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    BMW 8 Series.

    Saw / sat in it at Goodwood & it was ok. No doubting it’s an attractive car but I found it a bit dull somehow inside & out. Although that may have been because I saw the M8 concept first, which was a lot more impressive to look at!!
  2. Thanks Dan you are a 🌟 Really appreciate all the hard work you have put in & looking forward to the meet 👍🏻
  3. Looking forward to having a go at some point & if it encourages more Japanese manufacturers to join the party!! 👍🏻
  4. I liked my standard 10 spikes but if were able to choose I would probably go for the mesh design ....umm.....or the American spec......umm 😉 I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure 😎
  5. Spot on - totally agree with all you said👍🏻
  6. Hi Dan, Yes Just 1 car, mine Just 1, me I have no dietary requirements
  7. I remember back in my youth when most cars on the road were either Ford or Vauxhall & the likes of BMW/VW/Porsche were the niche car manufacturers (even then with a reputation for being expensive to run). I also remember when the Japanese cars started showing the buying public that owning a car didn't have to mean putting up with unreliability, forcing all the manufacturer's to up their game. All things Japanese at that point for me were synonomous with quality, be it electronic or otherwise, so naturally I bought a Supra over a Sierra Cosworth/911 back in 1992 and for similar reasons to owning an F today. I had it for six years and it stayed in the family for a further 6 years without missing a beat. Back then you were spoilt for choice if you wanted a Japanese sports car until most of them disappeared after the recession in the 90's and the subsequent vacuum was filled by the German performance cars. People need to be reminded that there are alternatives to the Germans (albeit pretty limited at present) and to that end Lexus should continue developing ever better F models and keep plugging away with the marketing, product placement (movies/TV) and promotion of their presence/successes in the GT racing series. Hopefully the new Supra will also help further raise the profile of Japanese performance cars in the public's consciousness, although additional performance models from Mazda, Nissan etc would certainly help!! Now the Germans are the mainstream manufacturer's and have become the norm, I can't help wondering if there might be a shift at some point toward people wanting something different; in a similar way that peoples aspirations changed towards owning German rather than the likes of a Ford or Vauxhall. I'm sure a big part of the interest I see in the RCF is due to it being different from the usual German stuff people see every day - its styling clearly resonates with people. I have never experienced this level of positive interest in any car I have ever owned previously and people constantly stop to tell me what a great looking car it is, and ask about it. Last week even had a guy stop his car & park up next to me just to ask about it - maybe the shift has already started? Obviously it makes sense to want Lexus to be more successful in the UK as it would certainly be helpful to have a greater choice of dealers & a larger supply of parts etc. However part of me also thinks it would be a shame for them to become too mainstream. I like the fact that with the "F" I am part of a pretty exclusive group of enthusiasts who drive very rare cars and who have made their ownership decision based on a cars merits not its badge. I'm not convinced I really want that to change too much as the pros seem to out way the cons IMHO!! The one thing I would be happy to see change is the way our cars are being reviewed with this inbuilt bias which has already been discussed. It would be refreshing to know that a review of an F, or any other car for that matter, had been written impartially without the influence of any other agenda, but I suspect that's not going to happen any time soon!! It's a shame because I used to be an avid reader of car mags, but owning a Lexus opened my eyes to this issue, and as result I have little interest in them these days.
  8. Went to Goodwood in a friends 2017 M3 with the comp pack & one of the things that impressed me most was the ride quality and comfort - very refined.
  9. @Big Rat Hi Paul sorry to hear about the caliper issue, but looks like a brilliant result all round & completely agree with you - the orange looks really smart mate. Lexus Cheltenham yet again showing how it can be done - brilliant stuff 👍🏻
  10. Ps - lots of pictures 😉👍🏻
  11. Congratulations on your choice, they are a great car 👍🏻
  12. Love the Supra having owned one back in my youth 😢 Afraid other car is family runner so nothing very interesting.but pleased with it all the same.
  13. Might be worth having a chat with @Peter P18 as his set up felt very good & better than the suspension on my late model ISF. Managed to be far more pliant over bumps whilst still being flat in the corners. Good luck with the mods👍🏻
  14. @Big Rat Paul me too mate & I would love to be more rural, but it will have to wait a while yet 😉
  15. Absolutely but unfortunately I rarely find I can enjoy the flow of the car on a nice road in my county.☹️ Still, hoping to get more of that in the Peaks next month 🤞🏻😉
  16. I find the sheer amount of traffic on our local roads makes overtaking simply not worth the risk in most situations. You only end up behind another car anyway and no amount of time saved is worth the risk.
  17. Can see the draw of the Cup 2 if you are going to use the car on track, but doubt the expense is worth it for every day road use. Suspect the advantages would probably only be really noticeable under track driving conditions anyway, but interested to know from those with experience whether that is the case. Shame they didn’t do an on road comparison for every day road use as well, even if it was only a similar summary description /table. It’s where most tyres spend the majority of their time unless it’s on a dedicated track car.
  18. I only ever use cruise control if I start getting cramp on very long journeys & prefer not to use it generally - never used it on the ISF at all while I owned it. But having decided to look at the RCF on a bit of a spur of the moment whim I hadn’t realised the cruise control wasn’t radar as standard like the ISF. This isn’t really a big issue for the reasons above, but I would have liked the emergency braking aspect of it as it’s a great safety feature that should be fitted to all cars imho.
  19. In my experience punctures are mainly down to luck. All the punctures I’ve had have been due to nails or screws picked up while driving around and thankfully they are mostly in the middle of the tried so are usually repairable. We all need to park close to kerbs and I suspect this is the most likely place to get a puncture. I’m very careful with my wheels and where I park & on average I get a puncture on one of our cars at least once in a 5 year period (maybe a little longer).
  20. @Nikki & @K2HKS welcome to the club. Always exciting to be picking up a new car and I’m sure it will be a fun drive home 😉 I’ve not seen the grey carbon combo much but think it just might be my favourite 👍🏻
  21. When I compare cars I am far more interested in the relative PWR & torque, which generally gives a far better benchmark to judge. I had a Williams Clio back on my youth and it used to surprise a lot of more powerful car such as BMW E36 328’s etc. Never forget pulling up behind a Sierra Cosworth at a set of traffic lights & thinking it would be interesting to see the difference - he was clearly curious as well. We puledl away from the lights & I could honestly have overtaken him had a lane been free until his car finally got into its stride at much higher speeds. The look of surprise on his face was priceless!
  22. Possibly another plus for the F being less well known🤞🏻