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  1. Like this? :D I wanted to get to GT Battle but couldn't get off work :( Hope it was good for you :)
  2. Simon - you should be ashamed of yourself :o How can you even consider joining the unimaginative flock of Skyline owners? :P OK, they are nice cars - but you must love being different with a Soarer. Go for a drive to get rid of the thought :D
  3. Never heard of this before either! I'd go with a converter chip too. Its a strange one, thats for sure! Not the traditional blinky-dash - thats something different, with the dash not displaying anything for a while. Could be a variation of it though - do you have any problems with the dash not coming on for a while? Could be a slightly loose solder or something - maybe from when its been fixed before.
  4. Yup, definitely try changing the bushes - lower arm + ARB first as they make the biggest difference to driving anyway, then if its not solved, try other bushes - upper arms, then look at the sus struts - sometimes they creak quite a bit.
  5. Was just about to post this This is our regular (now) annual ToyotaImportsForum meet, so mainly will be Soarer's there, but it would be great to get some other models too (particularly, but not necessarily imports). We hope to get a few Sera's along. Hatfield House, for anyone who hasn't been there, is a lovely place to look around if you want, with gardens and the house open to the public. We will be parked in the cricket field car park, in front of the house, and hopefully we will be able to organise a decent photo shoot of the cars in front of the house or surroundings. We might then get some posters made up :) Kids are welcome - there is plenty of space to run around in! And there is a restaurant/cafe for food. Fingers crossed for a nice day, and I hope to see some of you there :) Its on the 15th May by the way, a couple of weeks to get polishing :)
  6. Advise NOT to use the flare at all!!! They go a bit dodgy after a while apparently and can be dangerous! The speedo converter, if not behind the dash, will probably be under the passenger carpet with the main ECU. Some can be a bit iffy, with problems showing speed while stationary, gearchange problems at full throttle over 112Mph, and just bad conversion. If you don't seem to have any of these, you should be OK - if you do, then think about changing it, as it gets a bit annoying, trust me!
  7. Just to clarify; ALL RHD Soarers are imported from Japan as Toyotas. Some say Lexus on the docs, but not many, so its probably not easy to do! LHD cars were sold in the USA (where Lexus exists!) as Lexus SC400 and SC300's (4ltr and 3ltr). Insurance co's are what you come to expect from insurance co's.....generally a bunch of useless (insert abusive name here)!! Some will tell you that Toyota Soarer's don't exist, some will tell you Lexus Soarer's don't exist (true), most will only have one version on their books and it will be a diferent price if they have both! Some call it Lexus SC400's, some call it Lexus Soarer, some call it Toyota Soarer, some call it anywhere in has Lexus 400CS on their books!! Best bet is to buy it as it comes and just re-badge it as you want once you have it. Just remember that its a Toyota after all ;) Good luck!
  8. No need to spend that much really! All the same principles apply to upgrading the S14, so the costing would be similar. The engine is easily OK with handling that, and the gearbox too. Maybe up to around 400 for the gearbox - I've heard they are not as strong as the auto, which handles around 450 comfortably. So its maily turbo work, cool running, boost control, intake/exhaust, electronics. But DON'T do anything on the cheap! It will be unreliable at best, catastrophic at worst! Expect a good few grand. There are a few more extreme options, like fitting a Supra bottom end (2JZ-GTE) to create a 1.5JZ! Thats good for higher HP. No Soarers have been used for drift in the UK, but there is one over here now that used to be drifted in Japan, and one of the VERY high profile drifters in Japan loves his Soarers! They are heavy, but quite well-balanced.
  9. PLEASE Sponsor me :) I am participating in a cycle ride later this year (in September) around Madagascar to raise money for charity. I need to raise a LOT of money before I go, so I ask, please, sponsor me all you can to help me on my way :) Look here to see my sponsorship page. I have only just started, so there is a long way to go, but I'll get there in the end Thank you all very much in advance :D PS. I know a lot of you don't know me on here, so it could look a bit dodgy but I am very active on ToyotaImportsForum and Steve and a few others know me here(and I hope would vouch for me:P ). I'm not conning you, honest :P
  10. I've just had 4 Kumho's on. I suppose they never will be as good as some of the tyres costing half as much again, but they seem to be great value. I can't really comment on them because a) I haven't got much to compare them to and B) its been bloody slippery out since I got them anyway!
  11. Hey Mark Both of those tyres are meant to be pretty good, but the Pirelli's, people seem to like a lot. Probably worth it if you can stretch to them. What size are the wheels? I'd guess you can fit wider tyres on to them, which would definately be worth doing. On 8" wheels, you can get 245s on (its what I've just had fitted).
  12. You have a UZZ31 air suspension right? Its the easiest thing to do!
  13. Best speak to Steve here He often has lots in to look at, at least.
  14. Supercharger could give you 350Bhp easy with just bolt on stuff. Not an easy bolt on job, mind, but possible! Then 450Bhp should be possible with a lot of cash with custom management and lots of bits! Turbos are NOT easy jobs!! Only 1 (maybe a couple) of people have done it with a lot of custom work. Its either a DIY job or mega bucks! Probably 5-10k easy!! 0-60 times are more like 6.8secs for the 4ltr, with a basic supercharger kit I'd guess a second or more off that. You can buy kits from Aus that include everything you need to get going, I think they are £4.5k or so.
  15. From 1998 the USA SC400 had VVTI, so a bit more power and better economy. 290 sounds about right for that. Before then, its the same engine as the JDM Soarer @ 265Bhp. Unfourtunately for us, the JDM Soarer never got VVTI:( The VVTI SC400 should be a lovely car to drive. They are normally lower specs than the Soarer, but I think the later ones got more toys (still not as many as JDM though). The SC300 has the 2JZGE engine with about 225Bhp, but a lot are highly tuned over there. I think 1000Bhp has just been hit!! Not as many toys and slower than the SC400, but more economy and tuning potential if you want it:) If you go for the VVTI 4ltr, I'll do you an engine swap:D I'd love that engine:D
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