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  1. Improved Handling (Suspension)

    Such a late reply I know but it was the tracking that needed doing. Had tried it previously but the adjustments had not worked till I searched for specific ones on the IS200/300 facebook pages.
  2. Is200 Engine Swap

    Hi, I know this is an older post but have many people done this conversion successfully? I have my IS200 sport and this is exactly what I wanna do to it. What are the costs and how much work and time is put into it?
  3. Improved Handling (Suspension)

    Hi, I have my IS200 Sport that I had bought early 2014 and had parked for about 6 months then started driving it recently. Its got a lot of "roll" and over humps or any cracks on the road etc it swings sideways- more to the right? would that be caused by the bushes or is that normal for this car? Its making it quite uncomfortable to drive and I've been trying to find solutions to it. Had the rear bushes replaced a few days ago but it seems to be quite worse now? I appreciate any help or advice you could offer. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm quite new to the Lexus club, have an IS200 Sport I bought recently. I have a few problems I just need some help with. Firstly, when I'm driving over speed humps the rear tyres slide and I can feel the steering adjusting with the wheels? I was thinking maybe its the wheel alignment that needs checking and the tracking? Secondly the cigarette lighter was working fine the first few days then it stopped working when I tried to use a tyre compressor (I think 12v). I replaced the fuse (15amp) and it still doesn't work, would anyone know how to get it working again ? I've also bought some CCFL angel eyes to install on it and i'm planning on doing that in the next few days, any tips or ways to install them correctly and ensure the headlight enclosure doesn't fog/mist up? Thanks
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums KlipMello325 :)

    If you need help posting a question on the forum then please check out our guide videos: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/forum-124/announcement-27-how-to-use-our-forums-video-guide/