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  1. Sounds more like the service I used to receive from BMW. Pretty disappointing to hear that Porsche can also treat you like that as well.
  2. The F sport white ISF with 13.5k on the clock is my old car & I agree, which is one of the main reasons why I was so tempted by such a good trade in value.
  3. Ouch!! That’s sounds nasty & a good job it wasn’t any lower - it might have needed more than over styling!! Hope you are ok mate.
  4. Exactly - I’m sure the RCF styling is not to everyone’s taste and that’s fine as it doesn’t matter to me in the slightest . I like the M4’s styling, but they are so common where I live that you almost don’t notice them which is a shame. I certainly won’t see another RCF 👍🏻
  5. I like them both, but the new one has clearly moved things on. I took our Civic in for it’s 1st MOT a couple of weeks ago & they had a nearly new Type R for sale at just under 30k. Apparently the styling of the new Civic is not as popular as the old, especially at the rear & they are not selling as well - not that I can imagine it putting off the die hard R fans!! I really like the new shape, especially the sport & R. Haven’t had the pleasure of driving either yet which will have to be remedied 😉
  6. I saw one in the Brit car series last November at Brands run by a factory team running with around 600bhp alongside McLarens & Ferrari 458 GT cars etc which was pretty impressive!!
  7. They are a really nice car. I thought about one a while back but decided my defective back probably wouldn’t survive the experience 😂😂
  8. That makes two of us 😂👍🏻
  9. Currently have a Civic sport as a second car & it’s an absolutely brilliant car to live with & a blast to drive. When I picked it up last year I took the then current Type R out to sort the road tax for the sport. It was one hell of a drive & a lot more refined than the Type R’s of old (exc R track mode of course 😉). Both that car & the current Type R are the bench mark hot hatches, both holding the Ring record for this type of.car in standard production form, & the aero kit all play their part in that. To me the styling makes them look more like a touing car for the road & I like the way they look because it’s not all just for show. That said when I suggested owning one to my wife she said she liked it, but we would look a bit silly getting out of one at our age, so I can see why the styling is polarising. But you only have one life and if it’s what you want go for it!! You won’t care what the styling is like when you are sitting on the inside and are having a blast driving it 👍🏻
  10. Very nice seats 👍🏻 Would never have crossed my mind that they would fit - nice job👍🏻
  11. Hi Steve Realistically, from a time perspective from where I live, anti clockwise around the top I'm afraid. I'm sure is not going to be as much fun as the run up through Sussex though
  12. Lexus Swindon did my car at relatively short notice before I even picked it up. They managed to get the parts in less than a week.
  13. Thanks Martin, Note sure @Big Rat has finished yet - he should be on commission 😉😂