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  1. I think the drivers wiper is too long really for an aerowiper to put enough pressure on the ends, which is why they float. The Denso style apply more pressure along the length.
  2. Well the new ones got a good test last night. Worked much better. It was Bosch Aerotwin that I took off, that were causing problems and back to the standard Denso whcih are fine for now, much smoother.
  3. I’ve just had a new Windscreen fitted to cure a water leak, which has worked a treat. I’d like to get rid of the aftermarket flat blade wipers fitted as the really don’t work well. They pressure drag on the drivers side in the middle, and float at the ends. So I think I’d like to go back to the standard Lexus hybrid style, unless anyone has any suggestions. does anyone know the cheapest place to get the original style and the spec?
  4. Just wondering if anyone has tried cleaning up and painting the corroded windscreen wiper arms? I’ve seen a few looking poor and mine definately let the car down. These things don’t seem to last long anymore before the alu rust comes through. But might clean up ok. Otherwise it’s a lot to spend on a new pair.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I don't see why there should be a problem with good quality aftermarket parts and for a total of 86 from ECP it worth giving it a go.
  6. I'm happy to do them myself, its not a big job and I need to save a bit somewhere right now. Had my windscreen leak checked at the same time and its not the rear washer hose line. Its the windscreen which needs resealing according to the dealer. So I can call the insurance compeny and get them to reseal it, but its quite a scratched windscreen and I'd really like it replaced. Are they generally open to negotiation?
  7. Thanks John. ECP quote now coming in at 84.00 with their sale as well. Cant find parking brake shoes so will get those from the local factor. Dealers quote now in of 295 - bit of a saving if I do it.
  8. My 450h is in for its service today and the vehicle health check video flagged up what i suspected, which is that the rear pads and disc need replacing soon. Not quite an MOT fail but due. Quite happy to do this myself and avoid their labour charges bt wanted to see if, aprt from the slidepins, there are any problems doing it myself? Has anybody had problems with any of the none OEM pads and discs? Eurocarparts are quoting me just over 100.00 all in for rear pads and discs, which makes this a nice cheap job. Just waiting for the quote from Lexus to come in!🤣🤣
  9. thanks for the advice. I don’t have a sunroof or roof bars fitted, something I’m on the lookout for actually. But I will have a look at the trim panel once it stops raining.
  10. Thanks, I think it is the original screen. TBH wouldn’t mind replacing it as it has a few scratches. I’ll get the trim off when it stops raining and check the joints. That sounds quite possible as it would account for the drips on the dash too.
  11. Got in the car today after a heavy shower to find the drivers A pillar was wet through. Is it possible for water to come through the seal with the windscreen, or has anyone had this happen to them? I couldn’t find any obvious point of entry, but if it is coming there, does this mean the windscreen would have to come out and be resealed?
  12. Well i took all four wheels off and found that the front boot was split spewing grease down the passenger side of the car. Front brakes ok, but backs were stiff and not sign of anti seize anywhere. Thought I’d get Kwikfit to change the boot but they refused, saying they can’t work on hybrids as they don’t have plastic tools!!! Either the biggest or they just didn’t want the job.
  13. Started getting light ‘whispering’ noise on two of the wheels and an increase in brake dust so I think the brakes might be rubbing. I’ve not attempted to take the calipers and pins off before but I’ve read all the guidance on this forum. I need to try and free things up this weekend as I’m taking the car to the south coast on Monday for the family holiday. As I don’t have any of the parts I’m hoping to just remove everything, clean it grease and refit. I’m hoping it will all go back as I don’t have time to order spares. I’m wondering what grease I can use, can I get away in the short term with using Copaslip or Aluslip on the pins? It only has to work for a week, before I can get the parts if necessary. thanks for any advice.
  14. Well my return 2 hour 100miles got me 29mpg av, but fully loaded that was ok. Maybe now I have unloaded the canoes, tents and people, I’ll get a bit more!