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  1. Mintex pads, any good?

    got them on the front of mine, no problems
  2. what are those devices on the y pipe out of interest
  3. Mot

    every so often you should apply the parking brake while moving at a slow speed, to clean the shoe and drum. Plus you should use it as often as possible to stop seizing.
  4. mine does this too, i find if you put it in 3 when driving round town ie 30 mph it solves the problem when it comes to the slow down speed up lurch
  5. that is a little low voltage wise
  6. what fuel are you using? bare in mind the manual says 96 RON or higher, i use either 97 super unleaded or 99 tesco momentum
  7. any rear drive car is a nightmare in the snow as there's lack of weight on the drive wheels, unless you fit winter or all season tyres
  8. i like the back ones personally
  9. i had a set of similar wheels on one of my old cars, they were as strong as plasticine
  10. Rattler!

    they are solid on these engines? when did you last change the oil?
  11. turn it off

    it works on the remote too just press and hold the open or close, to close
  12. turn it off

    its ok mine did exactly the same thing the other day
  13. Which fuel?

    yes it will as its still running on the super unleaded map, but it will soon go flat as the ecu retards the timing ect ect
  14. Which fuel?

    Old thread i know, but having looked in the owners manual it says you should run your ls400 on 96 or higher which explains the difference i get between momentum 99 and normal 95