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  1. I like them both, but the new one has clearly moved things on. I took our Civic in for it’s 1st MOT a couple of weeks ago & they had a nearly new Type R for sale at just under 30k. Apparently the styling of the new Civic is not as popular as the old, especially at the rear & they are not selling as well - not that I can imagine it putting off the die hard R fans!! I really like the new shape, especially the sport & R. Haven’t had the pleasure of driving either yet which will have to be remedied 😉
  2. I saw one in the Brit car series last November at Brands run by a factory team running with around 600bhp alongside McLarens & Ferrari 458 GT cars etc which was pretty impressive!!
  3. They are a really nice car. I thought about one a while back but decided my defective back probably wouldn’t survive the experience 😂😂
  4. That makes two of us 😂👍🏻
  5. Currently have a Civic sport as a second car & it’s an absolutely brilliant car to live with & a blast to drive. When I picked it up last year I took the then current Type R out to sort the road tax for the sport. It was one hell of a drive & a lot more refined than the Type R’s of old (exc R track mode of course 😉). Both that car & the current Type R are the bench mark hot hatches, both holding the Ring record for this type of.car in standard production form, & the aero kit all play their part in that. To me the styling makes them look more like a touing car for the road & I like the way they look because it’s not all just for show. That said when I suggested owning one to my wife she said she liked it, but we would look a bit silly getting out of one at our age, so I can see why the styling is polarising. But you only have one life and if it’s what you want go for it!! You won’t care what the styling is like when you are sitting on the inside and are having a blast driving it 👍🏻
  6. Very nice seats 👍🏻 Would never have crossed my mind that they would fit - nice job👍🏻
  7. Hi Steve Realistically, from a time perspective from where I live, anti clockwise around the top I'm afraid. I'm sure is not going to be as much fun as the run up through Sussex though
  8. Lexus Swindon did my car at relatively short notice before I even picked it up. They managed to get the parts in less than a week.
  9. Thanks Martin, Note sure @Big Rat has finished yet - he should be on commission 😉😂
  10. All sorted I am free that weekend & have voted for the Saturday, but can do the Sunday if it works better for some reason. Happy to make my own way there, but equally happy to travel with the Essex/Kent members if they want to travel together?
  11. Thanks Paul @Big Rat for helping to sort this & to Lexus Cheltenham for holding the event 👍🏻 I just need to check with the boss when I get home but am determined to join. It will be slightly nstalgic for me because my 1st test drive in an ISF was at Cheltenham .
  12. Thanks a lot chaps & hopefully see you all at Cheltenham in April👍🏻
  13. Picked the RCF up on Saturday Managed to get my brill ISF in the pictures as well, which will be greatly missed!! I'm sure a few of you will recognise the dodgy character in the background Many thanks to Paul @Big Rat for taking so much time out of his weekend to meet up a few week back & for his invaluable advice. As far as the RCF goes - its bloody brilliant!!
  14. Lol or the Quicksilver designed for it! 1st world decisions 😉
  15. Hi Matt, Hope you & yours are all well & thanks mate👍🏻 TBO up & down like a yo yo - bizarrely feel almost guilty about it because it seems a bit unnecessary. Came home tonight & thought what a stunning car it is - never get tired of looking at her. Genuinely had no intention of parting with her & will be a mix of excitement & great sadness at parting with her on Saturday. Other than my Supra this is the longest I’ve held onto a car & seems strange to be moving on without there being a reason for it. Still I had no such reservations after the test drive & looking forward to spending time in the RCF. Will post some picture on Monday & as you say hopefully catch up soon. All the best David.
  16. Absolutely agree with ths. I am picking up an RCF on Saturday and 2 weeks ago I had no intention of parting with my beloved ISF which I fully intended keeping for the long term. I was offered such a good part X I felt it would be silly not to give it serious consideration and the test drive sealed it.. Can’t help thinking that Lexus must have some confidence that they can sell these cars to be offering such good trade in values. I usually sell my cars privately, but as others have said, I have doubts that I could have got much more than the trade in value to make it worth it.
  17. I 2nd or 3rd or ??? that 👍🏻
  18. Fingers crossed they get someone onto it soon - would be a great shame for them not to mark the 1st decade of the ‘F’ brand in some way.
  19. If only - still it keeps things exclusive for the enlightened 😉
  20. Hi Paul, I liked this article - thought it seemed very balanced for a change. Have to say I really like the RCF in white. Having seen the one at Goodwood last year (with the Carbon wheels) and seeing the one in the article I think it would be my prefered colour!! or maybe the blue or maybe the grey or !!!!! It was the Goodwood car that made me realise I now prefer the RCF shape to the LC and it will be interesting to see which shape ages better.
  21. Exactly - insurers are always happy to take your money then as a standard procedure try to find a reason not to pay. What happen to paying for and receiving a good service for your money!! - blimey I’m showing my age 😉
  22. Spoke to Lexus Woodford & also Lexus extended warranty re putting the H&S cat back system on as part of the group buy. Spoke to Lexus Woodford who were very helpful & didn’t think this would be a problem as warranty doesn’t cover exhaust anyway as a failure would usually be in the wear & tear category, but suggested I check with warranty. Warranty’s response was the unequivocal insurance response that it would invalidate the warranty as per the terms & conditions re no modifications.. Discussed fact that the exhaust is not covered anyway and that Lexus dealers were selling cars with non OEM exhausts complete with warranties, to which I got no response. Called Woodford back to find out how the claims procedure works and they were clearly surprised by warranty’s response.. Claims apparently are usually inspected over some £900 or when a component could have failed due to wear & tear. The dealer usually fights the claim on your behalf, as they want the work, but you can complain which apparently can have more impact. Woodford deal with most of the various warranty companies & in their experience the Lexus warranty is very good at paying . There view was that as the exhaust is not covered anyway they felt it would be very unlikely to be an issue & they would fight the issue. The only time they were aware of an issue resulting in the warranty not paying telated to suspension problems on a car that had been lowered. My concern with all this is that any ambiguity around insurance leaves it open to someone’s interpretation and there is little point in paying for the warranty if it doesn’t payout when you need it. I called today mainly to make sure I had cover all the bases before sorting the exhaust - not sure where I stand now TBO.