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  1. cheap as chips! is that 430 sport thats on there anyones off here?
  2. being the patient bugger that i am its gone on ebay!! sensible reserve as well.
  3. and a v8 lexus is greener than a green thing on a pushbike :P
  4. thanks. adverts just gone live on the autotrader so see if that brings anything in! then the hunt for a rangerover begins....
  5. some pictures: cheers.
  6. 2002(02 plate) lexus gs 430se navigator. 82k full lexus dealer history In silver. usual spec. £15,500 any questions just email a@ pictures to follow shortly. regards phil
  7. sorry for the delay, computer probelms. good day out and no problems at all. made 297bhp and 290lb/ft figure is slighly over due to auto box so stock figures are pretty well on the button!!
  8. has anyone else had a 430(standard) on the rollers? what where there figures compared to stock? booked for next saturday so will post the results on here.
  9. thanks for the replies. will turn the traction control off then. providing i dont have to wait to long car will be fully warmed up (100mile run) will let you know how close the results are to factory quotes! regards phil
  10. got the chance to take a power run on a rolling road(gs430) will there be any problems with the auto box. cant see there being any but would like some confirmation! regards phil
  11. does anyone know where i can get some front disks and pads for an 02 gs430 from cheaper than lexus? might consider uprated items if they are not stupid money? cheers in advance phil
  12. Sounds like its not worth the hassle in truth, cheers for the advice.
  13. Are there any chips or piggy back ecu's available for the gs430? if so has anyone tried them? regards phil
  14. cheers, its in at lexus coventry next week so will see what they say.