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  1. @ColinBarber spot on 👍🏻
  2. Couldn’t agree more - I know from the Lexus dealers that they often have to send them away to specialists. There have been quite a few members who have chosen a more available colour & got all the wheels done to solve the issue. It may prove easier to do the same, but hope you get it sorted whatever you decide.
  3. The BBS wheel colour is quite hard to match as it’s apparently made up of 2 colours. Thankfully I didn’t need to do this while I owned my ISF. The following is the paint info I made a note of from the various discussions on this forum so I hope it helps. ISF Wheel paint codes: Dark silver metallic (11GY39) Silver (11GY38) buffed finish Toyota touch up kit? Gray Mica Met 1E2 PZ449-W1E30-09 PD05/10. ED05/12
  4. The sport button on the sterring wheel was only on the later models with the larger central rev counter & LED DRL’s. The blue panel steering wheel came in when they updated the ISF to include the mechanical LSD around 2010 - all depends when the car was registered. I had the sport button, large Rev counter & LEDs on a late August 2011 but did see one of these models registered as early as March or April 2011. Until I bought my ISF everything I read had lead me to believe this model was only available from 2012 onwards. Good luck with the search - they are a brilliant car & you won’t find anything else with its performance that is as bomb proof.
  5. They look brilliant - love the design👍🏻
  6. Welcome to the club & great choice, they are a brilliant car. Look forward to seeing some photos👍🏻
  7. Made sure I removed reg plate from all the photos I posted for a while only to find it turned up on a car spotting web site after a Bluewater meet. 🙄 Coincidence - I think not, but thankfully nothing untoward happened thereafter.
  8. DAW

    My 2nd RCF!!?

    That’s a cracking model - the more expensive one you have ordered will have to go some to top it as the detail is excellent. It’s in the right colour as well 😉
  9. Do love the ISF in white, but then I’m biased having owned one in F sport white😉😂
  10. Really sorry to hear that & I hope you have a speedy recovery so u can return in the future👍🏻
  11. @Big RatNice find Paul - the bias still annoys annoys me as much as it did when I watched it the first time🙄😉 @Vlady M3 is quicker If a seconds difference a lap on a track matters to you - on the road would make little noticeable difference IMHO. When I originally test drove a 2009 ISF I was surprised how good the ride was in comparison with my Audi S4 at the time given everything I had read/seen. Made the S4’s ride seem far more unrefined & I had not seen a single review of the Audi even mention its ride quality. You just need to test drive one & make your own mind up - I bet you will be surprised. As far as gearbox & the rest of Clarkson’s criticisms, most of the German manufacturers followed suit meaning the ISF was ahead of its time as others have already said.. Interestingly I was struck watching the video at how fresh the ISF looked - I thought the M3 by comparison was showing its age IMHO (although still a very attractive car).
  12. @Big RatPaul interesting video, especially the RCF GT - seemed very rapid & well planted, without all the tyre squealing of the BMW’s. Looked very impressive to me👍🏻 Got to love the sound of the LFA, just brilliant. What’s the score on the ISF - any ideas?
  13. Most likely as they are the biggest market for Lexus & where I did most of my research before buying my ISF. I’m sure some knowledgeable soul will be along shortly to help 😉