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  1. Hi - I actually tried my new cable and my new cable - but they are both labelled LEX - not TOY. The old Grom did work fine but with the LEX cable - but I assumed it was broke (and old) and hence why I bought the new version (and plus the new one has compatibility with the phone microphone. So based on the 2 don't work I naturally started to think that the problem was with the stereo. The stereo works fine - and all info is displayed. There is power to the Grom as I've update the firmware multiple times with different versions. Problem is that it just won't switch to the Grom. Thanks. Leigh.
  2. Hi both. See pictures attached. I've taken a picture of the harness and the back of the stereo. One of the two remaining ends plugs into the back of the stereo and the other to the cable that went into the back of the stereo. https://gromaudio.com/installs/lexus-sc430-2006_-installation-of-grom-usb.html Leigh.
  3. Hi Neil - thanks for the reply. It's a USB2P and LEX harness. Thanks. Leigh.
  4. So I've tried both ASC (who said they wouldn't touch it), and Absolute, who referred me to Maple, who said they don't do repairs.... Any other ideas from anybody? Thanks.
  5. I ended up going for the Stagg 2 from the US (Ebay). The costly part was the labour.....
  6. I did, and this was their response. Not necessarily, the port on the back of the stereo is designed for external accessory connections. This is common fault point on lexus and toyota vehicles whether it be a loss of power at one of the pins on the port or solder joints inside the pcb or the chips/circuits that translate communication from the externally connected device to the main processor of the stereo.
  7. So the stereo does work without the Grom attached, so I therefore assumed it was the Grom. I purchased a newer version of the Grom, and have tested that - and while the stereo does work with the Grom attached, I can't get the Grom working. I've tested various cables, firmware, etc - and now Grom have come back to me and told me that it's the stereo, and that they can't help me any further. Question: do you think the stereo is faulty, and what could be the fault that would prevent a Grom from working? Thanks.
  8. So the mechanic has come back and said that he hasn't touched the amp - checked - and the fan on the amp isn't turning. We've checked the 2 fuses - and they seem fine. Therefore, I'm assuming that it's the amp that is faulty. But rather than buying another amp, is there a way to test it? Just to be clear - there is sound coming from the radio and the cd, but it's muted. All comments welcome. Many thanks.
  9. Just got back my SC430 after having the rear shocks, part of the exhaust replaced, etc, etc.... In short, I had installed a Grom Audio device, so that I could Bluetooth into the stereo, and play music from my phone, and make calls from my mobile. It's worked, pretty well, until now... In the past, the Grom sometimes was in limbo, and I had to restart the car if I wanted to hear the radio, cd player or the cassette (!!!) I mention this, as the sound when it was in limbo, is similar to what I am now encountering. Since getting the car back, I can't connect to the Grom, the sound from the radio, cd, (not tried the cassette) is the same as when it was in limbo. Question: what could be the problem? The mechanic said that he had to take the the back end of the car off (my partner's words), to change the shocks, which would point to a problem/connection with the amp. I've take the centre console out (as I did when I installed the Grom), and I can't see an issue, but any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I asked this company for a quote. Never heard anything back. If shipping from outside the EU - the shipping is usually around the 150-200 mark, then add duty.....
  11. I think the price from Lexus was north of £200 each.....
  12. Evening all, I've got to replace my rear shocks AND exhaust, so to minimise cost, I'm looking at these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAGG-2-REAR-SHOCKS-STRUTS-THAT-FITS-LEXUS-SC430-05-06-07-08-09-10/113158390308?epid=1730477345&hash=item1a58c40224:g:RzkAAOSwMmBVnX3k:rk:67:pf:0 Comments? Thanks.