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  1. Thanks all for your input especially on the ML; good advice. I guess to get all the 'missing' features of the SE spec it would just be a case of looking for a pre 2010 facelift. Not bothered about the difference in appearance externally but that presumably will be the older DVD based sat nav (and the cassette player!) - is there much difference in functionality between that and the newer HD based one? Also reading that some model years didn't have the reverse camera guidelines? Thanks...again. Ian
  2. Hi Mike - yep - noticed that too and I think the rear sun shade was standard on SE trim at some point.
  3. Thanks guys. It's the ML, or lack of, that's the biggest disappointment. Other car is an Evoque with a top spec Meridian hifi. Anything less than ML will probably sound awful in comparison.
  4. Hi all Been a bit of a lurker so far but very close to buying now. I went to see a 70k miles GS450h today - 59/2010 (horizontal grille - no cassette). It has full Lexus dealer history and perfect MOT history. It's an SE model. It seem that when this facelift was introduced, Lexus also revamped the spec levels. I was disappointed to notice it didn't have ML hi-fi. When I got home I downloaded the old brochure to find it doesn't even have auto wipers. Fairly sure these were standard on the previous SE trim. What I can't find in the brochures is any reference to automatic lights. Can anyone confirm if the 2010 SE has this feature please? There are hardly any facelift SE-L spec cars and the few that do exist are significantly more expensive. Thanks for you help. Ian
  5. Reluctant sale 2005 GS430

    Hi - not sure if this is still for sale; I've sent you a PM. Ian
  6. Reluctant sale 2005 GS430

    Hi - not sure if this is still for sale; I've sent you a PM. Ian
  7. Hi Wendle -thanks for that. So what are the crossing green lines suppose to represent?
  8. Hi everybody from a hopefully almost- a GS300 owner. I'm going to look at a 2007 GS300 tomorrow. 90k miles with full Lexus history. One of the pictures of the car on Autotrader shows the touch screen with the reverse camera activated. It just has a red line the two crossed green lines - looking like an X. Every car I've driven with a reverse camera so far usually has lines showing the track of the car. A crossed line would suggest the wheels going in the opposite direction to each other! I'm probably missing something obvious or there is a defect. Enlightenment very much welcome. Thanks. Ian
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums up_north :)

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