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  1. Can I know what was the clutch kit that you have used? Flywheel is clear, a JUN lightweight unit, but what is the clutch kit type/manufacturer?
  2. Hi All, I am looking for a clutch/flywheel replacement on my IS 200 (1G-FE), after juddering and vibrations come from the gearbox. I have narrowed down the flywheels to the JUN / TTV racing flywheels to choose from. What do you recommend as a clutch used for the lightened flywheels? I cannot find a TRD part, only items that fit the RS200 Altezza. I foudn that the clutches for the RS200 (SXE10 / 3S-GE) is the same and fits the flywheel of the 1G-FE, and the gearbox of the IS200 as well. For example, this one: Does anyone have any recommendation on what is a good clutch upgrade?
  3. Hi, I live in Hungary, so I ahve ordered an adapter from a local store. It looks like this: I see this one to be similar: I have ordered a fascia first, which was terrible, then I asked for a CELSUS made fascia, that was VERY robust, just as you say. I went for a 2DIN unit, so I had to use the original "loosy" one, as it fitted the 2din unit better. It turned out that the "lousy" one matches the dash color better. Also you need something like this, if the antenna connector is not on the same side as the original radio: Have a great day in installing the new radio. I always liked a day like this. Mine looks like this after finished:
  4. Well, we did some inspection. I have a slight, similar frequency vibration (like in 6th) in neutral, with the clutch depressed also. If I am watching for the vibration in th and 5th, they are also there a little. We lifted the car, and the vibration without load on the rear suspension was VERY strong, when revving the whole drivetrain at a 80-110 kph speed. Next wednesday we will check ignition, compression, etc to see wether it comes from the engine. I plan to replace engine / tranny mounts as well Then if it does not go away, we remove the rear wheels, axles, diff them the shaft. Step by step, until the tranny is down. to find source for vibration. I will keep the forum posted, but if anyone have ny idea, let us know.
  5. At last I have fitted a Kenwood dpx 306 double din unit in the dash. I only needed a harness and an antenna cable extender to connect it to the original connectors, and thats it. All works fine now.
  6. Guys, can you poit out wether my logic is wrong somewhere. I am speaking of a 2002 is200 sedan, 6speed manual Observations: - I hear a loud but low frequency noise (you can feel it aswell like bass coming from a subwoofer) from in 6th gear from the car between 85kph to 120kph. - If I push in the clutch, the sound immediately goes away. - In any other gear, at any speed, I cannot feel or hear this noise. From this, my thinking that the above means the 6th gears sprockets and bearing (?) is getting worn out? Due to it only apperas in 6th, I would rule out the differential, the clutch or the dual masss flywheel (I a not sure about the flywheel yet). Any other thoughts? - During shifting from 1st to 2nd, there is a loud click, - During shifting from 2nd to 3rd slowly, the lever is stuck a little, and I can feel a mechanical "stop" on the shift lever. After this, it goes into rd smoothly. From this, I would say the synchronisers are worn out between 1-2 and for 3rd gear. If anyone sees a wrong logic above, please comment. Thanks, Ferenc
  7. Hi Dean, finally I had time to do the check. The rear speakers work fine, with no modded wiring, all lines that run to any speaker are factory wires. Now I only need my final HU to be purchased. Just a general info if anyone needs it, this fascia adapter is the one that has a VERY strong build quality. It does not match 100% the dash color, but the quality is exceptional.
  8. Thanks Dean. I did not make the conversion yet, as I do not have the final headunit. I however did get a headunit for testing. I will check it either this weekend or the next, and will get back to you. The MDF size info is very useful, thanks! Ferenc
  9. Hi everyone. I was struggling to ask this for a while. I did read through a lot of topics regarding the stereo topic. The story is: My head unit that came stock does not have a working CD player (ERR1. I did clean the lens, etc, it does not work at all. (I can eject CD-s, but cannot play CD-s)) So I want to add an aftermarket HU with Bluetooth built in. So I ordered a facia, and a cable that is an adaptor from the original connections to the factory HU to ISO connections. I did not buy the HU yet, but I did read through the audio system related topics, where I see that I need to bypass the factory Amp. I did check, there is no AMP in the car. (I did check behind the glovebox, on the right (I have left hand drive car). (as a sanity check, I checked the left side as well, no amp :) ) So now I see that some guys claim that the factory rear speakers will not work with the new HU, as they include 2 speakers? Arent they a 2 way speaker? They only have 2 wires going to them. I did re-build some car audio systems at home for my earlier cars, but I did not meet a similar thing so far. If I have 2 cables going to the rear speakers, so I think this means I have a 6 speaker system without amp. In case of a 8 speaker setup, I should see 4 wires going to my rear speakers right? Prove me if I am wrong, but if I have no amp in the factory system, i should be able to directly connect the new head unit through an adapter cable. Does anyone have an idea or opinion about a NO amp version headunit installation?
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