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  1. I had a GROM system on my rx400h. It works very fine, accept bluetooth, USB, audio connexion, mp3, flac and lossless files. I added USB and jack plugs in the central armrest your Lexus rx accepts it as a second CD player. All steering wheel command are available . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Grom-Audio-USB-iPhone-Android-Integration-kit-for-LEXUS-IS-RX-ES-GS-GX-LS-TOY1-/182083399719?hash=item2a65043027:g:v~MAAOSwwE5WZaef
  2. Not so easy but you'll need many parts to do it. Here is a thread about conversion in a F sport model which is the same kind of work. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-3rd-gen-2010-2015/808527-done-2013-fsport-conversion-on-2010-a.html Awsome result Here is the list of the parts you need 2010-2012 LEXUS RX 350/450h TO 2013-2015 F SPORT FRONT BUMPER CONVERSION FRONT BUMPER FRONT LAMPS QTY PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION QTY PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 1 521190E920 BUMPER W/ PARK SENSORS W/O LAMP WASH 1 811300E160 RT HID HEADLAMP ASSY – LEVELING – NO AFS FUNCTION 1 521270E922 RT HOLE COVER 1 811700E160 LT HID HEADLAMP ASSY – LEVELING – NO AFS FUNCTION 1 521280E922 LT HOLE COVER 1 521330E020 RT LENS HOUSING REINFORCEMENT 1 524110E010 SPOILER 1 521340E020 LT LENS HOUSING REINFORCEMENT 1 526110E080 ENERGY ABSORBER 1 531260E060 LT TRIM MOULDING CONNECTORS / TERMINALS / MISC 1 531120E110 LOWER GRILLE 1 531250E060 RT TRIM MOULDING QTY PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 1 521250E020 RIGHT MOUNT BRACKET FOGLAMP 2 9098010988 CONNECTOR HEADLIGHT LEVELING MOTOR (TERMINALS REQ) 1 521260E020 LEFT MOUNT BRACKET FOGLAMP 2 9098011599 CONNECTOR DRL LED (RE-PIN REQ) 1 814810E120 RT FOGLAMP BEZEL 2 9098011599 CONNECTOR HID (RE-PIN REQ) 1 814820E120 LT FOGLAMP BEZEL 2 8596722080 HID COMPUTER/BALLAST/IGNITOR 13 7539235220 LOWER GRILL RETAINER CLIP 2 9098012831 CONNECTOR PARK SENSOR 2 8934133210C2 PARK SENSOR** 9 8299824250 TERMINAL 6-LT SIDE 3-RT SIDE (FOR PARK SENSOR) 8 8299812440 TERMINAL (FOR HEADLIGHT LEVELING)*** 1 ??? ECU – AUTO HEADLIGHT LEVELING ***NOTE: AUTOLEVELING ECU NEEDED FOR FUNCTION TO WORK GRILLE QTY PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 1 531010E150 GRILLE ASSEMBLY F SPORT 1 533950E060 SEAL
  3. I had a pair of powerful w21w cree led on my rx400h and It was really better than basic led lights. You need to remove the shield as it's a bit longer
  4. Thanks but it's roof bars and I'm looking for a pair of roof rails. Any colour new or used. still looking for
  5. They have no more rails, all are sold now I'm looking for a pair of used rails for my RX450h 2010. if someone removes it...
  6. It will probably also come from china but I think you can have it faster.
  7. If you want to replace foglights this one is easy to install and will give you same colour as your xenon headlights. http://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1000ML-15W-6000K-LED-day-running-lights-LED-light-guide-DRL-IP67-Q5-lens-LED-fog/32234266506.html?spm=2114.06010108.3.43.qLY3du&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_10,searchweb201602_4_10017_507,searchweb201603_2&btsid=c4a53979-75b0-4bfe-b8db-47059007c78d
  8. You can try such a bandage http://www.feuvert.fr/reparation-echappement/holts-bandage-echappement-holts-gun-gum/p42448.html Very easy to find in France even if you can't speak french. Good stuff for the price, I had one on my previous car and it can last more than 20000 miles.
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums mbriex :)

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