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  1. BillyCam

    New 300h sport

    Rayaans, thanks again, I’ve got the car booked in for the windows tinting on Friday morning. Will ring the dealer about the spoiler, he’s supposed to be getting back to me with a service plan. billy
  2. BillyCam

    New 300h sport

    How long ago was that? I’ve seen them on their eBay site for like £630 ish, not sure how much they would charge for fitting. billy
  3. BillyCam

    New 300h sport

    Thank you Ryaans, got a quote, but will call them and discuss this with them. Appreciate your knowledge. billy
  4. BillyCam

    New 300h sport

    Thanks for that, waiting on a quotation for it, although I’m sure I saw a really slim one somewhere. Also waiting for the lad getting back to me about having the rear windows tinted.. Thanks
  5. BillyCam

    New 300h sport

    My first venture from a company diesel car was an is 250f sport which was great, but now back in sales and wanted diesel type mpg but Hybrid/Petrol there was only one choice... loving it, first full tank averaged just ove 45 mpg... hoping this will increase when it get some mileage on it, but have read this will also improve when winter is over..
  6. BillyCam

    New 300h sport

    Agreed, have asked about a boot lip/spoiler for it as well... thanks
  7. BillyCam

    New 300h sport

    Had a 2012 250f sport previously, but had the chance to get one of these for work and get away from diesels and having luxury as well as economy... ex demo car, but immaculate...
  8. Just saying hi to all, picked up my 17 reg IS 300h last Saturday and to be honest have been delighted with the car, loving everything about this car. Billy
  9. Just drove from Harrogte to Aberdeen yesterday and got 37.6 driving at 78 on motorway and sticking to the speed limit on all other dual carriageways and A roads from an F sport.. Not bad at all... Took my time on the way back as I got 3 points on the way down !
  10. Just picked up my F sport last Sunday and drove up to Aberdeen, reset the counter because I 'give' it some for part of the trip, but I did 456 miles and still had just over 30 miles on the clock.. Averaged 39 mpg from Perth to Aberdeen... Well chuffed, only got 42-43 mpg out of my diesel Mondeo... With a heavy foot I may add. Couldn't be happier with my car
  11. BillyCam

    New Is 250 F Sport Owner - Hello Forum Members

    Picked her up this morning... Well chuffed, drove from Nottingham to Doncaster to see my Daughter and then up to Aberdeen, 456 miles and according to the screen, I still had 36 miles left... Did one reset, at Penrith, averaged 39.2 mpg tank average 37.4... Really pleased, only gripe was satnav had a mind of its own wanting to take me off the A90 at every opportunity...
  12. BillyCam

    Just Bought An Is250 :)

    Hi, just picked my own IS f sport up today, great cars..
  13. BillyCam


    Hi Tony, I collect mine this morning... Welcome to the forums.
  14. BillyCam

    New Member

    Hi Stephen, I'm new to the forum too, there is so much relevant info from the guys on here.
  15. BillyCam

    How did you find The Lexus Owners Club?

    Another Google Lexus IS search... Great knowledgeable forum members..