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  1. Congratulations to you both on a great choice & welcome to the club👍🏻
  2. Unfortunately the RCF TE was as quiet as the electric cars when I watched it go up the hill on two occasions. If Lexus wanted to promote the car in the super car run they should have ensured it sounded good considering the company it was in. Strange because the LC 500 sounded great & I was looking forward to hearing the TE as everything I have read to date suggested it is also supposed to sound good 🙄A couple of photos👍🏻
  3. If it’s important to you that’s all that counts and why the hell not make the car exactly what you want it to be. The wheels look great & i’ll be very interested to see how it looks. As you say it sounds like you have embarked on a very cash negative path 😉👍🏻
  4. Agree with you on the warranty- just not worth it on such an expensive item. I think the wheels look great and how they look in the arches didn’t jar with me at all. I understand that the space /offset of wheels is an important aesthetic to a lot of people, but I think the arch extension would need to sympathetic to warrant doing it imho. I look forward to seeing how they look 👍🏻
  5. I had to speak to an area manager at TWG who was my dealerships warranty claims contact - don’t bother calling via the main contact route as they are unable to help. Your local dealer will probably be happy to provide their contact if my dealer is anything to go by. I was happier getting Lexus to fit the exhaust to be belt & braces from the warranty perspective, but I also found it helped simplify things to be able to say it was fitted by Lexus when getting insurance.
  6. As @Big Rat Paul referenced above I contacted TWG who were very helpful & who confirmed that the Quicksilver Exhaust (being only axel back & not containing any sensors) does not invalidate the warranty. There is a thread covering this where I posted TWG’s email to me & It applies to everyone with the system fitted to the RCF not just me. Lexus Cheltenham, who are a brilliant dealership run by car enthusiasts, fitted my exhaust, along with a few others on here. So if you want to be belt & braces about it give them a try unless you can persuade your local dealership to do it. Cannot say enough for the Quicksilver system, as @B1RMA said quiet as standard unless you prod the throttle then it sounds fantastic. It is louder on start up but reduces as soon as you put it in gear, Best decision I made as it means I can drive based on the engine revs, which is something I missed with my previous ISF. Go for it you won’t regret it👍🏻
  7. @mr2lad RCF doesn’t have an engine cover like the ISF does.
  8. @Peter P18 Hi Pete, Sorry to hear you are thinking of selling given all the research, money & effort you have put in to modifying the car. Having had the pleasure of experiencing how well it went before it had the supercharger it will certainly be a unique & special car for someone. Good luck with the sale, but part of me hopes you hang on to it. 😉
  9. Depends when it was registered - most likely its the 2010 model If it has the blue F panel at the bottom of the steering wheel with two equal sized speedo/rev counter. That model year was revised with a mechanical LSD.
  10. Totally agree, it’s a big part of the character of all those cars and a major part of their attraction. The daft part about the QS exhaust is that Lexus themselves commissioned it to help sell the RCF at the Goodwood FoS moving motor show 🙄 so they are clearly aware of the issue - at least in the UK anyway!
  11. I tend to use it sitting in traffic, which in Essex seems to be most of the time🙄 or when cruising on the motorway etc. The thing I really noticed after fitting the QS was how much I had missed the sound of the engine below 3.5k revs for gear changes. Because I do very few miles in my RCF, or the ISF before it, I hadn’t realised noticed how much this was affecting my enjoyment of these cars. For me it’s really my only criticism of the F cars, which is something Lexus really ought to address for markets such as Europe.
  12. I have also never found throttle response to be slow generally. I did initially find the eco drive mode a bit sluggish when pulling away,, but haven’t noticed it since. It may be that I have just adjusted to it, but I also wonder if this may have something to do with the car reacting /learning your driving style?
  13. I don’t have the TVD & my exhaust is flattened in the same way. The car felt more responsive immediately the exhaust was changed & others have said the same. I presume the standard exhaust is slightly more restrictive than the QS. Couldn’t agree more on the sound front. I never got round to changing the exhaust on my ISF, so was determined not to make the same mistake with the RCF.. Got it changed as soon as I got confirmation that it didn’t invalidate the warranty from TWG (who run the Lexus warranties) & also had some help from a certain Mr @Big Rat 👍🏻