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  1. Steering Wheel Wobble Under Braking

    I have been having very similar issues, bad judder at braking over 60ish. I know the front discs are scored, it showed up as an advisory at the MOT and i have had a look at them on the ramp. So is that the full reason for the judder? or maybe a sticky caliper too? No obvious brake smell from the car even after a run, but if i need a new caliper (God forbid), what would be a reasonable price?
  2. Right, Let's Talk Batteries

    A solar trickle charger going to the OBD11 port should do just that matey. Free energy too, hippy Lexus driver
  3. Not saying they are bad, but the DENSO lettering is defo not the same as my 3 original keys...just saying. Hope they work out well for you
  4. Is200/300 - Chrome Steering Wheel Emblem In 10 Minutes

    Did you put the removed emblem from the steering wheel on the airbox mate? Great guide by the way.
  5. Hello From A New Owner

    Thanks for the replies guys, makes one feel at home
  6. Hello From A New Owner

    Hi, just bought a '99 IS200 Sport, loving it already I always join the owners club of any car that i have, that just makes sense to me, so hi to all here and thanks for having me Iain
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums litimag :)

    If you need help posting a question on the forum then please check out our guide videos: