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  1. Hi all, does anyone know where I can get the high and low caps that go on the air con ends? regards Joel
  2. Hi all, so I had my aircon re gassed by a aircon specialist and even though the car has taken on the correct amount no cold air is blowing out. when I turn on the ac I can’t hear then any engagement like it us too before. Also my engine fans have stopped working could they both be related. The specialist will be back out Monday to use some software that Will isolate the aircon sides of things I was just wondering has anyone had similar issue? could it be as simple as a fuse? the compressor is new as it was replaced by Lexus Teeside less than a year ago. regard
  3. Thats correct, the part itself has a guarantee from the place i got it from so i am happy its covered by them, and YES Lexus Teeside advised me that its not covered by them.
  4. No harm in asking I suppose, I just know Teeside Lexus were really helpful much better than Newcastle Lexus dealer and was worth the extra miles going to Teesside
  5. Yep so cheaper that I thought as below is the Labour and re gas charge
  6. In total the cost was just shy of £650 so was a couple hours labour
  7. I was really surprised as at first they quoted me £1,200 for the part and fitting. When i said i can get the same part for cheaper they were happy to fit and just charge me labour, the service guys said they are happy to do this as it keeps there guys busy and they still get business.
  8. Hi all, to give an update Lexus Teeside fitted the part for me and advised it’s the same one that they use just cost cheaper. Lexus Teeside actually called me a few days after fitting it and asked where I got the compressor from as they had another customer needing a compressor for a LS and wanted to save the customer some money.
  9. Hi Barry, well I have a IS220d so it’s well out of warranty, Lexus Teeside has been good when I have work done like the air con compressor and other none service work. Do you know any decent Indy garages in Newcastle?
  10. Hi all, can anyone recommend a good garage in the north east round Newcastle or South Shields area that have had there Lexus serviced at? Or advise is it worth taking my IS220d to Lexus to get serviced?
  11. Why would getting right hand drive covers make a difference the wing mirrors are all the same if LHD or RHD?
  12. Hi all, Well over the weekend my dash board lit up like with the engine management, traction control and check VSC! Car goes into limp mode. My car has 120k and has been brilliant since I have owned it. Made a call to terraclean and found a technician who came out within a few hours. Checked my EGR valve and cleaned it, then I took it out for a drive with the technician who had his tablet connected to car but sadly when I went to give it some the car went into limp mode again. back to the house and the technician gets the stuff out to put through the DPF filter. After
  13. Hi all, so my air con compressor has packed in and needs replacing, the noise it’s making sounds like metal vibrating around when the engine is on and the air con is off or on. I can see the pully has seized too. Car drives fine but sounds awful 😥 Has anyone had this issue and what was the cost to get it repaired. Have seen a Denso compressor on eBay £345 so not sure if that’s a good deal or not and get a garage to fit it? Regards joel
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