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  1. So it turns out the air mix servos were fine however the dash board had to come out to check the air con / heater matrix which is a 4-5 hour job and with labour being £125 + VAT the unit needed a good clean since dust and muck had stuck to the grease on all the moving parts. Work all carried out and air con gassed just in time for the hot weather. health check and car washed as standard.
  2. So I have contacted Teeside Lexus and the car goes in on the 30th April if it’s the servo then the job will cost including the part £280 to £300 but if it’s the heater matrix it’s a dash out job and he said about £1000 to get that done. im hoping it’s just the servo as I say it’s blowing cold out of once side and when I turn on heat all produce heat. will keep you all posted
  3. Hi all, So today we finally get a warm day in the north east so I put my air con to cold for the first time. (I run my air con all year round) however when I was expecting nice ice cold air I was just getting cold air compared to the passenger side that was getting all the nice ice cold air. Both sides were set to low but only one side gets the ice cold air. called Lexus Teesside who said it could be the Air mix servo that could be sticking and not going down all the way to low. Has as anyone experienced this issue before if so did it cost a lot to get fixed or is there a hack to reset it? Regards Joel
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