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  1. Hi Cracksta, I am thinking of same in next couple of months. Basic difference between F sport intake and K&N induction kit is that F sport including IS250 OEM intake aspirates air from the front side of vehicle, while K&N aspirates it from engine space which is obviously warmer, so it might worsen performance. I checked on youtube and both of them make nice change in a sound. Either here and on US forum were controversial opinions regarding K&N filters, they are moisturised with some oil which can be sucked into engine ane make a damage over long time. Stanadrd filters are not that expensive, I have changed it last month and noticed improvement in consumption around 5%. I would probably go for Fsport kit.
  2. I got redstuff pads for 2 months and passed on them 2200km(400km in city) so I am not sure whether they need more time to bed in. Manufacturer claims they have special surface layer working immediately. Compared to IS OE they make definitely less noise and dust. But they need to be heated in. At the point where OE began fading they start working well. Useless in a city, braking pedal is loose in 1st half of its way (never happened with OE). But driving downhill after 500m they are excelent (braking pedal rsponding from begining).
  3. can't compare it to others but I had great experience with Mcguiare's paint restoration kit and to get even better polish I use Hybrid V7 Optial select high gloss spray sealant and quick detailer from Chemical Guys
  4. Did you have front ones asymmetric or directional? I ve got zero rosso asymmetric on rears and BF goodrich directional in front, they are quite noisy but grip is good. I will need new ones in the spring anyway. Let me know about your choice I haven't had searched yet properly.
  5. No worries, for Europe they will have to prepare 1.0l and 4 turbos
  6. Hi, I am just about to get new set of winter tyres for IS250 17" with 8" rim width all around. However my summer tyres are staggered in rear 245/45 and 225/45 summer. I red some opinions that equal are better for winter (better handling on the snow) but I assume worse traction on dry or wet road. Have you got any experience with this? I have not found relevant explanation why staggered would handle worse on the snow, could someone explain it? Thanks
  7. Hi Andrew, I have the same size and was looking for some winter tyres as well. Check this shop I found price there quite competitive. They do not have all brands in 245/45 though, for example Continental TS 850 or new Michelin, but I found some Pirelli's or Nokian's available. 225's should work on wider rear rims too, but its unnecessary compromise I think.
  8. Hi Carl, I would be interested, are they staggered at rear? Though I can not pick them up personal I can arrange courier to collect them within few days. Pay upwards of course.
  9. Scarabeus


    Hi Tony, I got one recently. Is there something in particular you would like to know?
  10. Scarabeus

    My IS250

    My IS250
  11. Thanks, my current stagerred 17inch are of same colour. I tried Lexus dealer at Cork, IE, was not very helpful at all. Checking Ebay might be an option.
  12. Hi Matt this is bit off topic, but you might help me. I am looking for new 19" alloys for my IS 250 but could not find any wider rear on internet, at least not in Europe. That on your old IS-F sound like the ones. Were they OEM or aftermarket? Have you got a photo? Thank you
  13. Welcome to the Lexus forums Scarabeus :)

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