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  1. Looking at the following site, I suspect your part number is 90119-12358 looks like it's used on all sorts of Toyota's and Lexus... usually parts cheaper if you source the Toyota brand name
  2. I'd expect they are standard across many Lexus and Toyota vehicles... if you know the part number, you can do a search on the various Lexus/Toyota part sites .. or just ask the dealers (who will do the same)
  3. We didn't extend warranties, but we did keep the Lexus roadside assist running... it's a high spec AA cover and AA themselves couldn't match the price... now we have 2x Lexus int he family, we've only needed them a few times (radio issue with door key on mine and wrong fuel in my wife's... as usually, once the AA turn up they are brilliant. may need to review the position once my son starts driving... hopefully a small Toyota (if he wants a Lexus, he can pay for it himself!)
  4. Mine is also awful, but I found the camera is excellent in the dark.. doesn't yours have the camera? (can't remember what year they came in, but SE-L used to be a high spec) to improve light, might be worth seeing if there is a LED bulb replacement, but higher output.
  5. glad to hear it is now sorted .... was there any explanation why it failed before? If the s/w is still the same, it feels like this could be a flaky install whoever does it (I guess, if dealer does it it, it's their mess to fix) What was the final cost ? (or was this covered by warranty... on the basis you followed the same official procedure?)
  6. £202 for a GS phase4 .. see LPD ... I couldn't beat their price for my Rx450h battery.. worth a look, I've found they sometimes waive the postage if the order value is high enough
  7. just for interest (but off topic) .... there is an 'inspection mode' you can put it in, and with that set different engine idle speeds depending on throttle position... used for diagnostics and emissions tests For the Rx450h, the instructions are Perform the following steps from (1) through (4) in 60 seconds. - Turn the power switch on (IG). - Fully depress the accelerator pedal twice with the shift lever in P. - Fully depress the accelerator pedal twice with the shift lever in N. - Fully depress the accelerator pedal twice with the shift lever in P. - Check that "FWD MAI
  8. I think the main reason for winter or all season tyres in the uk is grip at low temperatures.. I;ve got winter tyres for my IS ... and they do make a difference.... just a pain to swap and store wheels..... cross climate seems to be the way to go as what I have seen of test results, their summer wet grip is also really good.
  9. we had the same problem with our Rx450h ... after a lot of searching, both my own and from someone on here, the conclusion is the only good solution is a genuine one ... try Lexus Parts Direct, they were a little cheaper. There are nearly alternatives, but they don't quite meet the spec, either in terms of size or safety ... for me, it wasn't worth the risk on the safety side.
  10. time for a dumb question on a Friday ... but MOT tomorrow, hence a little panic .... How do you replace the rear wiper blade on a Rx450h (3rd gen).... I've had a look and can only figure you turn off the ignition with the blade facing down, then extract/replace the rubber... but seems like a hack to me What's the official way ? I cannot see any mention in the user guide
  11. I've had some frustrating sales & service related issues in Canterbury, and a service issue in Tunbridge.... but really good service experience so far in Maidstone... weird as they are the same group of companies... I expect purely down to specific people rather than company policy.
  12. best to speak (email) to them direct, as listings on their website are very limited... they have the full stock available and I've found them to be helpful. Sometimes good value, sometimes not, but typically my first place to check to set the baseline price.
  13. get a quote from lexus parts direct.... you'll get the part number confirmed, plus a comparative prices for genuine.... I've found them to be competative to after market stuff.
  14. I had the same with my IS200d when nearly new..... the dealer wasn't interested, apparently outside the warranty. But I spent some time with some felt tape and things improved dramatically... still creaks as the seasons change, lean on the middle console, knee of the door card etc .. but I agree, really frustrating, especially in an otherwise very quiet car. My wifes' 2015 Rx450h is solid, but a demo 2018 Rx450h was terrible
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