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  1. Possibly another plus for the F being less well known🤞🏻
  2. I had red leather Recaros in my V8 Audi S4 & it always made it feel like being in something different & special somehow
  3. Couldn’t agree more about there not being enough of a difference between the LC500 & the RCF hence my comment about waiting for the LCF. If I were buying the AMG I would personally go for the C63S coupe with the carbon trim. The S is a great drive with loads of torque, making it feel much quicker than the RCF (not that power is everything). I would definitely recommend a test drive even if it’s just for the experience - after I drive one I found myself looking on the Merc approved used site, but for me they seem very expensive for an extra 30bhp (all be it with a lot more torque). Looking at the AMG prices made the RCF values seem like a bargain!!😂 Exciting times whatever you decide & hope you enjoy the drive when you get the opportunity👍🏻
  4. I love that colour combo - including the red leather. LC & GSF were also in Marvels Black Panther movie & GSF had red leather if I remember correctly.
  5. Recently drove a C63s (4.0 biturbo) at Brooklands on their track etc & I was massively impressed by its power, agility & poise (in the dry). I felt completely comfortable & able to push from the minute I started driving it - it’s a great car. Personally I preferred the more muscular styling of the original C63 as I find the current styling a bit dull. However the coupe does have more presence. I also find the interiors typically Germanic with too much black but do like the carbon trim. Unsurprisingly I still think the RCF is more interesting inside & out, but for raw power the AMG takes some beating. I met a guy recently who’s company audits the quality control for many manufacturer’s including the Germans. I asked him who was the most reliable of the German Manufacturer’s - his answer: none of them because they essentially assemble cars using parts supplied by others. When I asked why Lexus was more reliable he said that it was because they will stop & go back to the root cause of an issue to resolve it. Just confirms what we already know!! If you are going back to any of the German manufacturers it makes sense to have a warranty or own the car while it’s still under the manufacturers 3 year warranty & move on once it runs out. Like others have said & unsurprisingly from a man on his second F, I would go for the LC500, but might also be inclined to wait for the F version. I appreciate that it’s a way off as a second hand purchase, but in my case it’s the only car I could see me changing my RCF for - that said I haven’t had the pleasure of driving the LC500 yet?? 😉
  6. DAW

    Man Vs Food

    More than happy to go with the flow.
  7. Wow I do love the sound the LC makes. Just goes to show what Lexus can do when they decide a car needs a proper exhaust note!!
  8. I waited so long I changed cars while I was talking to warranty about a H&S for my ISF. - which was slightly embarrassing 😂. Took me 4 years but was determined not to make the same mistake with the RCF. Better late than never I suppose😉
  9. Doesn’t matter you have an F - which makes you part of a very exclusive club of enlightened people 😉😎
  10. Lol 😂 looking forward to needing them😉
  11. Thanks @Cezar B Cezar hopefully see you then 🤞🏻
  12. It was Pete - had PPE headers fitted, sounded brilliant & went like hell then so can only imagine what it must be like now 😉😂
  13. Really hoping I will be able to join🤞🏻 Will be interesting to see all the changes to your car since I last saw it at Bluewater with @Mattmech Matt & his son a while back👍🏻
  14. @NothernDan Sorry I’m a bit late to the party on this as am on holiday currently & signal has been a bit patchy. September is pretty packed with existing commitments so still need to check on my return, but boss thinks it’s clear for me to come out to play😉 Not sure if I’m a day tripper or overnighter at the mo, but think it would seem sensible to stay at the Premier Inn mentioned TBH, so will deal with this in the next few days. Thanks for all your hard work organising this and hopefully look forward to joining on the 29th 👍🏻 I’m not on WhatsApp, but would be great to join the other members meeting at M25/jt18 for the trip up 🤞🏻.