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  1. excellent post, good pics .... yes, feels like a Saturday job to me, plus taking the wife out for a meal, to apologies for an afternoon of blue language !.... The video looks methodical and feasible for the home, just works on the assumption the various plastic clips will behave. (I just did a radiator on my 2012 IS200d and several plastic bits didn't like being disconnected..had to improvise a little) I've always been uncomfortable with any dealer service, which is the reason why I started servicing my own cars back in the 90s. I thought Lexus would be better, but they have lost my trust... a bigger shame given the premium you have to pay. My only concern is if the local Toyota garage (good reputation) will take on the annual hybrid check.. keen to keep that warranty going!
  2. Doesn't look too worrying from that video... much less daunting than the official service manual says (they want the coolant drained, which seems excessive) Although, the video run time is 21mins, I suspect this is a days work for me! having just been skimmed for nearly £500 for the 40000 service, and they didn't bother changing the brake fluid... I'm not sure i want to part with £750, if I don't trust they would do it all.
  3. Anyone done the spark plug change on an Rx450h ? I normally do my own servicing ... and for this car about to take that off Lexus hands..... however, the next service will need spark plugs. Looking in the engine bay feels like an involved job... and from what I can see in the service manual, looks like lots to remove before I can get close. Has anyone tried it?
  4. done some more road tests and I'm now confident, the thermostat is ok ... the temperature regulates perfectly, and water temp is the same as it has always been (dead middle) .... if the thermostat was playing up, it wouldn't regulate so well .. and show higher temperatures. all back together, job done ... just a bit pricey for the genuine parts.
  5. conclusion..... went back today to re-work it with a clear head ..... the fuse that was ok yesterday was blown today! .... replaced that and I then got 12v on the wires. Then took a file to the mountings scraped off the paint and put it back together... all good now (phew). if it keeps working for the week, I'll put some waxoil onto the exposed parts. So, yes, seems like they get so much grief, exposed at the front, those contacts need serious cleaning if you ever disturb them
  6. I didn't move the horns, just disconnected the wires.... however, I did check the grounding today I buzzed out both wires, don't get 12v on either. I can't believe I broke both wires...especially as the thirst (which goes to the bonnet catch) work fine.
  7. noticed the horn isn't working today.... most likely due to me removing the front bumper yesterday (for radiator change) ... but I have checked the connectors are all back in place. I have checked the fuse, that is ok... but the relay seems to be part of a black box item called "front controller". That box controls the washer fluid... that is working ok. The bonnet switch is on the same loom, and that is working ok. All other electrical items I can think of is working ok so a bit puzzled.... any thoughts???
  8. ahh ... your talking about the disc itself (not the pads)... yes, that is more sensitive to wear . Best to always check the Lexus requirements, not rely on shops. for the front, Lexus state 28mm new, and 25mm minimum (3mm wear) ... to gauge that use a micrometer or vernier. I've just change my front, about 60000miles, seems reasonable.
  9. I've always taken the minimum thickness to mean just that, the minimum thickness of friction material left on the pad... to be honest I changed them before then, as the wear indicator scraper makes one hell of a noise at about 5mm. I check them twice a year when I swap winter/summer tyres and check the calipers. 5min job when the caliper is already off. Where did you read new - 2mm ? ... seems like a wasteful approach.
  10. an update on this... I finally got around to the job today..... proved to be time consuming and fiddly due to rusty bolts and jubilee clips....about 5hours and managed to keep my language family friendly (usually a good sign). As I thought, the top of the radiator had gone, with pink growth around the crimped seam around the top hose. After filling it all up again and running it up to temperature, I am worried there is no heat in the lower hose ..... I even took it for a 30min blast down the motorway, with some heavy town driving on the way back .... top hose, is too hot to touch, the bottom hose is lukewarm... no water leak and the temp gauge is rock steady in the middle as always.... am I being paranoid, or could this be the root of the original problem? I noticed when it was warming up, the water seems to flow around the top hose and filler hose back to the engine .. so just circulating that top corner of the radiator, which might explain why it failed. Has anyone else, with a IS220d or IS200d noticed if the bottom hose ever gets hot? I'm worried it might be the thermostat, which looks like a horrific job (underneath the EGR).
  11. I've finally found the small leak on my coolant system ... some pink crystals along the top of the seam at one end of the radiator... so now the next job on the list. Anyone done a radiator change on one of these... is it ok job or a nightmare?
  12. I had the same problem ... happened to me when I was working in Langley (nr Heathrow) ... I called the AA and he was not surprised, apparently he seen this problem a lot in that area ... intermittent interference from the planes, or airport he claimed. Definately time based issue, as I parked in the same spot a couple of times without problem
  13. ultimately, this is a very subjective question..I think the best approach is to go any try one and see if that particular car, of whatever age works for you. Often the Lexus dealers are pretty flexible and may well allow you a 24hr test drive
  14. we had the 3rd gen Rx on loan for a week.. .and to be honest was very happy to give it back .. the creaky plastic was terrible. 2d gen appears to be OK for us. when I stripped my IS down, I found the problem was different types of plastic clipped together without any felt ... no wonder it creaks like badly fitting lego!... put some felt tape on the joints and problem is much improved. But I didn't but the lexus for quality plastic, but for quality mechanics and comfort.... just a matter or perspective I guess
  15. we have a 2015 Rx and that is pretty solid, no creaks or rattles .... but we have tried the newer facelift model (2016+) and that was terrible, particularly the centre console... lean on it and it creaked like an old Merc .. awful. Note, on my IS200d ... I had the same problem with the centre console.. but is mostly fixed thanks to liberal amounts of felt tape underneath (the dealer pretended there was no noise!) IMO, the only quieter car for plastic creaking is an Audi ... but with those you have to put up with massive repair bills... I know what I prefer!