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  1. thanks for all your support guys, much appreciated. At least I know other people also agree with me that Lexus are being extremely harsh with the way they are treating me. I have been on Twitter to vent my anger and Lexus have contacted me straight away and asked for my registration and claim number and stated they will get someone from customer relations to contact me. I have also emailed Paul Van Der Burgh and Richard Balshaw raising my concerns.
  2. The thing is I am due to fly out tomorrow afternoon and will be out of the country until the end of the month. Trust it to happen now! just my luck! I will be raising a complaint first thing in the morning with Customer Relations. I do believe they are just looking for an excuse not to pay.
  3. By the way the last service was just an oil and filter change
  4. Right guys, Lexus UK have rejected the claim on the warranty. they are saying as my last service was not done at 10k but at 12k, they refuse to cover any warranty work. I stated to the dealer that they have been servicing my car since 2014 and it was only slightly late on this occasion. However Lexus Bradford refuse to budge and have just redirected me to the Warranty department. I tried to call them but they are closed. I stated to the dealers that there was nothing wrong with the car when I had it last serviced by them a few weeks ago so therefore I do not feel it is fair that Lexus are trying to get out of paying for the repair. I have been told at this stage it is the oil cooler and some other part (to be honest I was not listening properly by this stage as I was fuming to say the least) The cost of repair is £900. Lexus Bradford should have warned me at the time I got my car serviced that it may affect the warranty as I have gone over 2k in miles and I could have then purchased the warranty elsewhere! I have not had a good experience with Lexus over the last few days and this has just really wound me up!!!
  5. I will speak to them on Monday, to be fair I don't really need one as I am abroad from Tuesday for the rest of the month. I will be more than happy if they arrange airport transfers as I was going to park the ISF at the airport, so I will request this instead of a car. In fact that reminds me I need to cancel the the parking.
  6. That has crossed my mind, however, i believe there was plenty of oil within the box as it left a large puddle on the flat bed truck. One thing I did question is why does it not have a sensor in the box to warn you if the oil level decreases? However because it went into limp mode and I stopped straight away the recovery guy said it may have protected itself by going into limp mode as soon as it detected oil level decreasing. Guess all I can do now is sit and wait for Monday to see what Lexus say
  7. I am hoping it does not need a new gearbox, as that will have to be ordered from Japan. I very much doubt they would put that on a plane given the costs so therefore will be shipped. Looking at 6 weeks turnaround at minimum I presume.
  8. Warning: long post So travelling on motorway this morning and I come off onto an A road. Stuck in slow moving traffic. Car in front moves forward and when I take my foot off the brake and touch the gas the car does not move and just revs up. I look down to make sure it's not in neutral. It was in drive so used the display button to see what gear I am in and it's stuck in 6th! I put it manual however it would not change gear. I then turned the car off and on again. It now reset and went into first using the paddles. Travelled about a mile and stopped at next set of lights. When I tried to set off again it it would not come out of first gear. Then the CEL, traction light came on with a warning to check VSC. I then pulled over as the car had clearly gone into limp mode. I called lexus recovery and waited for them to arrive. When the guy arrived he jumped in and tried to put it in gear but it just rolled back. As the car rolled back I noticed a big puddle of oil on the road. Turns out the gearbox had just dumped it's oil, hence the reason for the car going into limp mode. The car has been recovered to Lexus dealers. Luckily the car is under warranty. I was told they can't look at it today but hopefully they can first thing Monday morning. I was not offered a courtesy car as they had none available, however I was not even offered a lift home and they just said to you want us to call you a taxi or can somebody pick you up. A bit of a let down in regards to customer service. Anyway, spoke to one of the mechanics and he said it could simply be a hose that has leaked and replacement with a top up of oil or could be due a new gearbox if it has been badly damaged! Will keep you guys updated. However please keep an eye out for any leaks on your car's just in case. Sully
  9. No my friend has not heard from him again. No surprised his car has not sold. With that attitude it may be for sale for a while.
  10. Sully-K

    New Owner

    I am glad you listened to me and bought one. You will love it!
  11. Just to give you guys an update. My friend found a nice black one last week and we went to view it. He put a deposit down and picked it up yesterday. He has joined the forum and his name is Ray-ISF. I must say for a performance car ISFs are the easiest cars to purchase as there is not much to check on them!
  12. Sully-K


    Mate that is awesome thank you. I am from Bradford so round the corner from you and I drive past leeds to and from work so I will definitely take you up on the offer.
  13. Sully-K


    If you don't mind me asking how much did it cost (can pm me if needed) and did you get the same shape as the tips that come as standard?
  14. Hi guys, I know this has been covered many many times, however can anyone recommend a place to get an exhaust (cat back) for the ISF. I am mainly looking for places up north.
  15. Sully-K

    Water Pump

    Unfortunately the early cars had an issue with the water pump. It is well known to Lexus and many were replaced under warranty if they showed any signs of leaking. Your car did not show any signs of leaking at the time hence why yours will not have been replaced while under manufacturers warranty. I believe there was an issue with the quality of the water pump used at the time and now this has been improved hence the reasons the later cars have no issue. My advice would be to kick up a fuss and provide them with lots of evidence from the forums that it was a manufacturing issue and therefore lexus should cover the cost. Use social media: facebook and twitter to raise your concerns. You never know, it may work. Worth a try at least.