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  1. They not lit authobans at night but do not worry not many people drive there above 80mph especially in the night. Done more then dozen trips to germany and it was fine.
  2. Just come back from 70 mile journey on the motorway (cruise set 70-75) and only get 23mpg.
  3. Rev at idle is fine...everything with engine sounds ok without any obvious sympthoms.
  4. Just check wheel temp after normal driving and all are cold...only disc brakes are hot.
  5. it was sales general dealer(Grays of Chatham). Everything I check looks legit. Also condition of the car tells it not done many miles.
  6. Car was bought from a dealer ,it has only one owner from new , last service done by a dealer from I bought a car.
  7. Will do that today when I come back from work. Car is very low mileage , only 23000mls.
  8. Hi, I bought my ls 2 weeks ago and I notice I have huge fuel consumption. I do mostly city driving 7 miles one way and back. When I drive normal under speed limits and without crazy accelerations I get only 12mpg. I try for last 2 days drive extremely smooth and slow with minimal gas usage and everywhere I can with cruise control ON and I only get 15-16mpg but is nearly impossible and unsafe to driving like that all the time. I read a forum members mpg reports for ls460 and average for normal city driving is 18-20mpg. I check my air filters and they are clean , also I do not have any fault codes on the dash. Can anyone let me know if my mpg is normal or if not point me where I should to look for problems to sort it out fuel economy. Regards Lucas
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums lucas192 :)

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