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  1. As i live only 3miles from beaulieu motor museum i should be able to make it !!!
  2. They have also shaved off almost 300cc!!! That will slow us down a bit!!
  3. Forget Partridge With 400bhp to play with the Lexus IS F will get you from London to Norwich faster than Alan can say Ahaaaargh!!! Tomorrow 3 Jan isf article in Modern Classics. Lets hope its positive?
  4. Thanks big rat it appears i need a visit to spec savers and also i keep having Senior moments something everyone under say 50 has got to look forward too!!
  5. There is another isf for sale at hedge end southampton 2009 £24950 as Yaz send in the song "the only way is up" prices i mean!!
  6. It has been sold i was there today for my airbag recall and julie from the service centre said it had been sold already!
  7. How much p ex did Stuart get for his isf?
  8. 2008 Silver isf for sale at Lexus Hedge End £21450 60kmiles prices creeping up nicely
  9. 62 Postman since 1971 this is why you have to pay so much for your stamps!!!
  10. In the 1st quarter of 2016 there are 212 licensed ISFs and 6 on Sorn this is down from 4th quarter o 2015 when there were 213 licensed and 11 on sorn.I wonder how many there will be in say 5years from now?
  11. 2016 ISF ?????

    It looks as though i have had a SENIOR moment!!!!Apologies one and all in my defence it was on the motorway and i only had a second to glimpse it.EXCUSES!!!
  12. I have just seen a 2016 ISF in southampton today.I thought the last ones were 2013??The registration number was HK16 MMO. After checking on the dvla check site it is definitely a 2016 ISF.Are there any more out there?Any thoughts?
  13. There are 700m3s on auto trader for sale and 265 amg mercedes for sale also. So the isf is still very rare!!
  14. There maybe 16 isfs on auto trader for sale at the moment but compared to 700 m3s and 265 mercs c63s still very rare!!
  15. Hi Oz Welcome to the ISF owners forum.There are only 216 of these BEASTS left in the wild!!Take care of her/him.ENJOY!!