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  1. sorry, cant answer you question directly, (my car goes to Lexus so I wouldnt hunt round for parts) but just wondered what mileage you are at? any idea why you need this eg damage or is it wear and tear?
  2. Dont forget to post us some pics and first impressions...
  3. Mt Ipad will play music via blutooth even from the boot..
  4. Is your car male or female?

    neither. Its a machine, Its an it. Its name is Lexus GS 250 or its number plate at a push. Bah humbug
  5. " - I've noticed that passenger side windscreen nozzle is aiming way lower than driver side one. Is it normal or there is some blockage somewhere ? dont know, but thats exactly the same as my GS250...
  6. classic! I once spent 2 weeks chasing an annoying rattle that turned out to be the zip on my coat.
  7. not all minor changes necessarily: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/lexus/gs-2012/?section=history
  8. Are your old cars still in use??

    oh no! My 02 Civic Type R I bought new is off the road. Id always hoped an enthusiast had looked after it and kept it stock. Seems some boy racer has ruined it: Roll cage!!??? poorly welded!!!!! Test date 10 May 2016 Test result fail Mileage 105,236 MOT test number 527276475476 Reason(s) for failure Supplementary Restraint System warning lamp indicates a fault (5.4.2) Horn not working (1.6.2a) Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive (7.3.D.4) Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (7.3.D.3) Offside Front Anti-roll bar linkage insecure (2.4.G.1) Nearside Front Macpherson strut has excessive play in the sliding bush or gland (2.5.B.1b) Offside Front Macpherson strut has excessive play in the sliding bush or gland (2.5.B.1b) Advisories roll cage is very poorly welded
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts, advice, experience. Thinking about purchasing a 2009 low mileage example. Ne reason really, my kids are grown up, I dont tow or need off road capability - just fancy one.
  10. RC300h First Service

    think your in a minority of 1 there.
  11. My IS250 used to do it at my old house which required full lock to reverse off the drive, as I went across the pavement and onto the road itself. It was worse the quicker I did it. Rolling backward very slowly eliminated it.Being RWD there is a lot of angle available on the front wheels and you literally drag one of them across the surface if you go too quickly. When doing the turn which causes it, do it as slow as possible, especially at or near full lock. The juddering is entirley normal and worse in cold temps. I've experienced it in Mercedes, Audi and Subaru and my daughters Yaris does it as well. Winter tyres help as they are a softer compund.
  12. must admit I wouldnt of thought of that fix :-)