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  1. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/toyota/camry/first-drives/toyota-camry-2018-review cant get away from this feels like a good Toyota model, vs Mondeo, Insignia, Passat, but not as a Lexus model vs 5 series, e class. Personally I doubt id justify the additional spend of the ES over the Camry..
  2. New order by me - that’s all standard on the top trim. It does have a Bose stereo dab etc but can’t comment as I’m a few weeks from delivery. It is the 2.5 which is new to uk but the US had it for a couple of years. This is the spec and colour I’ve ordered
  3. Actually Camry, ES and Avalon now all share the same platform (TNGA ga-k from memory) The new Rav 4 also uses this platform
  4. Kit same as my GS plus adaptice headlights radar cruise Emergency city braking powered tailgate head up display 4 zone climate heated rear seats 360 parking camera front/rear cross traffic warning sunroof 19” wheels touchscreen thats all I can think of off the top of my head
  5. Didnt say it could.. Quality of plastics isnt the only - or main- thing I look for in a car. The key phrase was "found a replacement I'm really pleased with". In response to the other poster who didnt want to leave lexus but found a Volvo that for him blew away an NX. in terms of quality - material, then no its not on the same level in some areas. Build and reliabilty - time will tell but probably not. But then again my GS isnt on the same level as the Mazda for economy, space, practicality, handling or kit. 20 seconds is hardly a thorough appraisal though is it?
  6. I think that as there is so much quality in a Lexus you can become brand blinkered. Im changing my GS to accomodate carrying 2 new dogs. SUV's are not my bag, - simply didnt want an NX or last gen RX (current RX out of budget) so started looking for an estate car - so Lexus was out. Really struggled to move away from Lexus, but found a replacement I'm really pleased with - new Mazda 6 estate in top spec with 2.5 auto. Test drove a pre facelift 2.0 petrol in top spec and the drive was a revelation. The car is so much more alive on the road. And its bursting at the seems with kit, leather etc. Interior space better too. And at least its also Japanese.
  7. The plot thickens. The Avensis in the UK is to be replaced by the Camry hybrid - The ES with a Toyota badge and a few £k off the price https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/toyota-camry-return-britain-mondeo-hybrid-rival
  8. This topic has gone all beige cardigan
  9. Jamesf1

    Ok not strictly Lexus

    Win At last
  10. Good well that’s clear then 😆
  11. Why all the stress on this thread. None of you have seen one or sat in one or driven one . Some clearly aren’t going to buy one so wtf? If you don’t like it don’t buy one. If you don’t agree with Toyota/Lexus corporate strategy buy into another brand.
  12. Review has appeared on Autocar.co.uk
  13. Jamesf1

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Lexus advice for ECO mode is to use it in heavy stop start traffic, not "regular" driving The dulled throttle allows you to creep forward with less fuel use. This is how I use it in my GS250 and whilst ECO doesnt give better mpg overall, in this type of scenario I find my average drops less using ECO. . Driving style is the biggest factor. Pulse and coast is the way to max MPG. Overall I get 29-30mpg with little motorway mileage, 35 mpg if I do hit the motorway.