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  1. Thanks for the info 🙂 I was hoping someone might have done the same in buying a secondhand fob to get a transponder out of it... I believe I might have to use Techstream to programme it. It does indeed appear a bit of a rabbit hole!
  2. Hi everyone, we have an rx400h which has two keys, one grey and one black. They are the two button keys, no power tailgate on ours. I don't think the batteries in the keys have been changed for a while so I set about changing them to find that the head is stripped in the grey key. I think I'll get another key/case for that one. But it got me thinking that I'd like another one cutting so wife and I can both have a key and there will be a spare. Anyway, without thinking too deeply, I bought a secondhand grey key from eBay that had the same numbers on the back of the key as my existing
  3. Hi Kev, thanks for the info, yes you are right it isn't too onerous if it's just a quick plug in/unplug, I think I'll go for the same AA panel. Thanks everyone for the info and input, appreciated.
  4. That would do me fine if it slowed the discharge, I keep reading that batteries in these cars go flat after a couple of weeks which isn't great
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. I was thinking to mount to parcel shelf as apparently tinted windows still allow a solar panel to work? (Even if it is at a reduced rate). The car might have periods of time when it isn't used for a few days maybe a couple of weeks as a max, maybe shorter journeys too so I thought the solar charger might be a good idea. I guess if I know it's not going to be used for a while then I can plug the charger in, the inconvenience of plugging it in and unplugging is better than a flat battery 🙂
  6. Hi everyone Anyone use a solar charger on their rx400h? I'm thinking one would be a great idea but I read that you have to disconnect them before you start driving? That would be a pain in the backside every time! Anyone found one that you can leave permanently connected?
  7. Yoda400

    WTD: RX400h

    Wanted, an rx400,h in good shape, well looked after please. Message if you have one for sale. Thank you
  8. Sorry I thought i'd replied to this but the message mustn't have been sent, doh! I don't think it's bulb holders as they are fine, no corrosion plus they are making perfect contact with the bulbs.It's both sides too which have gone at the same time, so must be a fault elsewhere...Will dig out multimeter as you suggest, cheers
  9. Hi everyone A friend of mine has an 2001 RX300 and it has developed an odd fault with the rear indicators. Neither operate via the stalk. The fronts/sides rapidly blink when operating the stalk indicating one is out, but the bulbs are fine (tried new ones to be sure) and the relay is fine too (swapped with a known good one). Again on the hazards the fronts/sides are fine, just the rears don't illuminate 😞 Just a bit odd that it's both rears, and it's not the bulbs or relay. A dodgy joint earth somewhere perhaps? Anyone else had the issue? Any suggestions would be very gratefully
  10. No idea about year of softer valves? 220k+ it's the LPG that's worn the seats, no lube kit fitted!
  11. Yes having read a bit more about it I think you are probably right, easier and cheaper to chuck another lump in. Really frustrating this car, right when finances are stuffed too 😣
  12. Hi Chaps Unfortunately i've been had when buying an LS430, it's got suspect valve seat recession. I think the best way forward would be to buy some heads from a non-gassed scrapper then get them swapped over. I'd like someone to do the job that is comfortable with pulling 3uzs apart (and putting back together!). Anyone have any recommendations for specialists?
  13. Interesting, thanks for the info. No my key is different. Did you take it somewhere to have it erased? Yes i've heard Techstream can be used to re-programme a key, without all the ignition on/off/open door press brake pedal nonsense! I'll have to try and get a secondhand key from somewhere then!
  14. Hi chaps, thanks for all the comments. The key I am using is a master key going by what you have said jonthetourist. It's got three buttons with clear front bits over the buttons, I have actually found a second key too but it has black bits over the buttons and there are only two buttons on it. Jon, did you successfully get your master key cloned then? Was it pricey? Thanks for the info!
  15. Hi Chaps Just bought a 2003/2004 facelift LS430, it only came with one key (one of those keyless entry/start ones). What would be the cheapest way to get a spare? Can I get one from a scrapper and reprogram the fob part? Thanks in advance
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