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  1. yes, tried that and a few other combinations, but no joy... just remains grey'd out
  2. I've got into the 'secret' maintenance menu ... but the options to align the camera are greyed out.. anyone know how to progress from here? (according to the Lexus workshop manual, I should be able to use these.. but it doesn't say anything about them being greyed out)
  3. I'm sure if you agreed a deal for the car, but refused to pay that they would waive it...get them on the ropes first (but make it the last piece of the negotiation, after any extras you want first)..
  4. I've had some issues (radiator leak, suspension, brakes) over the years, which would be the same for the petrol variant..... but no problems from the engine at all so far (~80k)... I find it pulls well, quiet and comfortable.. no regrets from me. I'm looking at changing to the new ES .. but every time I get out of the ES test drives) and back into my IS200d, I remember how much I love the more responsive engine, rear wheel drive ... struggling to justify spending money on something that doesn't drive as well as my IS.
  5. I've read there is a diagnostic mode we can enable on the main screen, which can allow tuning of the camera direction, rotation distance etc (doesn't need Techstream).... however, the instructions I have seen appear to be from the later model (perhaps Aussie or US spec). It involved turning on the ignition, then holding down the 'MENU' button (AV system), then turning on and off the lights 3 times... but the pictures look more like the mk4 version Does anyone have the instructions to enable diagnostic mode on the mk3 version (upto 2015) ?
  6. it's one the last few series 3.model. On my previous cars (including my IS) the fuse board lid only gives location of fuses (numbers), it doesn't say use or rating ... as that is usually a country variant, hence printed in the book
  7. I've not had chance to check yet, but usually they just give the location numbers, very generic plastic moulding... but don't detail the use or rating (the bit I need) Usually the user manual has the detail of fuses for the model in that country, but not in user manual we have!
  8. we've noticed the rear camera is out of alignment.... shifted left. If you park in an empty car park, using the guide lines against the white lines on the floor, we find we are 6 inches to the right! Is it possible to re-calibrate them ?.. or is it just the physical angle of the camera? (note the tailgate was replaced a while ago, following an accident.. chances are it was wrong from then, but only just noticed! )
  9. I'm preparing to fit a dashcam to my wife's 2015 Rx450h ...... but I notice the user manual does not have a fuse board layout, just tells you where it is! Does anyone have the layout and ratings for the near side (under dash) fuse panel ?
  10. could the raid external cooling of the engine cause a clearance problem.. resulting in quick wear?
  11. seems unlikely to be the glass or element, as usually you just loose a few strips if it has been snagged. It's worth checking if you are getting 12v at one end of the element.... and that the connector is bonded to the glass. Also, to help trace wires, you can download good wiring diagrams from Lexus (3 Euro for an hour browsing)... but I'd expect one of the side pillar covers will just pop off to reveal enough you can trace it Are you sure the wiring runs in the headlining?.... (I expect it runs along the skirting (either top or bottom) I broke the wire connector to the glass once (old French car), glued it back on, but with a bad electrical connection, when I turned it on, the resultant heat cause the glass to shatter!)
  12. I think this is the type you refer too .. I'll certainly be on the look out for some Flyer_Entlueftungsventil.pdf https://www.louis-moto.co.uk/artikel/stahlbus-bleeder-valve-with-banjo-bolt/10002823?filter_article_number=10002823#description
  13. Halfords is the only shop I've found the card accepted (Lexus dealers in Kent all refuse to accept it) ... but in Halfords they do accept it, but for whatever reason their scanner doesn't know about it, so they apply a manual discount to the same amount. If you buy car parts via their partner, often their prices are really good, especially for Pagid brakes (cheaper than most motor factors) ...
  14. agreed .. clamp, bleed and wipe... just be careful getting the old one out, especially if you fear it is seized. you don't want to snap it off in the caliper (I did that once on an old Renault (oops)