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  1. I've just got a small biscuit tin in a draw.. .put my keys in that, does the same job.
  2. mine is all done... new caliper on the rear o/s ... got one from Lexus Sheffield for £126, which seems like a reasonable deal. (about half what I found elsewhere)
  3. I had mine replaced by the AA (under AA insurance at the time).. good chap and did a good job. But he advised me it had been replaced at some point before, and the previous fitter didn't change the clips (apparently a requirement), which damaged the trim, hance the silione he discovered. Luckily, he came armed with clips and new trim, so all good
  4. I normally just check them (push in the pads slightly and check for free movement)... never had a problem with seizures before. I greased the n/s with red rubber stuff ......clearly need to pay more attention going forwards.
  5. Did my swap to summer tyres today and checked the caliper movement as usual .... rear o/s is siezed .....N/S was nice and loose (although pins were dry, so all greased up) The bolt comes out easily enough (although dry), but even with a crowbar I can only rotate it a bit. Cannot push it back at all (even with a lump hammer to help)...... time to buy a replacement.... sadly I can see Lexus Sheffield selling them new for £120, just can't wait for their delivery times (2wks!). Probably get a re-furbished unit. I've had the car 4 years and not had a problem before (check them 2x year, but first time I've seen a problem). What I don't understand is no symptoms ... pads have even wear, and measure up the same as the N/S ... can only guess it just had enough movement left to work. Regardless, needs fixing
  6. I don't know if they improved the design, but I haven;t seen the problem in by 2012 200d. I check them on each service (free movement) and so far no problems. Last service, I striped the front ... all looked good to me, but I re-greased anyway. I'll do the rear's next month when I this year's service.
  7. IMO, the best source of information is from the Lexus website... for a few Euros (~3) you can rent 1hour access to the hourse's mouth. I've done it twice now and managed to download far more material than I needed... and I know it is totally the right information for my vehicle (as there are date variations)
  8. +1 starter ... I had similar issues on my renault 19 years ago.. sounds like it it trying to spin up the starter motor before the solenoid has engaged the cog to the flywheel. ... for my Renault I stripped the unit and re-greased the solenoid part (was dry/sticky) .. was fine after that.... (pity about the rest of the car!)
  9. we had a good 8" here in Kent and was very impressed with the Rx450 .... bit slippy until I turned on the "snow mode", then it was amazing ... just worked... of course driving slow anyway, but otherwise would never know I was dring in snow
  10. I'm thinking the same.... I know a few places do a £30 empty, refill and test ... so I might get them to do that anyway, just to ensure the lubricant is refreshed (even though a/c appears to be ok)
  11. I wasn't asked to pay anything extra for my PO-40 ... (and for a lot of stuff I buy from outside the EU).. must be a pot-luck thing (or the seller is putting wrong info on the documents?) Worth getting it in quick before the whole system falls into chaos when they eventually decide how brexit will work!
  12. Lexus only ever ran a trial with the IS220d/200d ... butmy car is 2012 .. (only 6years old) The interesting numbers will be about the wider changes accross all of Toyota's supply
  13. lots of help sheets available.... you can solder or crimp .. or just get an auto electrition to do it. My 2012 has some slight variations in wiring, but fixed that by buzzing out .. works a treat. Scariest bit is taking off the door card.. trying not to snap any of the plastic bits... all good.
  14. This is the PO-40 mod ... it automates that, so when you lock the car the mirrirs fold and unfold when you un-lock (newer models are all automated). I find this helpful for 2 reasons - it means I can see if my car is locked from a distance (no more running back to car to check) - if I parallel park, I can see if anyone is comming before I open the door (previusly had to fold the mirror before I turned off the engine, then guess before I opened the door!) The mod is a small box, which take a feed fro the door lock/unlock wires... takes about 1/2 day to do a tidy job... lots of people on here available to help with advice.