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  1. adamsmith

    Brake Noise

    Same Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  2. adamsmith

    Brake Noise

    Yes, this has been annoying me the past couple of weeks!
  3. adamsmith

    Should I Buy A New Lexus

    I would highly recommend the 300h, I came from a 3.0l Audi A5 quattro sport, remapped, 0-60 in 4.6 secs..... ..... I love my lexus, to the point I have just done an Advert promoting it for Lexus.... .... buy it, you will love it.
  4. adamsmith

    My Lexus Advert

    Hey :) Thanks for all your great comments..... Answering the 'Sorry to pry, but did Lexus throw you some kind of economic sweetener for your valuable services? No need to answer if you don't want to!'...... .... I am not allowed to say. However what I will say, I am a businessperson, and I don't do anything for free..... Hope this answers your question! haha! (It wasn't a 'cash' gift)
  5. adamsmith

    My Lexus Advert Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  6. I got approached by lexus head office after I tweeted saying I was 24 and bought a is300h Long story short, epic day filming and here is the final result Let me know what you think! Adam Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  7. adamsmith

    Stereo Sound On My Is300H

    Do you know something.... I run 6 companies, one in which is a software development studio.... And I hadn't thought of that! Cranked up the iPhone sound and all is good Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  8. Hi guys.... Long story short its awful! Its my only issue with my new car. Even on volume 50+ its quite quiet, I wouldn't say it ever gets loud. Its also very tinny in sound.... Any ideas? Mines the Exec model so think it comes with a fairly basic stereo. On my old car I had a 12-1 surround Bang and Olphson system, I know its going to be hard to beat but I thought it would be better than this..l
  9. adamsmith

    Isle Of Wight Members?

    Only on Sunday's mate, only on Sunday's Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  10. adamsmith

    Personalised Number Plates

    N8 SEO £250 :) November 8 (when I left my job to run my own company) SEO (search engine optimisation (online marketing) what makes me my money) :-) Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  11. adamsmith

    White Is300H Fareham/locks Heath

    I keep seeing an identical white is300h to mine driving down Lockswood road in locks Heath Hampshire!! Make yourself known! Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  12. adamsmith

    Loc Age Group Poll

    24 :) Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  13. adamsmith

    Isle Of Wight Members?

    I'm just over the water in Fareham. I'll head to the shore and flash my lights and say hello! Haha Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  14. adamsmith

    Hi All!

    Awesome colour Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  15. adamsmith

    How did you find The Lexus Owners Club?

    Googled it after using a similar forum for my BMW and Audi Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC