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  1. I spoke to Lexus UK yesterday, they insisted there is still no news for Apple Carplay on the ES... instead for the UK, only available for the new Rx450. Seems like confusion all over the place.
  2. interesting... is it described as a regional variant, or optional feature?
  3. I just pay the 3 Euro's and download the official workshop guide from Lexus/Toyota direct.. that way I know it is correct to my chassis number.... it is a bit clumsy to find your way around, but once you are in, for 3 Euro, you get 1 hour to download whatever content you want (or longer if you want to pay more)... usually 1hr is more than enough for any give job I am considering. https://www.lexus-tech.eu/
  4. I wish my teenager would shout at people in another country and point out their failings ..... instead of targetting us for a while!
  5. agreed .. if you have to purchase a new car, the choice is obvious... as with any purchase, if you have a choice to make, make it with an environmental conscious But the argument here is about the decision to scrap something that works perfectly well now, and manufacture a new car purely for the sake of reduced CO2 emissions.. the difference isn't 3T of CO2, but much much higher. A hybrid is not really an environmental choice... manufacturing CO2 cost is enormous and it still fundamentally an ICE vehicle. The only option I would argue is that replacing a good ICE for a second hand EV makes sense ... but ultimately, scrapping something means
  6. the 'buy green' is a government tactic to stimulate the economy and manufacturing... always better to keep something running in good order good for your pocket, good for the environment (just doesn't help the economy).... the should re-introduce the wombles to educate our young! it is interesting the EU are introducing rules to make white good more serviceable... seems like someone gets it.
  7. yes, just checked, the base model in the US (also with 8" display) comes with Apple carplay as standard for the base model (and a bit cheaper than the UK.. I guess it is missing the EU regulatory bits).. it would seem it is technicaly possible, possibly just a business decision... maybe a value add option for next year if I am syncical
  8. just for my ignorance, what does the MM17 and MM19 systems relate to in terms of the 2019 ES models ? I understand this is all available in the US, so the technology should support it?
  9. very nice, I don't envy you parking in one of those garages, looks a tight turn! is that the premium pack? what colour leather did you go for? (is it a brown dashboard, or trick of the light?)
  10. ok, interesting, so it's a different technology to use the electric handbrake on the ES, as opposed to whatever they do on the Rx (which has a manual cable handbrake). in the ES, I could hear the handbrake winding in/out when I pressed the handbrake button, but didn't hear it when the hold is engaged... perhaps the background noise drowned it.
  11. I like the 'hold' button feature.... good for stop/start congestion.... seems like a user friendly version of the hill start on my wife's Rx ..... but curious how it works. Does anyone know if it actually applies the hand-brake, play with the foot-brake hydraulics or is it some magic in the transmission?
  12. I thought that responsibility was reserved for BMW drivers?!
  13. not many negative things stopping me taking plunge to buy an ES ... but one of them is the huge front doors, especially given how wide the car is. on my 24hr test drive, I was to too nervous to put it into a busy car park, but I am worried.. at the office it is just ok in my IS200d How are you new owners coping parking this car in real-life ... ? Any medical injuries when closing the door from the inside? (felt like a bit of a strain for me, maybe need longer arms!)
  14. I love the idea of a real spare wheel. But, just a thought.... we had a flat in our RX, without a spare ... AA (Lexus assist) came out and fitted a plug from the outside... it was a temporary repair until we got to a tyre place who did a proper puncture repair... to me that worked better than a spare, as the wheel size remained the same, didn't affect the steering (although also limited to 50mph until proper repair made)... just a thought to anyone who can't get a spare, or not brave enough to try swapping a wheel on a hard shoulder!.
  15. with a Toyota dealer yesterday looking at the Camry. They advised (hot new news)... the Apple Play is coming to the Camry and Rav4. They also showed me an existing feature called mirror mode... they claim it also allows phone integration, for using Waze.... does that exist on the Lexus.. if so, is it any good? (Dealer never mentioned it to us)