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  1. I wouldn't bother. Get Sygic on your phone (other satnav packages are available).
  2. Not sure what the seller has done to the price on that one. Less than a fiver is typical. It works very well too.
  3. This worked for me. Dead easy and effective.
  4. Dead easy. Turn on the electrics so the rear wiper is active. When the arm is in the middle of the screen (pointing downwards), just turn everything off. This leaves the wiper arm stranded in that position and blade replacement is just like doing the front ones.
  5. Yes I had a nearside headlamp assembly replaced on my IS250C under the extended warranty. This was early 2016 and it was £700+.
  6. Yes, I had calipers replaced under extended warranty on two IS250s I had in the past. Would make more sense if Lexus lubed them as part of the service, but there you go !
  7. More Tommy Emmanuel.....his take on Classical Gas.
  8. Plenty on eBay. Careful you don't choose a supplier from China. This one's UK.
  9. You'll still need to insure for fire & theft. The vehicle will benefit from a run out, albeit only weekly. I just had my renewal notice and I saved about £70pa by shopping around. I'd be inclined to look for a lower premium and be happy that the car is getting a run out......maybe take a little detour to the supermarket, or use one further away.
  10. I use Gliptone, both the cleaner and the conditioner. Does a good job and smells nice too.
  11. Don't be so old fashioned. Lexus seats are of durable quality and very comfortable. Do you really want to be adjusting pleats and wrinkles in covers every time you get in and out ? Just treat them with respect and keep them clean. If you want to wear greasy overalls, put a bin-bag over them......or take the van instead 😉.
  12. Nowhere to store the luggage cover in my gen3 RX. I leave it in the garage if I take it out, for a run to the tip say.
  13. The price sticker has fallen off the windscreen. Lovely car btw 😊.
  14. They coordinate breakers across the country. They'll do a search for you.
  15. Yes, double sided tape with super grab adhesive is the way to go. Maybe I'm being picky here, but I used short vertical strips spaced every 100mm so that water from rain or washing will drain away more readily.
  16. Be very, very's extremely expensive to have to replace a key fob. On my previous two IS250s, the key fob came apart by using the captive key as a lever (as referred to above). My RX needed a new battery in the fob, so I tried the same and it wouldn't come apart. I searched YouTube and it looked like I was doing it correctly. But, it still wouldn't shift. I then looked a little more closely and the 2/3 of the fob with the "L" logo on it slides.....very easy when you know how !! It reveals a plate holding the battery in place secured by four tiny screws.
  17. It surprised me that the discs are covered, but you are correct Les. On reading through I noticed that the MOT parts cover applies to only ONE MOT within the warranty period. The car will still be under warranty at next MOT, so I'll try to fill my boots then. I'll probably take it for a pre-MOT condition report just a couple of weeks before in order to get the bits done before the test. Not sure about my tactics yet, Stuart will guide me on Saturday.
  18. I'll know that on Saturday because I'll ask Stuart to label them and I'll bring them home with me.
  19. I scoured the handbook today John but couldn't find that. In fact there is very little technical information, mostly "how to" instructions.
  20. It's a long way over the bridge for me, I'm already 60 miles west of Cardiff, close to Llandeilo. Yes, a seized caliper would be covered under warranty (had a few calipers replaced under warranty on previous IS250s). If it is a seized caliper, it should have been identified during the service. Thank you for your contribution Les, I'm accumulating ammunition to fire at the dealer principal.
  21. That's very interesting John, thank you for that. It's persisting down outside at the moment, so I'll take a look in the morning.
  22. Presented my 2013 RX450h to Lexus Cardiff today with 73,000 miles recorded. In for an intermediate service and MOT (I have extended warranty so service at Lexus is required and MOT is included in warranty). They failed it, reporting OSF inner brake pad at 1.5mm (Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects)). The RX has covered fewer than 6,000 miles since its last service/MOT at Lexus Cardiff. I expressed surprise that such a worn brake pad had not been reported as an advisory last time (ie wearing thin, please attend). The receptionist Rachel was very nice, but had to involve her colleague to answer my technical queries. Didn't get his name, but it was clear that he'd progressed to his position from off the tools. He said it was quite possible that it had worn excessively in the last year due to a seized caliper. I said I'd have felt that because the steering would have been pulling to the right (OS). He denied that would be an effect ! I was offered replacement front pads at £296 with a further recommendation to replace the discs at the same time (worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened), no quotation given for that after my reaction to the £296 quote ! On my way home I called in to my trusty local independent Stuart. Known and trusted him for 15 years or more and he looks after Mrs LedZep's car and my tyres, battery etc. He was flabbergasted that Lexus Cardiff had failed it for front pads !!! I have it booked in with Stuart for Saturday morning for pads and MOT. Haven't got a quote from him, I trust him.....he's not a "greedy b@st@rd !!!!" Sorry for the long rant 😐