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  1. Bad 12v battery that couldn't quite raise enough juice to start the car at first?
  2. Looked in the manual. Settings, General, "Auto Screen Change" on my 2010 version.
  3. This is an option in the settings, can't remember offhand what its called though.
  4. Once the engine has warmed and stopped, mine is totally silent with the A/C off.
  5. Slightly different view from me. I really like the cooled seats - I had them on my previous IS and it was essential for me on the GS. Lovely on a hot day just to cool you down that bit more...
  6. If its warm in the cabin, the AC will be taking a lot of power, probably enough to drain a full battery by itself within half an hour or so. (3-6 kW?) I'm pretty sure this is why when i stop at the car wash the battery is depleted by the end if the queue is more than 15 mins or so. I had a Prius before which seemed a little cleverer in stop-start traffic. Once the battery got to a couple of bars it would just run the engine whenever the car was moving but not when stationary. The GS just seems to let the battery get to 1 bar, run the engine continually until it charges and repeat.
  7. From totally full with no opportunity to recharge through braking, maybe 1. The main economy benefit of the hybrid system in a big heavy car with a tiny battery like the GS is that the engine isn't running when the car isn't moving - like a more advanced start / stop system but where the air con still works when stopped. Of course the actual reason the hybrid system is there will be revealed when you dump your foot on the accelerator and its like being in a space launch.....
  8. 1. No, you can drive how you like without harming the battery 2. No it will come in when the traction battery is low or the engine is cold 3. Unlikely I think, I average 31 and there isn't much stopping and starting. 4. Yes, its a good system.
  9. Sounds like it thinks you are moving. I take it you aren't?
  10. If you have had a service at Lexus with a hybrid health check in the last 10k miles don't they warranty the battery? If you aren't covered -
  11. Hi Phil, Can't help you at all. I am curious though as this seems to be a common request - what benefit do you get from having your contacts in the car? My car displays the callers identity and i can voice dial using Siri without doing anything.
  12. It does "change gear" around that speed, that may be it.
  13. Just Lexus dealer labour rates, don't take it personally. Get yourself a friendly local garage for these kind of tasks.
  14. Looks nice. That interior colour does show the dirt so no kids inside :-)
  15. There is no documented history beyond the first free service after delivery (just a bull story from the seller), poor paint repair on the right rear panel, interior damage where the drivers seatbelt has been repeatedly trapped by the door, tpms sensors are missing so the warning light is continually on, interior generally a bit scuffed and scruffy. Massive rattle from the dash area. Wasn't loved at all. As i said before, the old graphics and boomy stereo also weren't my thing. On the plus side, it does drive ok.