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  1. Thanks a lot, I wan't aware of that one. I've joined up and will see what I can find out. Cheers,
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've seen those listed for 05 - 10 and then Gabriel G51995 which says fits 02 - 05. ( with some conditions ) Confused which to go for 🙂
  3. 2005 pre facelift. I have a leaking shock so looking to replace the pair. Lexus original seem to be over £600 !! Not many options available by the look of things. Rock Auto and Amazon US list Gabriel G51995 as ok for my car but have the note " For Large Spring Seat Design 134MM or 5.275 Inches ". There is no other pn listed so a bit confused, will these fit. Any help pls. I've emailed Gabriel support but nothing back just yet.
  4. What did you go for in the end. Just had an advisory on rear shocks so will be looking for a pair soon. Cheers,
  5. dm575

    Exhaust trim

    As its warmed up a bit and the MOT is due I finally got round to changing it. Getting to the sensor is no problem the connectot however !!!!. Got there in the end. Fingers crossed for the MOT 🙂
  6. Was getting a bit heavy to lift the boot lid and it wasn't staying up. Took a chance on some ebay struts from china, they came within a week and fitted perfectly for around £12 !! Lets see how long they last 🙂
  7. dm575

    Exhaust trim

    P0155 popped up the other day so looks like I'll be changing the Bank 2 pre cat O2 soon. I understand its a bit harder to get at than Bank 1. Part ordered, I'll update when done....
  8. dm575

    Exhaust trim

    On a roll this weekend. Replaced Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2 for error P0135 and disabled the TPMS system by removing the plugs ( from the tutorial on here ). It does literally take a few minutes the O2 sensor on the other hand !!!!
  9. dm575

    Exhaust trim

    These were £10 each, more like it :) Time will tell if the finish survives. I have a spare original if anyone wants it before it goes in the bin.
  10. Original tail pipe trims were corroded and tatty and then one fell off ! Bought a couple of universal trims from ebay or avail on amazon search 44-73MM and a number of 364-A. Had to cut the flared end off with an angle grinder then clamped these onto the pipe from the muffler. I think they look pretty damn good :)
  11. Only had the beast a month or so, probably had a flat battery with the previous owner. Top Gear talk a lot of tosh about lots of things :)
  12. Love these forums. Noticed that my memory function wasn't working on the drivers seat. A quick search - buzz the seat fwd all the way and then fully back. Same with the tilt function then it beeps problem sorted :) Happy man. I can now get into the car after my wife has been driving it ...
  13. Just found this thread mentioning metal objects in the centre armrest on another model causing alarm triggers. No more info to confirm this but I would remove anything from the car that doesn't belong there.
  14. My new ( to me ) SC430's alarm kept going off at the weekend every time is was set. I had left my mobile in the centre console, it wasn't ringing but I'm pretty sure that it was interfering with the alarm. Since removing it no problems. Just wondered if anything electrical could be creating some noise close by the car and triggering it.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Its my first Lexus and so far I am very impressed with it. My daily is a Chysler 300C which I love but is definitely "cheap and cheerful" next to the SC. I have a couple of US V8's which are weekend hobby cars. 91 C4 Corvette and a 97 Z28 Camaro both 5.7L. They are both very ragged compared to the silky SC V8 :) I'll try to upload some pics soon. Cheers,