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  1. I currently have a Mk4 Ls 400, dating from 2000 with the grand total of 108k on the clock. Just about run in ,you might think. Assuming that I dont turn my toes up or shunt it in the next ten years ,it will probably be still going. Trouble is, given the growth of Electric cars, will it still be possible to buy petrol at the pumps? Given that in London,I wont be able to drive it inside the North/South Circular from next year,( Thanks Sadiq!) It is likely that they will roll out ever more onerous restrictions around the country . We could all end up with perfectly good cars that we cant drive anywhere.
  2. Anyone remember that Woody Allen film ,"The Sleeper " ,where he is frozen and thawed out 200 years from now. He finds a VW Beetle in a cave covered in dust,he reaches inside and turns the key,and it starts first time. I always get the feeling that you could do that to a LS 400!
  3. I have only just got over my outrage from last year when they flagged up a defective brake light on my 2000 Mk 4. Another year on and who knows what they might flag up? I could be looking down the barrel of a two figure sum in order to get it through . Is it worth it, I ask myself?
  4. Just had to put it through its MOT, today, It needs a new Front Number plate. What with £54.00 for the Test Fee and £30.00 for a new plate,and the tenner for the Brake Light Bulb change , It is rapidly turning into a Money Pit! I'll be ruined if it carries on like this !
  5. So my 2000 Mk 4 is just on 105,000 miles,and I put about 10,000 a year on it. Now barring a major shunt ,or major repairs , ( such as another brake light bulb!!) I will probably still have it when I retire in five years time,by which time it will probably have 160,000 on the clock. The thought of becoming an OAP and wearing those grey shoes with velcro straps on the front and the highlight of my week being a trip to the Garden centre, fills me with utter horror. I have therefore decided that if I make it ,I will do something drastic to the Lexus. I shall have it wrapped in Matt black, smoke out all the windows,some badass wheels with those spinning rims , and a Stainless steel straight through Exhaust. I shall cruise around, with the windows open just enough ,so that I can crank up the stereo to blast out " Green Onions" or " Bad to the Bone" or some wickky wackky 1970,s funk. When I draw up beside someone in their Electric Car ,or some Virtue Signalling Cyclists in sweaty lycra, I shall just drop it into neutral and blip the throttle! Growing old disgracefully , I call it!
  6. Everyone on this forum goes on and on about how reliable the LS 400 is. I have just had to change a Brake Light bulb on my 20 Mk4. Only 18 years old, Shoddy, I call it!!
  7. A rare occasion for me, I had to drive from London to the west Country on my own on Friday Night, to meet up with the wife and kids. My Lexus is 18 years old and has just tripped over a Hundred K. I am an old git staring sixty in the face and am mostly well behaved these days. Once I got past the road works on the M4,found myself cruising at 85-90.Then an occasional blip up to 110 just for fun ,then I heard this voice in my head saying" I can do 150 , Go on, Pleeeaaase!!" Common sense kicked in for a bit ,then I was reasonably well behaved until I got off the motorway and passed through Melksham.You then have a series of Roundabouts with a two mile stretch of straight between them. So obviously I put it into sport mode and floored it, talk about Jeckyll and Hyde!,It can fly!, Slow down for each roundabout, ( a bit), then off again I turned up at Trowbridge grinning like a loon, The Oldest Boy Racer in Town! The best and fastest car I have ever had.
  8. I have a 2000 Mk 4 and I have an intermittent red Brake warning light flashing , with a message saying " Brake Wear". I took it to the Garage yesterday and naturally ,the light stayed off! He plugged in the computer and ran diagnostics,Nothing. Checked brakes manually, on ramp, fine.Any ideas,Chaps?
  9. Just seen on the News that the new Mayor of London wants to have a zone that covers the area between the North and South Circular to become ULEZ, with a £12.50 a day charge from 2019. As my 2000 Mk4 will probably have only got up to 120,000 on the clock by then and so ,just about run in, does anyone out there know if it is Euro 4 compliant ,and if not ,how can I make it so. Damned if I am going to give up my Barge to keep a load of Yoghourt knitting ,Lycra wearing cyclists happy.
  10. I have a 2000 Mk 4 Ls 400 which is without doubt the best car I have ever driven. My mechanic,who I respect hugely, ( He does a lot of Cosworths and builds 1/4 size Traction engines from scratch as a hobby!) is of the opinion that all modern cars are crap. They are full of electronic and plastic bits that are designed to fail and after 5 years are not cost effective. He reckons that you are better off buying a Classic and rebuilding it properly and running it as a day to day motor and it will cost you a lot less. He has one customer who has spent 30k on his Cosworth,whose wife gave him the Ultimatum,"Its me or that car!" He is now happily divorced!
  11. He does not do electrics,absolutely blinding on everything else. There is a chap he gets in for anything complicated on the electrical front , as he has all the advanced diagnostic gear. What was wrong? Buggered if I know,You have a 16 year old car, something will go wrong eventually! If that is all you are not doing too badly> Fair enough !
  12. Update. AA man came along and tested all the fuses ,diagnosed a wiring problem. Booked it into my local garage. When I got in to drive there, no indicators,electric windows nowt. As I was planning to use hand signals , this presented problems!. Managed to get there without a shunt/people shouting at me and left it. Wiring guy turned up and did his thing and £240 lighter, the barge is back. Phew!
  13. Just picked my Missus up from station,message comes up on screen " headlight levelling". Get home switch off engine ,now no dashlights, radio . transmission in "Park " but will not shift. Electronic locking not working. Help!!
  14. I have a 2000 Mk 4 Ls 400 and am slowly bringing it up to scratch. The last piece of the jigsaw is some minor dents /paint repairs to the two passenger side doors. It is nothing that cannot be filled and resprayed but I need some one who can do a good job. Any recommendations?
  15. Just got my Mk 4 back from the Garage. 93 k on the clock, and I could hear a vague rumble. Turned out to need new Idler bearing and New water Pump. Also it needed a new cam belt, even though the last one only had 4k on it ,as mechanic would not guarantee it other wise. £600.00 all in. Still I dont mind spending money on my mistress!