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  1. Nah those carbons are becoming bit common 😆😉 How funny - what were the odds of that I wonder!! Only ever seen an RCF on the road on my way home from Goodwood where I’m sure the odds are much higher.
  2. Not jealous at all 😉👍🏻
  3. Very nice - I personally think the silver carbon is the best comb 👍🏻 You will be finding any excuse to drive it I’m sure. Fun times ahead!!
  4. I think the current generation of Golf is dull Inside & out even the R .- much prefer the Mk6 TBO. The I30N has had really good reviews & I much prefer the way it looks to the Golf for the above reasons. Good to have some new kids on the block showing the others how it can be done. Good choice 👍🏻
  5. I haven’t read any back to back reviews either so you are probably right. I had read that they are not as good as steel brakes initially until they warmed up.
  6. Oh ok hadn’t realised that. I thought that braking was supposed to be better when they were up to temperature as well as having the advantage of being fade free.
  7. Good day out at the hill climb & great to meet some more members. Really good venue with stunning scenery, a great selection of cars & good company👍🏻 Thanks to Tim & Alex at Lexus Cheltenham for taking people up the hill. Watching the LC & RCF (with a Quicksilver exhaust fitted) being put through there paces was also good fun. The new Yaris GRMN was also an impressive car in the flesh as well - proper pocket rocket!!. It was a great day & thanks @Big RatPaul for persevering mate. Fingers crosses for the F 10th Anniversary.
  8. Have to say having had the pleasure of sitting in @Warrington guy David’s car its a beauty and I can certainly see the appeal. Life is short so best take the opportunity to enjoy whatever floats your boat 👍🏻
  9. BMW will always win on track with ceramic brakes!! Couldnt tell if this M4 had them, but every other test I have seen has generally had them fitted. Always wondered what difference would be between them without the ceramics - not that it’s particularly relevant to normal road driving.
  10. If it’s was a white ISF then it could well have been me as I’m in the area fairly regularly and also none of my mates have such enlightened good taste in cars 😉. But there was also another member locally who used to have one in USB. Think we r both USB RCF owners now having defected to the dark side!!😆
  11. @Wellsey Hi Rickey that looks like the Lewis tunnel run - done that a fare few times on my way to Goodwood with friends from Uckfield/Heathfield. The exhaust sounds great👍🏻 Looking forward to running the Quicksilver exhaust through the Lewes tunnel at some point 😉
  12. Thanks that’s the exact picture I was talking about 👍🏻 I would have loved to have had them on my white ISF - they look brilliant!!
  13. They are a great car Marcus & I’m sure you will have a lot of fun. Let us know your impressions when you have lived with it for a bit 👍🏻 My other car is a Civic sport, which is a lot of fun and our experience with the dealers has also been a very positive one. Have Hun & keep us posted.
  14. Oh ok - finger dressed for better options at next renewal 🤞🏻