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  1. It's certainly something I'll contemplate if/when sections need attention. I've had three full stainless steel systems on various older Japanese cars where it's been more cost-effective to do that than find replacement mild steel stuff (if they've even been available).
  2. £3800?!? Now I know why the dealer didn't want to replace the damaged one on the 2014 Advance I recently bought then exchanged........ Well done on getting it sorted for rather less, but sorry to hear you've had to go through this.
  3. Yes, I think they suit it well, perhaps better than how they were originally. Even though they're both 15-spoke style, they differ from those on my Luxury. The central spoke on your wheels is more pronounced.
  4. I'll send you a message with my location and an idea of when I'm free. Jumpingjehovahs on here (who I knew through another forum) kindly did the same for me before I got my RX, it was very useful. Ipswich are my nearest dealership and I found them to be very helpful there, but they didn't have the right car even amongst their other branches. It's quite useful that they currently have both a 400 and 450 at present, so you can make a side-by-side comparison. I ended up travelling 100+ miles down to Kent for mine and had been considering a trip up to Bradford.
  5. Doesn't sound like you're too far from me Aaron. If you'd like to look at a 450 and see if you think it's worth the extra cost over a 400 then you'd be welcome to come and have a chat and a play with mine. Easier to take it in than when you've got a salesman alongside you, and I can give you my real world thoughts about its pros and cons. Mine's a '14, but I don't think there's too much different on the earlier pre-facelift models.
  6. A leak and/or a bit of air in the cooling system? Other than the comfort aspect, sounds like something to be investigated sooner rather than later.
  7. It doesn't help reduce the biggest items on your list, but brake discs can be skimmed if they have enough thickness left on them. I've had this done on a Camry and LS400 before, both of which had been unused for a while until I bought them, and it was very successful. They do it on the car and take the pads out, so these may as well get changed at the same time. Hopefully a good independent will have a more sensible pricing strategy.
  8. They look very good, glad it all worked out for you. Regarding the reverse camera, when you say slow how slow do you mean?
  9. Surprisingly little weight difference. 140kg = a couple of kids/one adult passenger and a bit of luggage? Just looked on HowManyLeft - it says at the end of 2018 there were 22 F Sports, 48 Luxury models and three "S 2wd Auto". I can't immediately think of any other Lexus/Toyota that uses the same engine. I presume this model makes sense for markets where tax bands are based on engine size (back in the '80s there were a lot of JDM models available as 2-litre turbo that we got with bigger engines).
  10. Bristol have one of those 2-litre RXs for sale as well. They seem to be a bit of a curio, apparently 238bhp from a turbocharged '4'. I wonder if the turbo is sufficient to give it the torque that modern multivalve engines lack? It strikes me it would have to work hard to haul the RX around and that economy would suffer as a result. First week in with my new 64-reg Luxury, all very good so far. Doing everything I hoped it would and my first tankful worked out at 33.5mpg. Cleaned it up today and no nasty surprises, indeed I was impressed at how tidy it is.
  11. Thanks Herbie, I already do! Useful info Les, thanks. Maybe it was set to 'off' in the Advance? I have to confess to not having read or even looked at the manuals yet, so there's probably all sorts of handy features I'm missing out on.....
  12. A little bit has happened since I last wrote about my RX. I wasn't happy about the exhaust but they didn't want to fix it. I then found that one of the undertrays had been scraped, with the clips broken and it then secured with a cable tie - not something I'd have expected or hoped to see. In fairness they did offer to replace the undertray, but it raised questions about how the car had been driven and cared-for. Fortunately I was in the period/mileage when I could ask for an exchange, so that's what I did today. With a bit of additional deposit and a small amount extra per month, I've just brought home a six-month newer 2014 Luxury: Very happy with it, drives really nicely. Fractionally lower spec than the Advance, but the only thing of significance I'll miss is the LED headlighting. I have a personal preference for this bumper style and the metallic Celestial Black paint which highlights the shape well. Just one previous owner who'd bought it new at Guildford and always had it serviced there. It's covered 24k and the overall feel and visible wear and tear is commensurate with that. Strangely, this one has brand new Dunlops on the front and older Bridgestones on the back, the complete opposite to the Advance - Motorline's different branches obviously have differing views on what they fit. Difficult to know why - and maybe it's my imagination - but it seems to drive better, with a supple but tight feel with less rattles. Maybe the lack of panoramic roof, or just tyre pressures? It was showing 30.6MPG when I collected it and I again managed just under 32 on the cruise back home (in sport mode). A few very subtle differences noted, like the switch panel above the rear view mirror being slightly higher (so I won't now get annoyed by the bit of plastic that obscured the top of the view seen in the mirror) and it has lane-change indicators giving four flashes from one gentle push - I'm sure the Advance didn't do that. Hoping for more typical RX ownership from now on and looking forward to a few years of relaxed driving.
  13. Interesting to hear about RX ownership elsewhere in Europe. Are they a common sight in Sweden?
  14. Derby still have this car for sale, it's now down to £22,994. Cambridge have been reducing the price of their white Premier and Bradford have knocked a couple of hundred off a smart silver F-Sport they've had for over a month now. Bit of a shame about that last one, it ticked a lot of my boxes and if the salesman had indicated there was a bit of room for negotiation then I'd have gone to see it, but he was adamant they price their cars competitively and didn't need to do that sort of thing..... Other cars appear on AutoTrader and then go very quickly, so I guess there's a still a good market out there. For whatever reason the odd one hangs around for a bit. In an ideal world I wouldn't still be looking at adverts, but due to being in a situation where I'm looking at exchanging what I bought last month I need to know what's available out there.
  15. I don't know, it's probably a personal thing - I don't dispute that technically a 450 does do those things better, but I have several older cars on my fleet and I enjoy them all for how they do things. I still regularly drive my 1993 Camry and much preferred it to the 2015 Avensis when I had that. I think it's really good to see Michael commit to a job which I imagine a lot of owners would ignore.