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  1. The LS400 gold (cashmere beige metallic, I think it's called) seems to often suffer from patchy sun-fade. After thoroughly cleaning my gold one, I've noticed quite a bit of patchiness on some panels. In some lights, it looks fine, in others rather inconsistent.
  2. Silver car is now sold - just this afternoon to a great chap who already has a bit of a Lexus habit! He's mechanically savvy, so I'm sure it'll be sorted pretty quickly. Although he had been wondering about putting the1UZ into his IS200! Hope he'll join here. MODS: Can't seem to edit the text to remove the advert text for the silver one. Is that normal, or am I doing something wrong? Ta! 🙂
  3. Good work. Bonus q: was it only me that found £2 coins make the drawer get stuck?
  4. Oops - stupidly forgot to say that the silver one also had the full cambelt/water-pump/aux-belt replacement. That was done at Lexus Cambridge, 2.5yrs and 20,000m ago.
  5. For sale: S325APK: 1998 Lexus LS400 Mk4 V440ELN: 2000 Lexus LS400 Mk4 Item Condition: S325APK: Cashmere gold, cream leather. 114,762 miles, new MOT, LSH from new until 101,669m, then a HUGE service by previous owner (aircraft engineer) at 113,000m which included cambelt, tensioner, water pump, aux belt, engine oil and filters, transmission oil, coolant, brake disks, bonnet struts, strut rod ends, Y-exhaust connector. More recently, I gave it a replacement battery and a new rear coil spring. Bodywork is in good condition with only two car park dings. Updated with the more recent LS400 satnav CD. Thick file of receipts and invoices, service book, etc. V440ELN: Silver, grey leather. 135,106 miles, MOT until June, new brake disks and pads all round, recent tyres. Although the car is perfectly reliable and drivable, iI am selling it as SPARES OR REPAIRS ONLY on this as it has a few old-age niggles. Most significant is that some idiot (me) scraped the rear passenger side door on a fence post. Plus there's a small unrepaired dent on the front wing. I've done 40,000m in this car and it's taken us all over Europe. But with some front suspension clonks on speed bumps and potholes, it needs more work putting into it. Suit an experienced home mechanic (not me, alas). Price and price conditions: S325APK: £2750 V440ELN: £750 Extra Info: Both of these cars are amazing. I bought the gold one as an 'insurance policy' just before a road trip when I worried the silver one might fail the MOT. I needn't have bothered as the silver one passed and that's the one I've driven for 40,000m since: Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. So the gold one was laid up and not driven for 3 years. Just this Spring recommissioned. If I didn't need the hatchback, I'd be keeping the gold one, but I've already bought a fellow forumite's RX400h (shown in the photo - younger, a newer design, better equipped, but not a patch on the engineering marvel that is the LS400). Pictures: Better pix to come Contact Details: PM here, or email Location: Waterbeach/Cambridge Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: None
  6. Don't worry, the RX is fine. Most likely, I am adjusting to life outside of an LS, that's all! 😉 The LS got under my skin, I suppose - a bit like your IS, maybe. So part of it is "that's not the same" which will eventually go away. And the RX does a ton of stuff that the LS can't, which is the whole point of swapping over. Trilby, you say? Well, I do love the 190E, and I have the perfect accessory. 😄
  7. Yes, after chatting to the MOT guy I decided to do the one. Had it been a front suspension spring, I'd have been more inclined to do the pair as there's far more going on at the front. Will see if it looks/feels wonky! Curiously, the delay has been the wipers. I had already bought some generics online using the registration number - they don't fit, I'm told. So the mOT garage ordered some - they didn't fit either. So I went down to Lexus and got the Toyota-branded ones. Not too spendy anyway, and I need to get the MOT redone before the retest window ends up costing me another £45. Should be sorted on Monday. Looking forward to doing some miles in this one after seeing it sitting idle and forlorn for so long. In others news, I've been driving the car that caused this change - the 2006 RX400h bought from one of our forum buddies. About 500 miles so far. I like it, but ... it's no LS. The LS400 Mk4 was about £49000 new in 2000, and the RX400h was about £36000 in 2006. It shows: not as well engineered nor as luxurious. I'd sort of hoped that the RX might feel like an LS with a hatchback. Not close, even though some of the switchgear and ops are broadly the same. Of course, with just 56,000m, the RX feels 'tighter' and definitely more modern. I'm still getting used to the hybrid system (why is it doing that? What the f*** does that mean? etc) 🙂
  8. MOT result: fail - on that rear spring, as expected. Also on the wiper blades. Can't complain about that. Bonus Q: should I replace both rear springs, or just the broken one? Both seems the sensible approach, as the other non-broken one is the same age, but the MOT test centre thought only the broken one.
  9. Hmmm... just sprucing it up for the MOT and now that I've moved it, I think that one of the rear springs may have broken - not much gap for fingers between the arch and tyre. I found an old thread here, and it seems to be exactly the same sort of posture. £50 each plus labour. I'm hoping the MOT garage will do that (they did a full brake replacement on the other LS.) I've got the two HUUUGE workshop manuals, so they don't have to guess at all the necessary work.
  10. Some more photos (because I'm so chuffed!). That's after round one of washing. Got to get into the door jams and every nook and cranny this weekend. If anyone has a recommendation of a cleaner that's appropriate to use for the engine covers (which are super dusty after 3 years), please let me know. Don't want to use something that might burn off and stink. MOT on Monday. Insured at £192/pa (no spare NCB left to use 😞 )
  11. Tricky. One of the reasons I was happy to stick with the LS400 was that the 430 and then the 460 just seemed to have more issues. I would go and drive it, and see if it appeals to you. If it does, then make a cheeky but friendly offer, making it clear that you are taking on a big risk. Such a car with high miles and any issues is a hard sell, and buyers like you won't be coming along very often.
  12. 🙂 I remember that. It's been parked outside my business unit all this time. (Partly as security, because some unsavoury types had ram-raided the roller-shutter doors on neighbouring units.) My neighbour has always been doubtful of the Lexus (typical BMW/Mercedes owner - bought a diesel and then stuck 'AMG' badges on it), and was surprised that this LS started so easily and then ran so smoothly. When I just moved it back and forth to check the brakes, and it was fine, I could just about see that he was recalibrating his prejudice. 🙂 All this has been prompted by me buying a fellow forumite's RX400h, and needing to shuffle things around. I'd been feeling guilty about neglecting this LS for so long. Makes me extra happy to stay with the marque.
  13. Yes, essential recommissioning + MOT first and then it will be interesting to see how it feels on the road. My other mk4 is a DHP model, but this is the standard LS which should ride a bit softer.