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  1. yes i did get it from a main dealer but they are shut now til tuesday i thought i would ask on here instead of waiting. as for GPS well yes it's got sat nav on so i would say it has.reading the link you posted it seems you have to have internet access on your phone which mine hasn't and also it says about heavy battery use.thanks but i don't think it would be right for me.
  2. at last I've had my car released from the docks and I have just taken delivery of it today.had a catloc fitted as well. my question is to people who have fitted a tracker to any hybrid lexus. I know the different thoughts about having a tracker fitted as regards to if you would want the car back if it had been pinched. specifically in the handbook it talks about be aware of fitting any RF transmitter ( presumably walkie talkie type radios ).i understand about signals may effect any of the electronic parts but would a tracker be in this class ? we are talking about a fitted tracker with remote DDR fobs.bearing in mind my car has smart entry surely that sends out a signal as must be down to the signal frequency but does anybody know specifically about the question about a tracker ? thanks
  3. thankyou yes i have a faraday pouch in the house for use with a previous vehicle.the problem is as you say it really needs to be used whenever you are around outdoors even for shopping.i know some manufacturers have taken steps to stop the rise in thefts with this type of system but lexus don't seem to be one of i say the packages are a bit restrictive i wanted the mark levinson sound system but didn't want a sunroof. when i used to own lexus's a while back you could have specific items without having to have the whole pack, sign of the times i suppose.
  4. ahh thankyou for that.i've learnt something i always thought it was the keyfob that sent out the signal and i was expecting you to say i would have to change the for the start button that's a bummer i was hoping i could keep the remote start button like in other car brands.i.e most of my previous cars have had the start buttons still active.without the smart's all down to manufacturing obviously..
  5. thankyou for your reply as i havn't got the car yet i will have a look when i hopefully get it in a weeks time or so.can i just clarify that this will leave the keyfob press active but the touch door handle open off, is this correct ?i.e no continuous signal. also is this permanent until switched back on via the menu if you change your mind at a later date ? p.s i don't want to disable the push button start
  6. I'm finally getting my new CT F sport after it has been locked into portbury docks for 8 weeks or so.i have opted for the convenience pack as I wanted the front and rear per usual with these packs there are some things you want whilst the other things in the pack you might not my case I don't want the smart entry as I have had cars with it fitted before and i just find it's an added security risk ( on certain cars) I don't need it. I have a faraday pouch but I can do without it. my question, which I cannot find the answer to without going into the dealer is, can it be switched off ?I just want entry by pressing the buttons on the key fob I don't want it live ( radio waves) all the time.
  7. hi yes PM'd you thanks
  8. ok can you do me a favour, as i don't live locally. could you give me a total price including postage to wiltshire please. strangely enough it looks like they are,or were fitted to a ct in the exact same colour i am getting (azure blue).i assume these will fit a 2019 model? mine is stuck at the docks in bristol where it has been for 4 weeks, so far. as main dealers are closed no access to the docks either.
  9. hi have you still got these for sale ?
  10. hope this helps. it maybe that the AA guy was playing safe as he couldn't pinpoint the problem. section 8.1 in the handbook
  11. you were.some have had to wait 8-9 hours.the ones that were really grumpy were ones that broke down on the motorway.they would send us to recover the car plus passengers to a "place of safety" even if it was just a flat tyre,this was usually the next motorway services.people then had to wait for a RSS ( mechanic) to attend. unless it was something simple they then had to wait for a few more hours for a recovery a recovery patrol we were not allowed to change wheels or other things apart from taking somebody to a petrol station to when the advert says we will reach you in ...... minutes ? yes but not necessarily the right vehicle.unfortunately like other jobs it's all about figures.time from call to arrive.the vans do have a unit in the back that folds out to front lift a vehicle (CRT unit) but it takes so long to assemble and can only recover certain vehicles and faults that it doesn't get used that for RTC's because of damage very rarely do they get used for that.
  12. yes I was a recovery driver( flatbed) and this sending out mechanics first used to end up people waiting for upto ?? hours I won't tell you how long and as a second resource it was us that used to get the grief. as much as we complained to them upstairs they wouldn't have it.i've been to Bristol lexus and found them very good my nearest is Swindon.where my new car will be arriving april time.let us know how you get on.
  13. I have recently retired after working for the AA for 10 years and I can confirm that what the AA guy said is correct in all my 10 years service I have only picked up one lexus.can't remember the model but it was an older model and it only had a puncture.very reliable so hopefully when it's in Bristol they have a good look. onto something slightly different it annoyed me somewhat that they sent out RSS ( mechanic) to vehicle with a fault like this knowing that this vehicle cannot be flat towed. curious to know what was wrong eventually but it does sound like a drive train fault. possibly drive shaft, but only guessing on what you've described.
  14. I have a Mercedes at the moment and the Mercedes me app is very of the things I like is it has a tracker which means if your car is pinched the police can track it.a lot cheaper than having a tracker fitted ( if you wanted one ). if you car share that can be useful as well.the other things don't really bother me apart from alarm and collision warning.( i.e. in car parks). the one thing I thought lexus would have caught up with and is sadly missing on the CT is internet access for searches and traffic updates.also for 'what 3 words' which is a very useful tool for navigation.