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  1. I'm glad to say, having launched this thread, that a month later the dash no longer looks like a set of Christmas Tree lights. And I can switch the VSC on and off at will. I'm pretty sure that the problem arose from a coincidence of two separate and unconnected incidents, the failure of a VSC inlet manifold valve and a low battery triggering a false reading somewhere in the ECU. At all times the car ran perfectly, although had severe weather arrived, with prolonged icing, I wonder whether I would have been able to recover from a wheel lock. We shall never know. AFB
  2. It's a relief to be able to report that my concern about the VSC and its associated sensors proved to be a kind of false alarm. It seems that in replacing a sensor which had failed, below the inlet manifold (the fault which had caused the engine warning light to show) the workshop had triggered another when the car battery was low. This problem was easy to clear when the diagnostics were analysed. I'm unclear about the precise cause-effect sequence, but the complexity of the overall electronic system, even with its built-in diagnostic capability, is a reminder of how easy it is for the layman to get lost and to easily believe the worst. AFB
  3. Thank you Herbie. But in the light of the procedure you outlined what's the need for 'Three Words'? You could have done all that without W3W. AFB
  4. What 3 words sounds good, but do I have to remember the three words for every location I'm interested in or frequently visit? In practice how do I navigate from A to B?
  5. Although I started this thread yonks ago I have in fact done nothing about the issue. The installed map is mostly still useable and in practice I mount my cellphone in a clip on the dash and rely on this for most navigation these days. AFB
  6. Thanks for all the input. I'm not sure what the phrase bank 1 sensor 1 means, but no doubt the garage will know. I am persuaded by the idea that one of my ABS sensors may have failed. Where are these sensors located? At the wheels, presumably. AFB
  7. Thank you for this suggestion - I'll have my garage look at it on Monday. I forgot to add that in all other respects the car drives normally, although I haven't had to test it under conditions requiring ABS. If we get a hard winter ahead I might have to be concerned. AFB
  8. I and my garage are puzzled by a recurring fault indicator announcing 'Check VSC.' They have replaced a sensor (I forget what it is called) under the inlet manifold, which has eliminated an engine indicator warning light, but the VSC sign remains on. Is there an existing thread here covering this problem? In any event, what is the best thing to look at now?
  9. It will be useful to learn what your average consumption turns out to be over several months. I get over 32 on motorways etc but year on year average of 24-ish on my LS430 (we're in a rural area, so not surprising.) I'd love to learn what a 600 will average - just in case I ever get the chance. Anthony B
  10. Yes they were in good condition and they matched the car colour. Don't know about the bumper strips, but the guy breaks Lexuses so you can but ask.
  11. Phil, Yes; have a word with Paul at It is easy to fit them. You'll find they clip into place, provided you've cleaned out the gully they sit in. I sent a photo to enable the supplier to get the colour right - although I guess you could paint them easily enough. He charged me £70 for two, including postage. Anthony
  12. Thanks to all who responded - job done. Easier than I thought it would be, but I always hesitate to apply a lot of muscle until I'm confident I'm doing the right thing. Anthony
  13. Lexus Swindon did some very good work on the air conditioning system for me recently (fitted new pipes to the back, the old ones having corroded.) They needed to access the underside by lifting the rear offside seat base, but in refitting it they have trapped the seat belt buckle out of reach - I can just feel it but can't bring it up. Short of my driving to Swindon (40 miles) can someone tell me how to lift the rear seat.
  14. Thanks very much - a superb list. I had already worked out the meaning of 1651 from other info sources - let's hope I never have to experience the others. AFB
  15. Intermittently the usual warnng light shows on the dash of my LS430. On investigation my garage reports code P1651. There seems to be nothing wrong with any aspect of the car's operaration. Can someone explain what 1651 refers to and whether I can safely ignore this faulty trigger. AFB