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  1. Nice review & the car does look stunning👍🏻
  2. The HDD sat nav in my 2011 ISF had full post codes. Unfortunately can’t help re whether you can update earlier sat nav though.
  3. My dealer said the same as have a few others that members have asked, but my dealer also said that I would need to check with TWG to be sure. The dealers put the claims through & will certainly fight their customers corner, but ultimately it’s TWGs decision, particularly if a claim is not straightforward. I’m sure for most claims it probably wouldn’t be an issue given the general views of the dealers. Personally, having spent the money on the warranty I would be pretty miffed if the first time I needed to claim they refused to pay because I was deemed to have invalidated my warranty. Ultimately it’s a personal choice about the risk - I just want to pass on the info for people to make an informed decision.👍🏻
  4. Does look superb - I suspect it would look like it was original to most people. Great job 👍🏻
  5. I spoke to TWG originally because I was interested in an after market exhaust system for more sound, but didn’t want to invalidate my warranty. There was also the confusing issue of Lexus dealerships selling F’s with aftermarket exhausts which were covered by a retail warranty that were being extended on the 2:4:1 deal. When I spoke to my dealer they thought that a back box system wouldn’t be an issue because it’s not covered by the warranty being a perishable item. However they couldn’t rule out whether or not It would invalidate the warranty & suggested I speak to an area manager who they would have to contact for decisions on difficult claims. TWG were very helpful & explained that because Lexus want a very comprehensive warranty that covers such items as the sensors in the exhaust - they therefore want to preclude possible damage caused to them during reinstallation into a more extensive after market system. They also told me they would not cover systems with valves because of possible issues which may arise from variations in back pressures etc the car was not designed to accommodate. TWG did confirm that the Quicksilver rear axle back system (commissioned by Lexus for the Goodwood FoS) would not affect any of the warrantied items so would not invalidate the warranty.
  6. There are previous posts on this if it helps. I spoke to TWG who confirmed that the Quicksilver exhaust wouldn’t invalidate the warranty because it’s only from the rear axle back. A more extensive exhaust system which affects the sensors etc or which has valves would invalidate the warranty.
  7. Hi Paul, Can see why you prefer using Westfield‘s & the fact that the dealers don’t always do all the service work they should doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. 🙄😡 Keep me posted re the meets 👍🏻
  8. Hi Paul hope life is treating you well. I see where you are coming from & I agree that a specialist Indy garage will more likely do a much better job. But I can see that from an insurance perspective (I’m not in insurance by the way) that they want to limit risk. We care about our cars & want to look after them properly, but some people don’t & may cut corners. So from a practical perspective the easiest way to avoid that is to limit the warranty to the dealerships who should be at least servicing the cars correctly🤞🏻. I presume the only other way would be to have an approval process for other garages & of course it’s not in their interest to do that as Lexus need the servicing. As you said earlier you can save a lot of money by not being tied into all this. However for my part I had 10k worth of major component failures on 2 cars over a 2 year period before buying my ISF. When I did my research one of the few issues I came across was head light failures, which were very expensive units to replace when compared to the warranty cost. So on that basis, & also wanting to keep a FLSH for re sale, I decided to get the warranty for peace of mind. The 2 year deal meant I didn’t need to worry for £450/year, a big chunk of which was for breakdown cover (inc Europe); to me that seemed good value. Lexus cars are incredibly reliable, but failures occur & it’s just down to personal preference as to how comfortable you are with that risk. I’m sure your pocket is happier😉😂
  9. Actually TWG are responsible for the dealer retail warranties as well as the extended warranties & the level of cover was apparently specified by Lexus. TWG explained that to me when I was talking to them about after market exhausts. One of the reasons they will only sanction an axle back exhaust is that Lexus require them provide a high level of cover to even include the sensors attached to the exhaust.
  10. Have to agree with the views above. Re sale would be the major reason for me with these rare cars. Also agree re warranty - it’s very good value when u consider it cover you for two years on the 2 for 1 deal & includes breakdown cover.
  11. Congratulations to you both on a great choice & welcome to the club👍🏻
  12. Unfortunately the RCF TE was as quiet as the electric cars when I watched it go up the hill on two occasions. If Lexus wanted to promote the car in the super car run they should have ensured it sounded good considering the company it was in. Strange because the LC 500 sounded great & I was looking forward to hearing the TE as everything I have read to date suggested it is also supposed to sound good 🙄A couple of photos👍🏻
  13. If it’s important to you that’s all that counts and why the hell not make the car exactly what you want it to be. The wheels look great & i’ll be very interested to see how it looks. As you say it sounds like you have embarked on a very cash negative path 😉👍🏻
  14. Agree with you on the warranty- just not worth it on such an expensive item. I think the wheels look great and how they look in the arches didn’t jar with me at all. I understand that the space /offset of wheels is an important aesthetic to a lot of people, but I think the arch extension would need to sympathetic to warrant doing it imho. I look forward to seeing how they look 👍🏻