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  1. Yep, 99% sure its the time format settings within windows under regional settings. I dont know of a single Sage product from within which you can change the date format.
  2. Hi peeps, I've done a search but couldnt really find any info. I need to get my LS400 looked at as it has the common corroded EGR pipe. Its too fiddly for me to have the time or patience to do, so i need to find somewhere or someone who can do it for me. I called up the local main dealer and they want £700 to do the job! :tsktsk: I know there is a place called UKTechnics near Maidenhead but i can never get through on the phone.... Doesnt necessarily need to be a Lexus specialist but i want to use someone who knows what they are doing. A few garages have said "Yeah lets say about 2hrs labour, its only a pipe - how hard can it be to change?" I can imagine the repair bill "Yeah well it ended up taking 6 days because we looked at the pipe for 5 days trying to figure out how to do it and then we took the gearbox off" Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. Shame i missed these, i need new wheels for the LS :(
  4. Leeky


    Free Bump I've had one of these and they are brilliant. Forget your fireblades, your Hayabusa's and your Ninja's - a GSX-R is the real deal. At £2800 its a steal, if only i had the money i would have it off you. Beautiful bike and in the best colours too ;)
  5. For reliability i dont think the M3 would last the test of time like the IS-F. Same power but 1litre difference. I think if the IS-F 5.0 is anything like the old LS400 V8's then IS-F's will still be going strong at 300k miles on their original engines. If the new M3 is anything like the old M3's then owners can expect to need a new engine or at least serious repairs every 60k miles. I almost bought an E36 M3 Cab at the beginning of the year, but the variable valve timing system is just simply pony. Its something that is gauranteed to fail at one point in the future. If i had the money i wouldnt buy the IS-F, the M3 or the C63 AMG. I'd spend half the money and have a Vauxhall VXR8 Supersport any day of the week. Simple supercharged large displacement 533bhp through a 6 speed manual to the rear. With the £30k i've saved i'd tune it up to an even 600bhp and probably still have £29k left over to go towards my mortgage All i'd do is put some Holden Badges on it :D
  6. Yeah, cheers Matt. I knew this wasnt going to be easy. Looks like im gonna have to chop up two housings to make it fit or make an adaptor plate :( Oh well..... Cheers :)
  7. No sorry you are mistake im afraid. The V160 is the 6 speed getrag box from the supra twin turbo. The J160 is the is200 6 speed box. The R154 is no good for this application, the ratios are all wrong and its too much like a tractor box for what i need. I want a smooth lightweight box suitable for high rpm. But thanks anyway for your input :)
  8. 1G-FE isnt single sohc surely? It must be DOHC. Toyota havent made a SOHC engine in donkeys. I know the rods on a 1g-fe are 100% different to a 1g-gte. I've seen them side by side, 1g-fe rods are way thinner. Im 99% sure that the pistons are different too. The pistons and rods are 100% interchangable but i'd eat my hat if the pistons were the same. I helped Karma Supra from TOC rebuild his 300bhp 1G-GTE.
  9. Hi guys, Leeky here from over on TOC :) Hope your all good. I have a quick question and im sure you are the chaps to ask :) I've got an Aerotop Supra that im converting to manual. I would like to use the IS200's J160 6 Speed gearbox. Has anyone managed to get one to mate with a 2JZ before? Searching the forum and the rest of the net threw up nothing. Surely someone out there must have converted their IS300 to manual at some point and decided to use the J160? Also can anyone tell me how strong the box is? Im keeping my supra nasp and we're looking at an absolute maximum of 300bhp. Surely this gearbox will handle that? Its the same 6 speed used in the RS200 Altezza isnt it? and thats 220bhp so we're only talking an additional 80...surely there is enough additional strength in there for that? I am planning on getting a custom bellhousing made up to do the job but i thought i better ask here first in case someone else has come up with a better solution already. Cheers chaps :) Lee
  10. How wide are IS200 Sport wheels anyway...8J?
  11. Thanks for the advice. However he already has one of the latest garmins and doesnt like the ls430. So i guess he has the choice of giving retrofit a go if he can pick up a cheap system from a breakers or not bothering at all as i think its not worth him upgrading to a series 4 just for this one thing when his series 3 is a superb example. thanks again :)
  12. Anyone ever done this? Any reason why it wouldnt work? My dad really wants integrated satnav but cant justify getting a series 4 just for that one option. Have searched LOC but not found any evidence about whether this is or isnt possible :(
  13. hey guys, been a while since i posted on here. i hope all is well :winky: My dad bought an LS400 earlier this year and it seems that after you have driven it for around 30mins the revs begin to slowly drop. I drove it down the A33 today and at the M4 sitting in traffic it was idling at 500rpm Half way down the A33 it was at 200rpm and 5mins down the road again it was just hovering above zero Anyway it did cut out not long after it was hoving above zero but once you start the engine again its back up to 500rpm as per normal. Any ideas? Idle Valve Controller? We've already tried resetting the ECU......
  14. Hi guys Im currently putting a 1UZ-FE into my 85 Celica Supra and i have a question. My engine is the later spec Series 3 LS400 version which uses a Hotwire AFM, and the earlier Series 1 & 2 engines used a Karmen Vortex AFM. Are these interchangeable? can i put a Hotwire AFM onto a series1/2 engine and a Karmen Vortex onto a Series 3?
  15. I'd say no to a mk2 headunit, the mk1 aristo stereo loom is a nightmare.... I posted up a connector diagram somewhere which may help you....will try to find it. Ahh here it is http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/ind...c=31559&hl= Better off getting an aftermarket amp (i picked up one for £10 off ebay) and doing the lot. :)