go to Lexus Swindon. Top of their current pre-used list right now is a CT 200h 1.8 Advance, going at just under £12000. Anyone have experience of this model? Next on their list is a SE-L Premier at £1000 more. I'd welcome guidance on whether the extra is worth going for. I don't do a lot of running around the rural lanes where I live (south Wiltshire), but medium to long journeys are our usual annual recipe - Scotland, France, that sort of thing. My 430 was a fantastic touring car, but that's now history. I certainly prefer to buy from a dealer.
  10. Apologies - yes I was confused - it was Lexus Spares Direct. My garage have been talking to Parts Direct. I've decided I can no longer run this old car, much as I've enjoyed owning it.
  11. Yes, tried you, but the ball joints you supplied were in worse condition than the ones on my car which failed the MoT.
  12. My garage tried Rockauto and their price was certainly lower than the Lexus quote, but with shipping added was still too high.
  13. I've been a member of the LS430 club for 5 years, but have now to write off my 16-year-old 430 which has failed its MoT and would cost too much to repair. I like the look of a CT 200h on sale in Bristol (Imperial Cars - Anyone know them?) which has most of the features I'm looking for, mainly I guess at my age (77) good fuel consumption. Can someone please give me an estimate of the total annual costs of running this car (I do no more than 9000 miles a year with the occasional long journey on the continent.)
  14. Bad news, I'm afraid. The ball joints which Paul frost sold me are in worse nick than the ones which have failed on MoT. I now have to choose between buying new ones (v. expensive - ~£700 each) or scrapping the car. Which bullet do I bite on?