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  1. Used another phone and it’s the same outcome. Tired my phone in a different car and it’s fine so I’m assuming it’s the CT system.
  2. Looks like we are getting of subject on this. does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I don’t really like how it plays via phone call to get it come through the speakers. Just to advise it also happens with Google maps. help anyone?
  3. How much did Lexus charge for sat nav update? yeah agree I have the newest headlight on the CT and they are bright so I do see pot holes but waze just lets you know if there are any about as other drivers have advised as it being a community app.
  4. So my phone is connected to the car but as mentioned the alerts do not come through the speaker and I prefer hearing the alerts than looking at the screen of my phone or the screen in the car as waze gives you alerts like mobile speed cameras, pot holes, accidents and it’s more up to date than the Lexus nav even though my car is a 2019 it’s dated already.
  5. Awful wheels and he should of tried to buff the yellowed head light.
  6. Even without music it won’t play via the speakers it’s completely baffling that my old 08 is220d it worked fine. The built in sat nav annoys me to put the address in takes ages with the mouse control thing.
  7. Hi all, I normally use waze on my old Lexus is220d and it always use to play through my speaker on the drivers side. today I have tried it on my CT for the first time and it won’t play at all unless it’s via the play as call option which I don’t like or just have to use the phones speaker. Has anyone experience this before?
  8. welcome to the forum and enjoy being a Lexus owner. Just need to adjust the way you drive and you will find the CVT gear box won’t be on the revs. I have mine for 5 months coming from a Lexus is220d and I enjoy every time I get in my CT.
  9. So what I do is give it a good weekly wash snow foam and two bucket method wash, then apply a spray wax. if I drive daily and there is road salt then I snow foam and jet wash it off every couple of days just to take some of the salt off before the weekend. As my car sits on a street I actually have wheel covers that go over the tyre to stop any spray from other cars and the salt getting into my calliper and ruining my discs and pads! Happened to me with my old is220d
  10. Hi all, now clocks have gone back and the weather is getting grim (up north it is 😂) just wondering how people on here prep for the winter to protect the pain and wheels from the weather and salt?
  11. I got the nextbase one from Lexus and been happy with it picture quality is excellent and app to view the videos is simple to use.
  12. So filled up last week and reset the mileage counter and I was getting around 51MPG mixture of motorway and town driving which is fine considering I had a IS220d! So with fuel and electric combined I got 415 miles in total based on my counter and I will take that any day.
  13. At the moment I’m getting about 35 miles per little square and this is a mixture of town and dual carriageway driving and says I’m getting 50.6 MPG using shell v power
  14. Hi all, I noticed today due to how the sun hit the interior that the thin screen under the air vents on my CT has scratches going left to right. Has anyone got ideas on how I can get the scratches out? looking straight on the you can’t see them just on an angle you can. regards joel
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