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  1. Have you looked at Bulb? They apparently have 'one rate' across the UK.
  2. Am on a spilt E7 tariff - Our overnight electricity is 7.8p per kWh, day time is 15p per kWh. The 'normal' day time rate is 13.5p per kWh with our supplier. If you than add in washing machine + dishwasher at night, overall E7 split bill is much much cheaper than a normal single day tariff.
  3. There is a ton of publications on this, if you ignore the EV bashing ones (usually paid for by Shell/BP etc) you will see EVs are leagues better interms of energy efficiency regardless of how you generate electricity - even via an inefficient local diesel generator. A very simplistic way to look at it is that if you take all the electricity currently used just to refine oil and stop refining oil, that electricity 'saved' can than be used to drive cars directly, so the net effect is you don't need to generate any more electricity and NOT use any oil. Renewable electricity takes things to the next level, every-time I drive past a wind turbine I remember this advert from Jaguar for the iPace. There are loads of issues with EVs, but interms energy efficiency for personal transportation they are hugely better compared to combustion cars. That is not to say EVs are 'better' for the environment, am not convinced they are, nor are they really a solution to our excess consumption. I'm trying to do my bit these days by cycling rather than driving - doing currently 50 miles a week on the pedal bike instead of the car, but overall anything we do personally I fear is all too late anyways interms of global climate change :(. The UK grid is getting 'cleaner' too, renewable electricity generation will hit around 30%+ for total 2020 UK grid demands I suspect come the last day of the year.
  4. I think this a common misconception people who buy EVs just want to save money. I certainly didn't buy our £70k EV to save money, I bought it because its the only drivetrain that can deliver performance AND economy. My alternative car to our EV would have been a BMW M5, which would have returned 20mpg, needed lots of servicing and deprecated horrifically because of high running costs, yet in the real world no faster than our current EV which has a real world running costs of 3.5p/mile over the last 46k miles including fuel/tyres/servicing. If you try to justify an EV purely based on costs alone its virtually impossible - not without an creative accountant. Which is why we cancelled our order for a Tesla Model 3 to replace our IS300H. My wife doesn't care about performance and therefore 50% of the reason to swap to an EV for her was gone. A Model 3 will have lower running costs but not that much lower than the IS300H, maybe £500-600/year max. However a new Model 3 would have cost around £30k+ to swap into after trading in the IS300H, so financially it made zero sense, especially when combined with the reliability of the IS300H. EVs really only work at present for people looking at high performance cars, otherwise prices still need to come down. The electric Lexus UX is the perfect example, it's around £50k or something crazy, yet our top spec IS300H premier was only £34k brand new as a factory fresh order. You need your head checking to buy an electric UX with real money.
  5. I think you are getting totally confused by how energy is repeated in the various apps you are quoting. EVs have a thermal efficiency approaching 95% at the motor, and 80% interms of plug to wheel. The latest Prius which is much more efficient than the IS300H has a terminal efficiency of 60%. You than have to take into account energy needed to extract/refine/transport fuel, versus the ability to generate electricity from your own home. I have both an EV and IS300H, trust me the energy efficiency of an EV is many folds higher than any combustion car. And if you have solar panels you can refuel your car for free even during a UK summer....Here is what my home electricity bill is looking like last few months including charging the car. If you really want to compare efficiency go to the EPA website, most EVs achieve around 90empg, the latest Prius is about 50mpg.
  6. I've owned 3 EVs privately....maybe I need to get an accountant:). UX is too expensive for what you get, our IS300H was £34k brand new with nearly every option ticked, the UXe is £50k. Have you looked at the Taycan. Its pricy but having seen them in person they are worth every penny.
  7. These seats have had 36k of use, man made leather, one has had an ISOFIX kid seat on it the whole time, also been exposed to wee and poo (not the drivers seat ;)). I see no issues with artificial leather unless you really hate cows and want to sit on their dead skins.
  8. Shark fin was added to Premiere spec in 2015, than a bigger facelift in 2017. But no real significant changes in these cars over the years.
  9. ACC was part of the 'safety pack' which cost £2.5k new. Very few cars have it, and we really wanted ACC+crash avoidance so ended up ordering new. It works OK at Mway speeds, but doesn’t work below 30mph. The lane depature warning is not all that useful. The most useful feature is rear cross alert sensors which really help when reversing out into busy roads.
  10. Had ours since new, 2015, Premier spec, tyres replaced at 27k, MOT/Service by local independent every year. Zero issues since taking delivery, never ever uses a single drop of oil even. You really don't need to worry at all about these cars, especially compared to brands like BMW/Merc/Audi. Our is so cheap to run/own we have no intention of replacing it now for the next 5 years, its also why used prices have held up so well.
  11. But why are you even bothering with the faff of it all?? I haven't figured anything remotely useful the Lexus connected drive is meant to do to be worth the effort needed to keep the car 'connected'.
  12. Ignoring how behind Lexus is with connected tech compared to rivals is just putting your head in the sand. Even with all the faffing and errors with Lexus connected services, what actual functionality do you gain for the effort?? Our IS300H is a 2015 car, our Tesla a 2017 car, 2 years difference on paper but about 20 years difference in connected tech. I log into my Tesla App via biometric input - just like all my banking apps etc. The App will now tell me when a software update is ready for the car (When did Lexus last update the infotainment system on the IS?), and I can even launch the update process direct from the phone. ] Tesla also recently launched smart summon Europe. Its handicapped by EU regulations at the moment, but watching/controlling a 3 ton SUV with your smartphone is now possible......Whilst everytime I get into our IS, all I see is 'Error download couldn't be done' message, am not even sure what its downloading. There are many good things about our IS300H, but having seen how 'connected' services SHOULD be done in this day and age of tech, I done even bother with the IS. The title of this tread is very appropriate, just forget about the whole 'connected' feature on the IS and your life will be much happier :).
  13. Much more reasonable than I thought:).
  14. Why did it cost £700 for a routine service? Can you post the bill breakdown? I really struggle to see why main dealer servicing is so over priced.
  15. No, not without taking wheels, seat post off, and twisting around handle bars, and with rear bench flat.
  16. Look on the bright side, given the reliability of the IS, cheap running costs, unlikely to be banned due to emissions, and now lack of new stock, used priced will stay very firm, which is good for us existing owners.
  17. You have been saying this almost since I joined the forum and got our IS 🙂 I'm hoping our IS replacement wouldn't be for a while yet, which will allow us to save up. The Taycan looks amazing but the price range is crazy, the e-Tron GT might be more affordable. If Audi can deliver this design in production form it'll be a very hard to resist, and my be our first ever VAG product.
  18. This is what's been built in a German forest right now..... And this the product that the factory will churn out in 10Ks.... .....and this is how much discount the Germany government is going to give you for buying one.... Lexus are fast running out of time to come up with a decent EV to compete in the premium market. Audi are about to go on full attack with the eTron sports back and GT pretty much ready, BMW will have the electric X3, Mercedes the EQ range. If Lexus thinks a plug in NX will compete in this market landscape just by using the phrase 'self charging' they are going to see their customer base melt away. Our IS300H is a fantastic reliable car, but we aren't keeping it because we love more than any other car, we are keeping it because it's cheap own and we rather use spare capital on a house renovation right now. Ask to me where I would put £40k right now into a new car and it woudlnt be another combustion car. The conservative nature o Lexus really is going to struggle in the brave new world of EVs, our Tesla maybe unreliable but since we took delivery in 2017 its got: • quicker at charging - peaking at 120KW rather than 100KW • faster 0-60 time, 4.9second from 6 seconds • can now use CCS rapid charging • new features like driver entry/pin lock to drive/more phone app features etc etc • Very soon itll have a new Autopilot computer retrofitted to potentially allow for FSD • If I wanted to I can pay for a full media unit retrofit to allow for YouTube/Netflix media to play on the 17inch screen Our IS300H on the other hand remains the same car as it was at delivery- with slightly less laggy sat nav. Lexus seem to have little USP apart from reliability at the moment, and on balance for me (and I suspect many others), innovation will trump reliability on the premium car front. What's interesting is the same company that builds our unreliable X is also the same company that just launched 2 astronauts into space whilst landing the booster rocket on a ship. So I suspect if Elon Musk really wanted to focus on improving Tesla reliability they could do it in a very short period of time, building resuable rockets I would think demands much more quality control than any car. But can anyone here see Lexus ever been as innovative as a company like Tesla??? Lexus really needs to get a grip on their brand image, because for the next generation growing current there is only one car brand they care about, and even though Tesla doesn't spend a $ on conventional advertising when the international media show off your products constantly why would you need to :). This is what Lexus is competing against in the premium sectors, the biggest disruptor to the car industry for a centry, VAG got it a while ago, Mercedes gets it, even Ford understands by trying to move their Mustand brand to EVs, Lexus response so far has been to stick some batteries in the UX and call it a day.
  19. Just aware if you get a Model 3 you woudlnt get reliability or exclusivilty ;).
  20. Asking for £500 for a service I would expect more than a 'free' puncture repair!!! Why did they take 4hrs for a service?? BMW main dealers quotes less time than that for a turbo change on a 335i!! It still amazes me everyone is so happy to pay these kind of rates at main dealers. If a con man came to your house and asked you to hand over £500 for a job that costs about £50 in materials would you pay up or call the police?? Yet we are all happy, almost grateful when main dealers do exactly that??
  21. BMW US sold 47k 3 series in 2019, Tesla sold 157k Model 3s in the same time period. More importantly Germany has introduced a €6k EV discount, here in the UK EV BIK tax rates are around 0%. We aren't replacing our IS300H anytime soon (it's too reliable), but the new car market is very clearly moving to EVs. Apparently after incentives the base VW ID will come in at just €21k, and the new Mini E is cheaper than a petrol Mini Copper!! As EVs start to reach price parity with combustion cars sales are going to shift very quickly to EVs. Toyota/Lexus are been very very slow in their EV offerings.
  22. Am sure our IS will need a battery at some point, can I check, do you need to code it to the car or any is it a case of plug and play?
  23. The IS300H doesn't have a CVT!! You should check out how plantery gears work:).
  24. I recorded this a while ago, not world changing and not a great noise, but the IS300H isn't slow. Infact your find at higher speeds the chassis is very good, the damping excellent and you can carry alot of speed into corners on our poorly surface B roads. The IS300H has one of the best stock suspension setups of any car I've owned, only my old DC2 Integra Type R was a better B road traversing machine. However if you really do push the engine on the IS300H, you will see what the reviewers are talking about with lag and the gear box. The chassis may be fantastic at letting you carry speed into a corner with confidence, but the power delivery/control out of a corner just isnt there. This isn't an issue most people will care or even notice (my wife doesn't), so I wouldn't let that put you off. Especially if you are comparing it to a Priuis which will be worse.
  25. Our 2015 Premier spec has the added 'safety kit' has pretty much every toy you want, including lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, emergency braking assist, auto high beam and adaptive cruise control. Even a brand new 2020 showroom car today will not offer much more extra :). Memory seats only on Premier spec, though from memory you could add it as optional extra on F Sport back in 2014/15?? The only thing missing is a heated steering wheel, which annoying Lexus fits for 'colder' climate countries but not the UK. Our 2015 car is £20/year tax. The 450H RX 'pulls' much harder than a IS300H but you pay the price at the pumps!!