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  1. What app?? Looks quite good. Not for me the chrome light rings but then everyone is different that's why modifying is so unique.
  2. I have wondered about removing the plastic between the air filter box and the scoop, and replacing it with a silicone pipe. That in my mind would remove the resonator chamber which must disrupt the air flow. Would that make any difference?
  3. I'd of loved to have bought that. Would enjoy pulling the wrap off immediately too!! Lol
  4. The seller has no idea what it is either, let alone who owned/used it before! Saying that it's only a wrap so easily returned to original.
  5. Is your exhaust still holding up well? Any pics of it fitted please? They look almost too good to be true.
  6. Thank you both. Yeah I love the colour too! But then I'm biased!
  7. Here is my new car, a 2001 is200 se. Been really well looked after, few little car park dings that need sorting but apart from that perfect. Recently had loads spent on it too! Loving the power and comfort and build quality for an old car! Fitted a k&n panel to give cleaner air as the old one was disgusting despite having full service history! Mod plans are small:- Exhaust Slight drop (maybe sport springs) Spoiler Change the colour of the alloys Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi all Noob questions begin.... I have today (badly) painted my 4 bar grille black and whilst doing so noticed that the panel that attaches to the rear of the grille is loose. Has anyone taken it off and would it have a negative effect if I do? Thanks
  9. Oh and fancy polishing mine like that? ;)
  10. Yeah meant to update this. I got a used one from Amazon for £25, which turned up still sealed in the plastic bag, brand new! Perfect. Thanks anyone who looked though. :)
  11. That does look good. I tempted by just the tail light mod, the brake part looks difficult!! Then again so does the side light mod!!
  12. Hi daz. Very nice car mate, love what you've done to it so far. If you get a new grille, can I have your old one please? Will lift the face of mine!! Also which led bulbs have you used for the number plate lights? They look cool but I'm confused as to whether they need to be canbus or not. Cheers
  13. Pp4811

    Noob Is200

    Hi and thank you for the welcome. :)
  14. Hi all Just got myself a 2001 is200 in graphite. Very very happy so far and looking forward to lots of miles and fun. This site is one of the most helpful owners forums I've been on so thanks, and hope that niceness continues when my silly questions start!! ;) Pictures to follow...