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  1. you were.some have had to wait 8-9 hours.the ones that were really grumpy were ones that broke down on the motorway.they would send us to recover the car plus passengers to a "place of safety" even if it was just a flat tyre,this was usually the next motorway services.people then had to wait for a RSS ( mechanic) to attend. unless it was something simple they then had to wait for a few more hours for a recovery a recovery patrol we were not allowed to change wheels or other things apart from taking somebody to a petrol station to when the advert says we will reach you in ...... minutes ? yes but not necessarily the right vehicle.unfortunately like other jobs it's all about figures.time from call to arrive.the vans do have a unit in the back that folds out to front lift a vehicle (CRT unit) but it takes so long to assemble and can only recover certain vehicles and faults that it doesn't get used that for RTC's because of damage very rarely do they get used for that.
  2. yes I was a recovery driver( flatbed) and this sending out mechanics first used to end up people waiting for upto ?? hours I won't tell you how long and as a second resource it was us that used to get the grief. as much as we complained to them upstairs they wouldn't have it.i've been to Bristol lexus and found them very good my nearest is Swindon.where my new car will be arriving april time.let us know how you get on.
  3. I have recently retired after working for the AA for 10 years and I can confirm that what the AA guy said is correct in all my 10 years service I have only picked up one lexus.can't remember the model but it was an older model and it only had a puncture.very reliable so hopefully when it's in Bristol they have a good look. onto something slightly different it annoyed me somewhat that they sent out RSS ( mechanic) to vehicle with a fault like this knowing that this vehicle cannot be flat towed. curious to know what was wrong eventually but it does sound like a drive train fault. possibly drive shaft, but only guessing on what you've described.
  4. I have a Mercedes at the moment and the Mercedes me app is very of the things I like is it has a tracker which means if your car is pinched the police can track it.a lot cheaper than having a tracker fitted ( if you wanted one ). if you car share that can be useful as well.the other things don't really bother me apart from alarm and collision warning.( i.e. in car parks). the one thing I thought lexus would have caught up with and is sadly missing on the CT is internet access for searches and traffic updates.also for 'what 3 words' which is a very useful tool for navigation.
  5. I believe two things are being looked into at the moment.cats that are ceramic and not filled with precious metals and also the possibility of having the cat fitted higher up the exhaust which would make it more difficult to pinch.the ones generally being pinched at the moment have the cats fitted in the middle of the exhaust runs and that includes vans as well.
  6. I have a couple of questions if you would.can I ask how much this part fitted was and I assume it was fitted at a main lexus dealer ? I'm having a new ct delivered round about march/april time and I have made extensive enquiries about price fitted etc.i've actually spoken direct to the company who both make and supply lexus directly who informed me that they have just supplied them with 400 as the demand has been exceptional.i have also asked them or should I say I told them how much a lexus dealership was going to charge and fit which I've mentioned in a previous post in this thread and he was not happy. I cannot divulge on an open forum the price he quoted but enough to say it should be the same price as quoted by Toyota for fitted to their cars and this was part of the deal for them supplying to Toyota and lexus, simply because this company does not usually supply to fit cars it was primarily set up to fit vans. lastly to the stickers.i can't make my mind up whether this is a good idea or not yes it could deter some thieves but on the other hand knowing that they usually use power saws do you not think it might make them come back with more powerful tools such as disc cutters.let's face it if they want it they will have it and seeing I believe the going price to them is somewhere in the region of £300-£500 also let me ask if you saw it happening to your car would you try and stop them knowing they could be armed.i had the same situation about stickers when I had a tracker fitted to a previous car do you advertise the fact via a sticker or not. thanks in advance for your reply
  7. one less thief locally as car fell on him whilst trying to steal cat
  8. anyone interested I have contacted my local lexus dealer not only are they quoting £323 to supply and fit the lexus approved catloc but there is also a hold on delivery with no date given to supply.
  9. found it thanks I am using a very old version of windows maybe that has something to do with it.when I clicked on the link all I got was the home page.the one I found marked urgent was one by stompe but I see what you have had fitted looks good and hopefully it will put them off.thanks again.
  10. I've just looked at that link and I cannot see anywhere about a cat lock or similar
  11. thanks for the suggestion stompe but £250 + postage from usa seems a bit steep to me for 3 brackets.
  12. thanks for your reply I see you are a neighbour ish, ahh just noticed I have not set my location but I am in Wiltshire as well.i will go and try it again not expecting delivery until march/april if I go ahead.
  13. hi long time no post but decided to go back to lexus after many years. question about the driving position on the ct fsport . I am 6ft tall and am wondering if anyone else has a problem with the drivers seat and your knees rather close to the steering wheel. I have the seat set as far back as it goes and almost as low as it goes and the steering wheel as high as it goes. any help appreciated apart from the suggestion of shortening my legs he he
  14. yes I went for an S3 the second one I owned nice fast car.but I don't tend to keep my cars long so at the moment I'm running an A class Mercedes. a nice car not as quick as the S3 but age is catching up and I no longer want/need a fast car.the new system for taxation having to pay an extra £310 per year for the first 5 years on top of the £120 certainly has narrowed the choice down and I'm sure it will have hit the sales figures of some brands,especially lexus.
  15. thankyou for your reply.yes it was a difficult situation at the time.the dealership did try and pad out the seal and it fact it was the dealer principle that pointed out the gap by using a credit card. they were happy to continue up until lexus said that if any modifications were done they would invalidate the whole guarantee on the the specs show there wasn't a I say obviously quite a few people must have complained about this fault before they decided to look further into it. and the sheer fact they modified the seal proves they realised there was a problem.i understand what you say about the dealership and perhaps at the time they should have offered another alternative but I was hoping that the article in autocar would have made a difference bad publicity and all that.but no, in fact the reply in the mag said firmly there wasn't a problem as the door was in the manufacturing tollerances.i suppose it was partly my fault in that I should have insisted on a different vehicle but not another RC but I was so taken aback that a luxury brand was not prepared to send someone to look at it (which they have done before). still as we both agree it's too late now. p.s I'm not talking about someone from japan I'm sure they have technicians in the u.k possibly from the technical centre in MK