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  1. This will affect me massively, but I do see the need for London to be cleaned up, I also see that it will be a strain on poorer households and will cripple business that depend on passing trade. While I understand our Mayor's overriding need is to make a name for himself, I fail to see the difference ulez will make. Black cabs will still churn out black smoke (they've suffered enough due to uber so deserve a break), businesses will pay the fee and pass it on to customers, and my neighbour (still wondering what village is missing its idiot) will carry on chucking manky old pallets on his open fire.
  2. Good to hear you got it sorted so quickly Eamonn, took me a while to get around to doing it, partly due to the damage not being that noticable - and partly due to building up the bottle to tackle that bit where you pull the mirror off!! The guide's been amended accordingly
  3. No problem Eamonn, glad to help! By the way I bought mine off Lexus on Ebay for about £80, but its still worth a quick google.
  4. Yes, and its easy to's a link to a guide I diid after replacing mine. The part number number you require is 81730-53020. Great colour scheme on your car by the way!
  5. A dash cam prevents fraud, captures idiots/imcompetence/maliciousness, and doesn't cost a fortune.....whereas encountering any of the forementioned without a cam, could cost you a small fortune. To me its a no-brainer.
  6. I agree re the motion sensor/floodlight, bollards are a pain putting up and taking down, and they're only as good as their fixing.
  7. Mine's done. Left it with them yesterday mid morning and picked it up same time today, as don't do traffic jams. Everything seems fine, but I'll be checking for creaks. Asked for a rx as a loan car but got an is, knew it was a rather large ask so not that bothered. Got £25 of fuel, which was a nice little surprise.
  8. For the moment I'd say a Lexus LS 430 is the best option. I've been watching Tesla for years ever since meeting someone who had a Tesla roadster (as well as an electirc rav4), but range anxiety, price, build quality and break down issues have always put me off Tesla. a while ago I nearly put a deposit on a model 3, but my local Tesla rep couldn't address issues I had(forgot what they we're but it was enough to not bother with a test drive). The only thing I wish I had I had done was buy some of their shares, as a punt in 2013 would be worth a few quid more today!
  9. Could you benefit from a service loan car experience? Lexus Edgware rd service dept are always pretty obliging and I've ruled out a couple of cars after getting them as loan cars, like the ct200h's too small with a harsh ride, and the is300h wasn't right for me right - it was very good, but I've been pining for a hatchback since my 4th gen Celica. They offered me a NX, while its really the RX I want to experience, but they couldn't do it - but you shouldn't have a problem getting a is300h, as they seem to have loads of them.
  10. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, at least one positive out of being one of the last in a very long queue. Mind you, this is all par for the course. In the states loaners and compensation are all the rage, while long waits and scratches are much more our bag.
  11. Convenience is the top reason I use them. My dealer at Edgware Rd offers all three options as per Mike's comment.
  12. Well, I got quoted for stuff two years ago, which miraculously disappeared the next service, then the same total sum reappeared - but for something else this year. Does make you wonder.
  13. Now that is disappointing, I would expect at least one of them to say 'ah well, win some, lose some'!
  14. Thanks for letting us know. I'll be ringing my local dealer to see if they've dropped the don't have a clue act, in favour of looking like a company who actually gives a toss about their customers.